Sunday, March 9, 2008


On this Saturday, 15th March, 2008 NERIST will witness her most grand and most innovative event of history.

It would be a TEACHERS vs. STUDENTS debate...
Isn't it thrilling??

We will have best speakers from both sides representing the two very important aspects and pillars of society...the faculty and students....

Hereby I call for ideas for topics !!

I have collected the list of questions from NERIST community from Orkut, but I call for more innovative but root level questions which we students always wanted to ask teachers...

Hoping to see you there in auditorium this Saturday....

For the alumni I will advice you to visit the following site for further information from where the Idea came out....

This is SAURAV, Electronics and Communication, 2k3 Batch

I am hoping for a enthusiastic response from present students as well as those who are sensitive enough towards such initiatives, and I PROMISE YOU, THIS IS JUST A BEGINNING OF A NEW ERA FOR NERIST.


Anonymous said...
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Saurav said...

Hey you all, this is not an advertisement site...

Thanks for visiting though !

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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