Saturday, January 12, 2008


CHURA-4 kg
2.KHOI-2 packet
4.Black Til=500gm

Those were the best days of my life…..

Guys…this is not about the Summer of ’69. It’s rather the December of ’07 I’m talking about. Yes, you guessed that pretty well. Tour..tour…and more tour…
Lots have been said and you will get to know more in the days to come. So, everything’s there about the tour.
Well, don’t think I am escaping from it. As a matter of fact, I too want to share many. But the thing is, writing is something that never makes me happy. I prefer to think about it (for the wanderers do join me in my dreamland). Or may be it’s really a tough job.
The other day, Basu asked me about the tour. “Damn good…ultimate...Mmmm...Aur kya bolu???” is all I said.
This was just the second time in my entire life of 20 years (including four and a half fucking interesting years of stay here at Nerist), that I have been out of North-East. So, as you can imagine, I was damn excited about it. Everything was kind of new for a guy like me. Right from the places we visited to the meals we had (South Indian dishes are my favorite anyways). But something I soon realized was the fact that, it was the company of all my fellow mates that was keeping the tour alive. In proper words- Moments, worth cherishing… that you taste often in your life and something you will never forget for the rest of your life...
It’s really hard to catch hold of the same people within routine work. Even if you succeed, I’m sure they won’t play 29 with you…..or for that matter, a whole night (not for studying, obviously)…
I often picturize those glorious moments and will continue to... And at such point of time, the only thing that comes to my mind is what Sir Martin Luther King once said-

“Occasionally in life, there are those moments of utter fulfillment which cannot be completely explained by those symbols called words. Their meanings can be only articulated by the inaudible language of the heart…”

[Well, I finished reading my first novel recently (6th Jan.’08, 12:32 pm). It was the so called- five point someone (someday you’ll get to know about 2.someone, for sure). I’m mentioning this as I started with it from Chennai.
Aur kya bataye, sone pe suhaga…yes, LIFE KA PEHLA gUITAR…!!!]


I am not calling for a negative approach and I very well understand that down the line we have to commit mistakes like these to come up to the surface of real world, up to the surface of real truths. Alas, My question remained the same, Was the meeting no. 3 worth calling for?
What were we up to? Without a topic, this L.O.C. as I saw it was not meant to be a place for gossiping, it was not a place meant to come and look for ideas, everyone looking at others to start over....
This is a sincere request to all the members(that includes me), that please do not waste precious hours(I know Paro will understand the point).

Organising MAKAR SANKRANTI was one positive outcome, Talking about Dev's Problem was another, but all in all we "gave" 3 and half hours just to discuss what, the timings?? and funding??
Training was too technical a topic to be talked at L.O.C., although it helped me noting something positive out of this No-captain-ship-heading-nowhere .

Third Meeting rocking

1.Member shall come on time.
2.What to do at L.O.C.?
3.EVENT:-a)constructive works;like plantation,lectures,
Finance Secratary:Paramita Ghosh.
5.Timing: Every Saturday, 0900hrs.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Please answer...

I don't really have an itsy biotsy idea when did i turned myself radical.I could only hate hypocrisy around me.People believes in setting a trail blaze that emblazones their positiveness however negativity oozes from them.Just being at the dread of being labelled names that go against the fucked up hypocritic principles of our so called but never been great nation India,people forego speaking truth.Though we in our conscience be the most perverted in the world ,we still tend to show that we belong to that set standard cultural mispractices.Why do we frown,why do we instigate violence at nudity.We are proud to pass remarks at ladies but not concede that we are sexually amorous.What khuswant singh wrote was every inch true ..why then was he labelled a dirty man.What's so holy in being pious that we keep pretending of it even if we had the world dirtiest mind.could anyone answer me this.
why are you afraid of being yourself? why are you afraid of truth? answer

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I was probably one of those who kept you updated as the industrial tour of our branch progressed though I myself lay in extreme doubt on it being called industrial tour but then I rather we are not bothered until we get all the fare and that Rs.1000 that paid our rents.

I don’t know if I even want to blog now because I had no idea how many of LOCians has bothered to surf net looking into these things. None need to worry though because I at least would keep writing until you get bored and that because I would never get bored.

