Saturday, March 15, 2008


hey saurav!

i really appreciate the initiatives and efforts that you and ur group has taken.and i do hope that it will grow and shine in future.
in appreciation for ur work i have written something for u.
i hope u will like it.....

हौसला दिल में लिए,
कोशिश है कुछ पाने की,
हर दिल में हर जर्रे मेंअब,
कुछ यादें फिर बरसाने की।

हर लम्हा मचला है ये दिल में
कुछ करने को कुछ पाने को,
हर सपने मेरे चल दिए
हर लम्हे अब महकाने
दिखते हैं हर एक लौ में अब,
कुछ रंग कुछ parchhayiyaan,
खाविश है हर एक लौ की अब

एक आग सी जल जाने को
हौसला दिल में लिए,
कोशिश है फिर कुछ पाने की,
भटकते हऐ सपनो को अब,
एक राह फिर दिखलाने की

i will love to be the audience..........

sachindra Pandey

Boys hostel F # 44

Friday, March 14, 2008

Our source of Inspiration

We are constantly asked about our source of inspiration,

If we start writing the names here let us bring out our NERIST Directory...
Because each one of you all, We mean each respected faculty member we ever met, or just listened to, or just heard about, each of student right from 98 batch till present 2k7 batch, each of non teaching staff of NERIST ...YOU ALL ARE OUR SOURCE OF INSPIRATION..


THANK YOU VERY MUCH for making a difference in our life, Thank you one and Thank you all.
And here are ones who chose to roar, who chose to take a path never taken,

Ladies and Gentlemen please appreciate their efforts:

1. Ms. Poly Karmakar

Pre Final Year Student
(Member-L.O.C. )
Deptt: Electronics & Communication Engineering

2. Ms. Tasmeen Hussain

Pre Final Year Student
Deptt: Forestry

3. Mr. Sachin Kashyap

Pre Final Year Student
(Member-L.O.C. )
Deptt: Electronics & Communication Engineering
4. Mr. Anish Pandey

Final Year Student
Deptt: Electronics & Communication Engineering
5. Mr. Kamaljit Singh

MBA Student

6. Ms. Pushpanjali

MBA Student

7. Mr. Manish Joshi

Final Year Student
Deptt: Electronics & Communication Engineering


SEE you there !!!

This Debate will start a new ERA,wishing to bridge the GAP

Tentative topic for the Grand debate:-

"There should be a clear separation in the attitude of teachers towards students, demarcating between the professional and personal, in all spheres of campus life."

Starring in the show from Faculty side we have....

1. Dr. R. M. Pant

[Head of the Department - HSS Deptt.]
AREA OF SPECIALIZATION: HRM, Marketing & Economics

2. Mr. Ranendra Prasad
AREA OF SPECIALIZATION: English and Business Communication

3. Dr. P. K. Tripathy

[Ph. D. (BHU)]


4. Dr. Sanjay

[Ph.D. Bihar University]

5. Mr. S. Singh

[M. Tech. RIT, Jamshedpur]
Area:Tribology, Value Analysis, ISO 9000, E-mail:

6. Ms. Jogita Sorokhaibam
AREA OF SPECIALIZATION: Marketing, HRM & Business Communication

More information floating very Soon !!

[All information and pictures, courtesy:]

Thursday, March 13, 2008

we are different............

LOC…we are different and are trying to do something different…we together are trying to know the world in different respects of life. We 15 are not the world but we are a part of this world. Something we always wanted to know but never got a chance to know…trying to know ourselves more…I think to know yourself better, you should see yourself from your friend’s perception because they will always show you what you are and what you need to improve in yourself…we started with small meetings and now the stage is waiting for us to do something which never happened around us…starting with the meetings…

(Meetings without tea impossible)

First meeting in which we discussed on “men-women relationship”….continued with another point of discussion…”can a boy and a girl be best friends”…then “religion”…this topic is something which needs to have a good knowledge before we discuss on it but we tried our best to get something out of this meeting…where we came to know that ‘religion’ not only means worshiping GOD every morning but it means a lot more than this…it means…to be good human being. That meeting ended with our 1st GD on ‘cricket’.
In one of the meeting we discussed on the topic “love, infatuation and crush”…again different views helped in clearing the smoke of confusion from our mind…we can say…
”Love is the maturation of friendship.
You must be friends before you are lovers.”

