Friday, July 15, 2011

Finally, I could blog

Hi LOCians,
It as been a long time since I blogged. Sorry for the long absence. Right now I am in cubicle number 334, Tejas Networks, JNR, Banerghatta road, Bangalore. I joined Tejas on the 20th of last month. First fifteen days went off getting the first hand knwoledge on the products and the technology on which Tejas works. On 2nd July, me alongwith two guys(one from IIT guwahati itself and the other one from Aligarh Muslim University) shifted to our home in Bomanhalli on Hosur road. I have been simply bowled over by the weather of Bangalore. It is so windy out here. You hardly sweat.

My M.Tech thesis got over on 27th May. I left for muzaffapur on 4th june. Stayed there for fifteen days and then left for Bangalore o 17th june. I stayed with Bhaiya for two days before shifting to the company's guest house on 19th june.

So far so good. Looking towards the future with hope and determination. Training is going on. Learning a lot. Corporate world has so much to offer. I have been take for the EPG-FPGA group. (EPG stands for ethernet packet group). Training will go on till august end. Right now learning xilinx+Verilog+ ethernet fundamentals+ ethernet over SDH+ethernet over PDH+ Linux. The system that I have been given does not have Windows installed. I am blogging through an Ubuntu 10.04 system.

Will keep you all posted with all the works I will be learning.
Take care guys.
Love you all.

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