Thursday, December 8, 2011

Who would have thought about a double ton in an ODI

What happened in Indore today will go down in the cricketing history, and hence in India's fame book in golden letters. This guy called 'Viru', who resembles the 'God' of Cricket, makes this games look so easy. He is a guy who is hardly bothered about what is going on the other side. He just goes about his business peacefully. Did I just now used the word 'peacefully'? Because neither his batting, nor his strike rate will give you any indication about him being peaceful while scoring runs.

I am not sure how I was feeling when Sehwag was at 175 or round about there (as he didn't stay at any particular score for long enough for me to reflect), but as a mortal fan of the God of cricket, somewhere I knew that if someone is going to break the 200 mark in ODI, he has to have the nick name 'Viru'.Hats off to Sehwag for this fantastic achievement. Cricket, (for me) after the greats like Kumble, Ganguly, Sachin, Laxman, Dravid will still be a game to be followed.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Watch this movie if you get time!

Dear All,

It's been so long. Very long. It seems I haven't written anything for the past decade. :)
Just wanted to share this movie : "Pay it Forward".

Watch it when you get time. Fantastic movie, and more than the picturization where I think could have been better, but thats not the point. The point is the idea of the movie. See it to feel it.

I have also uploaded the trailer.

Have fun watching it!


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Anna vs Mantry

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author him/her self and are subjected to agreement or disagreement.And a request to all members, Please share your views !!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

After 1 year

In simple words, I am having a refreshing tour of NERIST from 27th Aug to 31st Aug’11 as I have got a continuous 5 days holiday including one CL. The tour started from ISBT, Guwahati in a Blue Hill (Night Rider) bus. Beside me, there was a reporter from doordarshan who was going to take an interview at Itanagar. The journey was good, watching the film “Aankhein”– a nice comedy by govinda and chunkey pandey, in the bus LCD TV.

Then again at the entry to Arunachal at Banderdewa, all boarders had to climb down for “pass checking”. A nice beauty of bounded mountains was refreshed while heading towards NERIST. The Bus stopped at NERIST stoppage and I was In-front of Nana’s restaurant.

At the NERIST gate, security guards were staring at me – most them are locals now. Saw many staffs busy in morning walk and some students in morning run inside the campus greenery.

I am staying at type-II Mary mam’s quarter. I think Mary mam is known to all. She is one of the most prominent nurses of NERIST medical.

In the evening, I had a visit to NERIST hostels. At first, I went to my room (Block-F#38). I saw one sikkimese and one from duliajan residing at the room. The fellow from duliajan is none but the cousin of Bed Prakash Pokhrel. I had a chat with them for minutes. Then went to meet the cooks and helpers (remembered: doubles in the chicken days).

After that I went towards Block-B, there I have seen a change: a huge tall light tower (a height of around 6  storeyed building) just like the railway light towers in-front of Block-B. But, the interesting part is: it’s not working.

One thing I found in the Hostel is the net-connectivity. It is in very good condition now. The internet is very fast now. Some says "1 GB can be downloaded within half an hour".

Then I went to Network counter for return journey booking. There I saw Swanirbhar Sir boarding in the Network AC bus heading towards Kolkata for PhD works - had a chat with him for a while.

On the following day:

Outside NERIST gate, I saw many shops were renovated.
Whatever it is, but how can one forget dadu. Had 2 cups of tea (remembered: half chai) and two pakora plates.

Next day (working Day):

Had a visit to Dept.: Very first meeting was with George (still rotating the Key in fingers) – had a nice conversation with him on the dept. condition. Then, went to TV lab, it is same as 2004, nothing changed-no extra equipments. Pan-dukan at C & M lab is same as earlier. Had a nice conversation with the assistant of Pillai. Then, on the way to dept. office, had a nice conversation on Anna Hazare with Thencheri (Instumentation Lab – da…..u). Dept. office staffs are changed and also the HOD. Subedar Sir is the new HOD. Had a nice conversation with Hussain Sir. He said about the recent problems faced by NERIST. Seat capacities are increased from 30 to 40 per dept. but, no such development is in progress. Then I found our beloved Madhusudan Sir, and had a beautiful chat for more than his precious 15 min. Next had a visit to the workshop – our small projects of 2nd year is still on the walls (I could find mine (accompanied by Sudip das)). Then had a small conversation with Dinamani Sir as he had a class. Then a very useful chat with PKD Sir. PKD Sir will be out of NERIST for QIP-PhD from next year.