In any relationship the most important thing is that you need to know each other and there should be trust but sometimes it happens what goes around you, you never wanted it to be like that. In simple words sometimes life travels on the vehicle on which you never wanted to get in…and you come to know after you get down on a melancholy road that is when you lost everything…at that time your friend will be the one to change your life from hell to heaven…by forgiving you for everything…that why its true to say that…
” The Gift of True Friendship
Is that it takes us by
The Hands & Reminds Us,
We are not alone

So it’s a request to all my friends never feel bad in saying sorry to your closed ones even if you know you are right and always forgive your friends for their mistakes because you are the only one who can make your friends life best…
Now a little bit about ‘love’, we usually search for someone whom we will love in our life but I read somewhere…”don’t live your life with someone whom you love but live with someone who loves you…” I think that will make ones life happiest as the person who loves you will trouble you the most but when you drop a tear they will fight the world to stop your tears…
Then in one of the meetings we discussed on our weaknesses and strengths…so at the end of every meeting we came to know much more than before about ourselves.
In the first meeting PD said this is a ship on which we are traveling…so my friends join your hands together we have just started and we have to travel a large distance because from here I cant see the end of the ocean…and frankly speaking I don’t want to see the ending so that we go on traveling.

View from Itafort

Next we decided to have our meeting at Itafort…we enjoyed the whole journey to Itafort and had good inspiring words by Saurav for doing something different…showing ourselves different. From before only I was excited about the ‘Grand debate competition’ but his words inspired me more. Thank you Saurav for making us realize what we can do. I am eagerly waiting for the coming Saturday that is 15th of March when some of our respected teachers and dear friends will be standing on the same stage in front of each other.
So, everyone is invited for the same to watch something which will be first time for most of the people in NERIST. Hoping for a great success of the event and I will be back with new stuffs till that take care and enjoy…and…and…don’t forget to be with us on this Saturday.

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author him/her self and are subjected to agreement or disagreement.
And a request to all members, Please write for this Blog Space, Share your views !!


The topic for the debate is:

There should be a clear separation in the attitude of teachers towards students, demarcating between the proffessional and personal, in all spheres of campus life.


After joining LOC, for the first time, I am writing down something. We really had an interactive talk in Itanagar and I got enthusiasm to express my views.

11th march….exams over…everyone relaxed...At last our plan of going to Itafort was a success. Though it was not so worth visiting as we expected, still we had a purpose of going(LOC)…that’s why we enjoyed…in every meeting it happens that only few speak and others always remain silent. Saurav really inspired us, to do various deeds…I realized when PD asked that among all of us how many of we have done something for LOC. For me, I have done nothing till now…i havn’t written a single blog…I can really feel that attending meeting is not enough.

Another question was asked to us….what is there inside we people, that makes us to keep silent.Nobody answered.I think many feel inferior to others in speaking, hesitations to express. But I know, unless and until we won’t do, we are unable to come over it. We need to work upon it, we need to put in efforts.

Everyone has his or her own view point about some topic…But the thing is that some expresses and some do not.As a part of LOC we should boost each other to share the ideas and opinions among us.

15th march, coming Saturday…it is the day when LOC is going to do something on a grand level.We are really excited and still many works to be done…Hope everything goes well and we come up with success and fulfillment.

hate me,if you could

Did, u say you know me?
Think, just think once more.
You say I am nice.
Consider, not once, but twice.
For that’s not true.

I am evil headed,
Unbothered for else,
Mean and cold hearted.
My smile is a hoax,
A disguise,
Am warm hearted?
No, a deceptive boaster.
I am a cheat, I am a liar,
Please! Hate me.

Don’t hate me,
For you can’t love me.
Hate me,
For I couldn’t love you.
Hate me,
For my greed,
Hate me,
For my insecurity,
Hate me,
For I am hateable.
Please! Hate me.

I am coward,
And on run of commitment,
Masked by scar,
Camouflaged under mystery,
Not for the fear of unknown,
But uncared concealment.
Please! Hate me.

Hate me!
For you love me
Hate me!
For you can’t love me.
Please! Hate me.

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author him/her self and are subjected to agreement or disagreement.
And a request to all members, Please write for this Blog Space, Share your views !!

what i always disliked bout us...

