Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Life moves on and Change is the only constant...

Infosys Limited to Xerox Business Services to now Seagate Technology

And they asked me, "How does it feel in the new organization?"

I mostly answer with a smile, or at best a customary, - "Good", "I Like it". What went behind the scenes and how I finally landed here is a different story all together. While Infosys will always be cherished for the spectacular campus, excellent team bonding and lifelong friends and mentors, Xerox was more of an experiment with the reality in the outside world on Learning & Development and also on a personal front. The learning curve at Xerox was at two extreme ends, very slow in the first year and suddenly it almost pushed in a different orbit in the second one. Guess a good manager is always so important and it's destiny.

The only reason I decided to move on from Xerox was because of the sudden lack of job security environment which was created due to the inevitable split announced earlier Jan 2016. By the time I was serving notice period, the division was formalized and the new name and the new CEO was announced as well.

Thanks to my mentors, I wasn't going to wait for the tide to turn this time and decided to take a proactive step towards guiding my own ship. I was lucky both in terms of the offers which were available in the market as well as the sound mentors I had who helped me sift through those opportunities.

With about 50,000 employees and $15B Revenue, Seagate still is the smallest company I have worked with so far, and in a lot of ways I can feel the difference both in terms of the approach and the organizational culture of a product based company. Guess to early to say that, and as the Regional Lead for India I will have my task cut out along with my team at the Global Learning & Performance team.

But you know what, I really like this place. Product companies are good, systematic and predictable; which is so good for business.

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