Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Be BIG community!

Hi All,

I felt waiting for a complete picture to come up with my writing; has stopped me from expressing a lot of things in the past months. So here I am trying to scribble down a few things which I felt were important as they are happening around me.

Let me start with the first one, The "Be BIG Community" (BBC) is one of the programs/ campaign which we are trying to come up with in the organisation as a whole. Now let's make it very clear that it's not another club or group, but more of an idea just like what LOC is. It is a way of life and not restricted to a particular profession or a culture.

1. "Be BIG"; what does it mean? What is the need?
A. Following are some of the excerpts from William H. Danforth, "I dare you!"
I am daring you to think bigger,
to act bigger and to be bigger.
I dare you to think creatively.
I dare you to lead and inspire others.
I dare you to build character.
I dare you to share.
I am promising you a richer life
and more exciting life if you do.

While some of us want to Be BIG in order to bring our voice and add great value, and at the same time enable our coworkers and partners to do the same, others are yet to find a way to do so.

2. Why do we act small?
A. Again, most of us feel safe to be small because we lack self-confidence, certain management styles and workplace cultures contribute as well. In some organisation we feel that it is dangerous to be big enough to stand out. It can be dangerous to step out of the box you, or others, have put you in.
Being Big can get you criticised.
It can get you fired.
And so a lot of us are in stealth mode.
We are always trying to fly under the radar.
We are trying to blend in with the landscape. We want to appear harmless, nonthreatening, small.

3. From organization point of view:

Organization need all their people to be willing to Step Up, Step Out, and Be Bold. To be willing to
so that we can
do our best work TOGETHER.

If this doesn't happen, organizations won't be able to achieve their goals. And soon those organizations will become small - too small to exist.

So we need our organizations to enable all of us to Be Big.

Please share your views in these lines and I would come back with more ideas to describe how you can Be Big.
To give you some ideas, Being Big includes three steps :

YOU and

It says, first step is that you understand and BE BIG, which should lead you to understand the fact that unless you let others around you to be big as well, the idea cannot grow. So next step is to let others around you to Be Big. And third and final step would be when "WE" together be big.

See ya soon....

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