“Come on dude! For once you stop praising yourself and do a little bit of work”


We 17 left this place chasing dreams, most of us fantasizing the ultimate fun that we all expected to have. Our first stop of course was Hyderabad, the city I loved most for the unknown reasons that I failed to understand. We had real fun roaming around places. Ramoji was incredibly awesome. But I doubt if that was the best among all

Until you take that one very special person out of that group. Now you all don’t really have to poke your noses around. Because the best part of this tour was not monuments, was not parks, was not malls, it’s not even those chicks of Bangalore; “Oh goodness! Those chicks- barely clad, long legs, ouch! Those beautiful &aesthetic couple of things, gorgeous faces, and yeah…” ; the best part was building of rapports, fiends turning friends. Here’s the story about guys who made this tour worth talking about.

Somehow there always was a calling that we all weren’t there to stay together all the time and It all materialized the very first day courtesy Hyderabad transport and PD’s cigarette and once it started we never found a couple of couples with the rest of the group. The big question was always- “are they love buds?” . I do understand PD had head over heels fallen for a dusky, eloquent, and eligible, a handsome (I mean it for PD) Male with whom he shared his bed throughout. He even decided to part ways from the rest to be with him. But as cruel the destiny can be, the other guy did reciprocated his feelings but rarely showed any interest in him. He was all through flirting with a couple of chicks, sleeping around (pun intended, I don’t of course write these for dirty minded, so I don’t really mean what you are thinking now)with them, He even tried to get somewhere but …and to utter surprise of everyone, he went around asking if he was flirting with girls as if he expected everyone in this world to lie to please him. But I tell you for sure He was not flirting infact he even could be in love with them. Though ,that stays entirely to him to decide between them and PD.

Now our very own destiny’s child gokul deka. I found him at almost all moments very sad. Of course that pain in the heart still remains. Very understandable as he had loved that girl for 15 out of 20 years of his life . To overcome, he expected for once that one of all of those would take interest in him for a couple of moments but that never happened. And understandably arijit did the best thing for him by giving him the charge of managing accounts. He then was the happiest person in the troupe. And left this classic dialogue for all to speak of- “Ho har sham ,rat aur subah lajwab ,jab mil baithe hum tin yaar, main ,arijit aur hamara hishaab”. Well said gokul.

Bed,Abhi &PD had plans to lose everything they had in this tour, but all they could do was loosing their money. But the worst happened with abhi when he proudly suffered the results of misdeeds committed by his friends when the girls labeled him “spoiled” and that when everyone knows he is the most shy of all the fellows with that everlasting shayeri of his…

Ek Raat aisi gujre,

Ho jindagi roshan teri zulfon ki chhaon mein,

Simat aye tu chand ki tarah meri panahon mein,

Khwab bunte chale hum ankhon ankhon mein. Appreciable?

But least we could do was talk about the sincerity of arijit, alokojjwal , kamal,Dd,Alok,Bed who really played a part in this tour. We could only be thankful to them.

And last but not the least “The Damsels”. I would disappoint you all here because I do not have permission to write about them and I really do not want to create another row.

Oh! So you all want me to write about me. C’mon dudes! Don’t expect me doing that. Not because I don’t want to but it’s just because I can’t. It’s tough getting a ocean in a pot.that's enough of crap.i am cutting it..

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Lots have been said, lots read....But the truth remains there.... You just cant dump anything(read anyone) for the lust of the other. For those who understand,"Don't take me otherwise".
For all you do, someone is still smart enough to watch you commit those deliberate stuffs, I rather say someone is practical enough to be PRACTICAL.
I will write more and will appreciate questions over this as we look forward to our next L.O.C. meeting.

Monday, January 7, 2008


India won their first big international title in over two decades, the World Twenty20

I thought I would write about the tour but then the Cricket Match was not over yet,This year was for CRICKET, and I consider it as one of the most successful years of Indian Cricket in recent years. When even in a test match which India lost the play cards in the hands of Australian audiences read "COMMIT YOUR CRIMES WHEN SACHIN IS BATTING".

Crashed out of one world event, storm to victory in another; fumble over the appointment of a coach, win a rare Test series in England; get flustered after one player resigns from captaincy and another refuses the job, revel in the newly appointed captain, dominating Pakistan in the process; panic after an informal league lures domestic players, watch the closest Ranji Trophy league round in recent memory.

