Thursday, March 13, 2008

what i always disliked bout us...

Do you dare speak the truth?
Do you dare speak about you?
Do you dare being familiar with you?
Do u dare held your head high?
Posing to be truthful,
Why do we make lies the sustenance?
Posing to be virtuous and pious
Why do we lust the vicious and evil?
Candidly, we pertain people to villains,
Overtly, blaming them for all ills,
Snubbing their crooked means,
Discarding corrupt manners and polluted antics.
Concerting our honour
And gesture;
Outlining intellectuality
And righteousness.
Why do us, behind closed doors,
Extend our hands
Against what we stand.
Where is the accountability?
We ask others for.
Call us hypocrite?
That’s how it is, someone responded.
Is hypocrisy, that momentous?
For the kindness and justness,
We, so, demurely speak of,
Why do us, adore,
Cruelty over compassion?
And prejudice over tolerance?
Don’t we know?
This callous and insatiable yearn,
Would bring doom to all.
The society,
We so, earnestly endorse and strive
We so, flawlessly love and belong.
Are we cowards?
Scared of being us,
Concealing ourselves,
Treading the path others outlined,
Refusing error as natural and normal,
Pretending perfection,
When imperfection is the only truth,
Before death that do exist.
Couldn’t we stand for us?
Rejecting deceit.
Couldn’t we revolt?
Seeking what we consider truth.
Couldn’t we love?

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