In this whole visit, I should not forget some juniors whom I met and they gave me a warm welcome at NERIST.

The poorest part is empty playground and fields of NERIST. Most of the students are busy in playing only computer games rather than outdoor games.

I feel I have not bored you people with this story. I should acknowledge the inspiration made by Sachin Kashyap for uploading my trip to NERIST.

I have more 30 hours in Arunachal. Let’s see how I can enjoy this remaining 30 hours trip at Arunachal Pradesh.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Time moves forwards. Time gives us memories- irreversible and unforgettable memories. Time is ever-moving...unstoppable.
Time is rude. It is emotionless. Time is colorless. Time has no identity of its own. What we do at a particular point of time is what we
associate with that part of time. It is we who feel in colors. It is our actions that become memories for the time to come. Time doesn't wait for us
but its makes us wait and wait long. Time tests our patience, stretches us, makes us cry. But in your loneliness, it is time only which tells you to keep calm; tells you that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Time is mystery. St. Augustine said, "I know what time is until you ask me for a definition about it, and then I can’t give it to you."
In search for a moment of time where everything is static, I have realized that time is is so dynamic that it will not let anything under its regime to be static.
But it is time only which will tell us what actually it is.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Finally, I could blog

Hi LOCians,
It as been a long time since I blogged. Sorry for the long absence. Right now I am in cubicle number 334, Tejas Networks, JNR, Banerghatta road, Bangalore. I joined Tejas on the 20th of last month. First fifteen days went off getting the first hand knwoledge on the products and the technology on which Tejas works. On 2nd July, me alongwith two guys(one from IIT guwahati itself and the other one from Aligarh Muslim University) shifted to our home in Bomanhalli on Hosur road. I have been simply bowled over by the weather of Bangalore. It is so windy out here. You hardly sweat.

My M.Tech thesis got over on 27th May. I left for muzaffapur on 4th june. Stayed there for fifteen days and then left for Bangalore o 17th june. I stayed with Bhaiya for two days before shifting to the company's guest house on 19th june.

So far so good. Looking towards the future with hope and determination. Training is going on. Learning a lot. Corporate world has so much to offer. I have been take for the EPG-FPGA group. (EPG stands for ethernet packet group). Training will go on till august end. Right now learning xilinx+Verilog+ ethernet fundamentals+ ethernet over SDH+ethernet over PDH+ Linux. The system that I have been given does not have Windows installed. I am blogging through an Ubuntu 10.04 system.

Will keep you all posted with all the works I will be learning.
Take care guys.
Love you all.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

They,their and themselves....

Watched Memories in March tonight...plunged in thoughts after that...i have not watched any other movie on homosexuality till now...its my was sad...rather very sad.. i felt like crying when arnav was sobbing badly in the car for sid when he was passing that gate...i felt the same when he was wiping out the blood from sid's body in the ambulance...
I m in a relationship now..i can understand what it feels when your loved one is not with you...when you miss that person so terribly that everything else seems to be meaningless for you...they also go through the same pain...the same agony...on the top of that they are not accepted in the society...not even by their parents...what worse can it be...
I am always sympathetic to them...its not their fault..its not intentional..but will only sympathy help? What if my son or my daughter is borne to be one of them? Will i accept? Will my family accept?
I dont know...i really dont know...i have no answers..its easy to write..its easy to say...its easy to think..but its not easy to face..there is a long way to go...but onething i can definitely do...i wont be differentiating them saying "they"..they are "us"...simply "us"..................

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Are you Personally Effective?

On second of June I had the pleasure of observing a session on PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS and it was so enlightening that I thought I should share it with all.
The best part of this session is, every time I sit through it, I have so many new things to learn. This was my fourth encounter with this one- Personal Effectiveness.
What does it mean to be Personally Effective?

For all I know I can write a few pages, at least, if not a complete chapter on what it means to be an effective person, but to pass the elevator’s test let me tell you in short. It all boils down to what you think of yourself. You are extremely effective (personally) if you are happy with the way you are.

The workshop led us through a different way of introspection. When we talk about introspection, knowingly or unknowingly we dwell with everything which is wrong with us. When we sit down to think what we did in the past, it can be a daily diary or a weekly routine, we think about what went well and what went wrong. We spent most of our time dwelling upon what went wrong than what was right.

In this workshop, we have a different approach. We start by discussing our past achievements and all the success we have had. After all it’s about feeling good about own self, isn’t it?