If India rose steadily in Tests, in limited-overs cricket they oscillated from the pathetic to the inspirational. If they could do nothing right against Bangladesh in the World Cup opener, they were unstoppable against Australia in the World Twenty20 semi-final. When India won an ODI, it was usually owing to Sachin Tendulkar. Whether it was his 76-ball 100 in Vadodara that sealed the series against West Indies, or the twin 90s against South Africa in Belfast, or his magical 94 that helped level the series at The Oval, or even his uplifting 97 against Pakistan in Gwalior, he was the guiding force. His only weakness? Falling in the nineties.

Eclipsing him in the Tests were two contrasting batsmen: the languid Wasim Jaffer and the enigmatic Sourav Ganguly. Jaffer's efficient run-scoring underlined his coming of age as a batsman over the last couple of years, but it was Ganguly who made for the brilliant story. Banished into exile a little over a year ago, he returned to conquer, batting better than he had ever done before. A number of moments stand out but his towering double-hundred in Bangalore will be talked about the longest.

Captains changed too. Rahul Dravid left the job after the England series and the selectors gave Mahendra Singh Dhoni the responsibility in the shorter formats. Anil Kumble was handed the command for the longer version, though the appointment was likely to last only a couple of series at the most.


This should have published long ago, but Alas !!
Anyways there is never better time to tell the truth than now !!
Here's Paro opening her account in L.O.C.

'People find it far easier to forgive others for being wrong than for
being right'—WHY?
Bcoz everybody is afraid of being proved wrong..every1 of us have our
secret desires which we can't express –WHY? Bcoz we fear about
'What others will tell?'
Each of us have made a boundary around ourself by a line of control.We
can't cross that line till we discard our fear, seek the truth of life
and discover our 'true identity'------------------'True
identity'?...........What does that mean? What are we, the human
beings, doing on this beautiful Earth? We take birth, grow up,
study, earn money, marry, reproduce and die and in this course we
destroy and pollute the society in all manners we can. Can't we
improve ourself somehow?????
Yes, I think we can and many great people have shown us the way to
this path…..Now, we are not going to listen to them. We are going to
know ourself and make our own theory because a great mind have told
'Know others and you will be wise but know yourself and you will be
enlightened'………….Try to know the truth about yourself from others and
try to tell the truth about yourself and others without any fear
…..that's LOC for me……..Hi, i am Paromita Ghosh.

You must have got confused by all these serious talks and
thinking 'Ye kiske pale pargaye yaar!' don't worry, this is only the
beginning. I m going to give you more headache. .

Par janese pahle, let me tell something about my fellow LOCians……………

ALOK K: When I saw him first, I took him to be a very serious
guy knowing nothing else than studies. But as time went on I came to
know some aspects of the true 'Alok', a perfect gentleman with a great
sense of humour. Hope LOC will reveal more truth about him.

ARIJIT C: He is less speaking and quite good looking guy but when
he speaks, everyone listen. He believes in speaking less and observing
more so he has developed his 'Corner of the eye' to a remarkable
extent.I think he'll look good in black which he rarely wears.

BASUMITRA C: He is the only person who got three surnames in one name.
He is the most handsome and sweet guy in LOC with a great smile. He is
famous for his discrete tailking style and his attitude.

BED P P: The most photogenic guy among us and a very dedicated
person to friendship.I only want to say that 'Thanx a lot for writing
my assignment,that was really unexpected and you look better when you
are not clean shaved'.

DEBABRATA D:We never knew that he writes such good poems.Thanks to LOC
to find out such hidden talents. We promise you to reveal more truth
about DD in our coming sessions.

GOKUL D: As his name (Go koool) doesn't suggests, he is a very serious
guy….serious about everything—from study to enjoyment. He is a 'fair,
tall and handsome' guy but perhaps he doesn't know the fact.

K SAURAV: He is a very very nice guy with impressive attitude.Each
talk session with him will give you something to think about.He is the
most complex guy that I have ever seen & the 1st one to give me my
favourite song before I asked for it.

MEENAKSHI S: She my such good friend that I quarrel with her most and
miss her most.She is a very energetic girl but a little bit confused
about herself.She sings and dances very well.

NUPUR M:The most beautiful girl among us speaks less and smiles
more.She is very very photogenic and loves camera like any thing.

Enough 4 2dy.Due to loadshedding, I can't continue
more .please don't mind yaar…………. ……….

STAY TUNED FOR more, after tour stuffs coming your way

L.O.C. Wishes one and all Happy New Year

This weekend will be our next meeting,to be headed by Rohit Ranjan and with overwhelming emotional tourists of recent Tour de South.

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