Do you dare speak the truth?
Do you dare speak about you?
Do you dare being familiar with you?
Do u dare held your head high?
Posing to be truthful,
Why do we make lies the sustenance?
Posing to be virtuous and pious
Why do we lust the vicious and evil?
Candidly, we pertain people to villains,
Overtly, blaming them for all ills,
Snubbing their crooked means,
Discarding corrupt manners and polluted antics.
Concerting our honour
And gesture;
Outlining intellectuality
And righteousness.
Why do us, behind closed doors,
Extend our hands
Against what we stand.
Where is the accountability?
We ask others for.
Call us hypocrite?
That’s how it is, someone responded.
Is hypocrisy, that momentous?
For the kindness and justness,
We, so, demurely speak of,
Why do us, adore,
Cruelty over compassion?
And prejudice over tolerance?
Don’t we know?
This callous and insatiable yearn,
Would bring doom to all.
The society,
We so, earnestly endorse and strive
We so, flawlessly love and belong.
Are we cowards?
Scared of being us,
Concealing ourselves,
Treading the path others outlined,
Refusing error as natural and normal,
Pretending perfection,
When imperfection is the only truth,
Before death that do exist.
Couldn’t we stand for us?
Rejecting deceit.
Couldn’t we revolt?
Seeking what we consider truth.
Couldn’t we love?

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author him/her self and are subjected to agreement or disagreement.
And a request to all members, Please write for this Blog Space, Share your views !!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The journey to Itafort.

It was really pleasures to be at the Itafort. Being loc's first meeting outside NERIST, it was full of joy & some hot discussions. Photo sessions were done in the premises.The basic thing i learned was to write blogs after each meeting which i think is necessary to keep the momentum going. Pd criticised everybody for following the graph of exp(-at), which i think u(t) needs to be multipied here. Also Saurav felt the need to take loc at heart and enjoy each & every moment. He stressed on the need to create a difference out of indifferent folks. To fill up the difference parameter we r going to start a exciting debate compt. between a few faculty members and students. I think the move will publisize loc and its members.
Though the journey to atlantic ocean will continue, there are exciting rounds as well as learning sessions for all of us.

come on yaar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to fly, to scale those heights, to excel in whatever I do, to do something for my parents, country and society. I know I will be able to face tomorrow with faith and hope, if I tackle today with enthusiasm, interest and enjoyment. I know I'm the master of my own destiny. Whatever I desire, I will get. I take baby steps over a concentrated period of time and hey, I find my mission accomplished. I know I'm unique with special talents and gifts. I give my own definition of success. I know I will rise to the pinnacle of summit by developing and utilizing my talents with zeal, dedication, enthusiasm and sincerity.

I have the courage to dream, to take risks, to look beyond the horizon. Because then only, I will be able to make harbor in the tempest.

I acknowledge my emotions and monitor my thoughts. If I don't, the emotions will hold me back and negative thoughts will give negative results. I don't let the situation dictate the terms, I become the dictator. I wish to enjoy. I want to have a great time. I want to be rich, powerful, popular and famous. I desire to be liked and loved. I nourish and allow my thoughts to grow, no matter how farfetched they may seem in the beginning. I give wings to my ideas and let them fly high. I know success depends on attitude rather than aptitude.

Come on, Neristians. Let this 'I' be you all. Let the world know you. Together, we can and we will make a difference. Don't settle for less than what you deserve. With adulthood on its onslaught, questions tend to rise at the speed of light. Life is all about finding answers to those questions. Some answers are found very easily and some seem taking a life time. Continue to search not for the answers, but for the questions……………………………..

Sunday, March 9, 2008


On this Saturday, 15th March, 2008 NERIST will witness her most grand and most innovative event of history.

It would be a TEACHERS vs. STUDENTS debate...
Isn't it thrilling??

We will have best speakers from both sides representing the two very important aspects and pillars of society...the faculty and students....

Hereby I call for ideas for topics !!

I have collected the list of questions from NERIST community from Orkut, but I call for more innovative but root level questions which we students always wanted to ask teachers...

Hoping to see you there in auditorium this Saturday....

For the alumni I will advice you to visit the following site for further information from where the Idea came out....

This is SAURAV, Electronics and Communication, 2k3 Batch

I am hoping for a enthusiastic response from present students as well as those who are sensitive enough towards such initiatives, and I PROMISE YOU, THIS IS JUST A BEGINNING OF A NEW ERA FOR NERIST.

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