Three Principles all of us need to know-

1. STIMULUS – RESPONSE  Its nature’s rule to have a response for every stimulus. The response varies from every organism to the other. We will keep our discussion to humans only. Psychologists have shown by research that 20% of our life is influenced by the stimulus, but 80% is influenced by the response we had/ gave to that stimulus. For us, humans, the first principle states that between every stimulus and response, there are CHOICES.

When we think about choices there are two very interesting aspects with it:
a. When we make a choice of responding to a stimulus in a certain way, we have made a commitment to the consequences that come attached with it. So, IF YOU OWN THE CHOICE, YOU ALSO OWN THE CONSEQUENCES.

b. Sometimes we have a different approach towards it. We try to look for the consequences and then make a choice accordingly. So, IF YOU ARE WILLING TO OWN THE CONSEQUENCES, YOU ALSO EMPOWER YOURSELF TO MAKE THE CHOICE.
Choices we make and consequences attached with it are like two ends of a stick. You can’t pick up one end of the stick and say, “I don’t want the other end.” Because when you picked up one end of the stick you made a choice to pick the other as well.
What does these two statement means?

Let me give you an example. How many people you know who are not happy with their current salary? Sounds familiar situation? The simplest of question is, if you are not happy with the salary, why are you in that job? Nobody is stopping you to go out and look for a job with a satisfactory package. You made a CHOICE for this current job, and you are going through the CONSEQUENCES, why are you blaming someone else?
We need to understand that being ambitious and being unhappy about present state are two different things. Though they may sound connected but people who are ambitious don’t spend time in negative thoughts because they know that it will slow them down, may be distracting them.

2. And it brings us to the second principle of COC/ COI. Another powerful theory which I realized I have been following even before I realized that it is a theory and it has a name. 

COC – Circle of Concern and COI – Circle of Influence.

Let’s first define what these two terms mean.
Circle of CONCERN, consists of all the concerns which you have right now. It can be anything ranging from personal problems like career, family, girlfriends (may be you have one, is your concern, or you don’t have one), food or bigger problem of society like hunger, corruption or even world peace. The idea is, you should be able to decide what are the issues which concern you and make you devote some time to think about them. They all come under your CIRCLE of concern.

Circle of Influence, if you have noticed, among the list of your concerns there are some issues about which you can do something and there are some about which you cannot, at least at this moment you are not willing to do anything. For eg, if you don’t have a girlfriend may be you can do a thing or two about it, but if your current girlfriend is your concern, god bless you!

Through this principle, the idea is to understand that people who are REACTIVE in nature have their COI very small. They have a lot of concerns in life about which they are not willing to do anything, while their circle of influence is very small.

And then there are people who concentrate on their COI, and devote their energies to the things which they can influence. They don’t let things which are not in their control bother them in any way. Their COI is almost as big as their COC.

This one is interesting and helps you understand why your approach should be positive. The principle says that what you see in a situation is determined by the role you assume.

A very simple example would be, if you were to look at a millionaire’s drawing room.
Assuming that you are a burglar, how will you look at it? Your approach may be to look at it from the point of view as to scan from the most precious thing and in the order of cost, wipe them out first.
On the second occasion, what would be your approach if you were an interior decorator? Would you do the same, or would you look at the same situation from a different perspective?

This leads us to a very important realization that it is very important to have a goal in your life. When you have a goal in life, you know what role you are going to take, in order to achieve that goal. Once you get into the role, you know what should be your approach.

If we understand these three principles and follow them in our life, the first thing I learnt that I need a goal in life. Because when we have a goal, whatever we are doing, be it online, be it gossiping, be it training yourself, you know what are you supposed to do in order to be able to reach to the final destination.

There is one more aspect of the combination of KNOWLEDGE + SKILLS + ATTITUDE which when combined with ACTION make you personally effective.

Hope you were able to read it till the end. Please share your views on this and ask questions which we can discuss among us.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Had a wonderful time as a proud host_ INFOSYS

A click with the Motivational Master and 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking-
Craig Valentine

Pic with the trophy presented to Infosys for being the best Strategic Partner by International Toastmasters club.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011



What is adventure?? What makes one excited?? What is the source of thrill for one?
A crazy car race!! May be paragliding!! May be scubadiving!! Tracking!!
Or may be sitting alone in a room with a lappy which is connected to the whole world…with a headphone playing What a wonderful life by Louis Armstrong…..or leaving on a jet plane by John Dever….midnight of a summer…1:30 am in the watch…a distant room in a flat of Kharghar…leaving behind the busy but now deserted roads….
When the whole world is sleeping I m getting adventurous….
People laugh at me….what a boring girl is she?
She stays in the most happening and hot city in the country…has never been to pub and discs…has never tasted beer…has never danced like crazy in wild music…has never been for a night out…. has she lost all her excitement in life?? Is she so lazy??
But people wont understand my definition of adventure…..
People wont understand the happiness I get when my adventure with my mixed sabzi in typical Bengali style becomes finger licking good!!
My adventure with running for a local train… adventure with googling the impossible finance terms…my adventure with my recently accessing my bank account sitting back at home…my adventure in getting lost in the midroads and finding out the right destination…my adventure with my yoga teacher when I was interviewed about assam and I was so proudly describing it….my adventure with eating my own cooked lunch after long hours of starvation…my adventure at looking at the moon from my window on a mumbai sky very clearly…….or with my little nephew who surprises me with his superultimate activities every time...
No… people want understand….. or may be they will….but should I bother about what they feel or think about me and my style of ADVENTURE???
The question is open to the forum…..
But I cant let go these small small though exclusively precious sources of happiness just like that from my life…..

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Have you asked yourself, "What do I want in life?"

This is mind boggling, devastating in some cases, easy and funny for some while deep and life changing for others. I am not sure which category I belong to. But life is posing the same question, or let me put it like this, I am posing the same question to my own self, “What do I want in life?”

I have read some books, met some people, thought long and deep. But here I am, without an answer.

I have been flowing with the wind, doing more than okay with whatever I have done so far (at least I would like to believe so), but where am I going? What is my goal?

I know it’s not about the goal, it’s about the path, but the dilemma in my case is, which path? And definitely the path should lead you to a goal, which keeps you going day in day out.

Just a few thoughts which were there in my mind for sometime, wanna check if I am the only one.

;) ;)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy New Year

Good Morning!

Hi All, It is an0ther beautiful and extremely pleasant morning at Mysore. It just adds to the rich cultural heritage of this place. For the past two weekends I have been up and running since very early morning, ok, not literally up and running, just up and working.

On the theme of "Business Ethics", I just thought I would share with you this wonderful book, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" written by Stephen Covey, one of the most influential writer/ business consultant mankind has ever witnessed.

You can also go to "youtube" to watch some of his videos where he questions how we work and how it is not sufficient. It is a collection of 2-5 minutes videos and they are worth watching.

Share your experiences here with all of us.



Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Be BIG community!

Hi All,

I felt waiting for a complete picture to come up with my writing; has stopped me from expressing a lot of things in the past months. So here I am trying to scribble down a few things which I felt were important as they are happening around me.

Let me start with the first one, The "Be BIG Community" (BBC) is one of the programs/ campaign which we are trying to come up with in the organisation as a whole. Now let's make it very clear that it's not another club or group, but more of an idea just like what LOC is. It is a way of life and not restricted to a particular profession or a culture.

1. "Be BIG"; what does it mean? What is the need?
A. Following are some of the excerpts from William H. Danforth, "I dare you!"
I am daring you to think bigger,
to act bigger and to be bigger.
I dare you to think creatively.
I dare you to lead and inspire others.
I dare you to build character.
I dare you to share.
I am promising you a richer life
and more exciting life if you do.

While some of us want to Be BIG in order to bring our voice and add great value, and at the same time enable our coworkers and partners to do the same, others are yet to find a way to do so.

2. Why do we act small?
A. Again, most of us feel safe to be small because we lack self-confidence, certain management styles and workplace cultures contribute as well. In some organisation we feel that it is dangerous to be big enough to stand out. It can be dangerous to step out of the box you, or others, have put you in.
Being Big can get you criticised.
It can get you fired.
And so a lot of us are in stealth mode.
We are always trying to fly under the radar.
We are trying to blend in with the landscape. We want to appear harmless, nonthreatening, small.

3. From organization point of view:

Organization need all their people to be willing to Step Up, Step Out, and Be Bold. To be willing to
so that we can
do our best work TOGETHER.

If this doesn't happen, organizations won't be able to achieve their goals. And soon those organizations will become small - too small to exist.

So we need our organizations to enable all of us to Be Big.

Please share your views in these lines and I would come back with more ideas to describe how you can Be Big.
To give you some ideas, Being Big includes three steps :

YOU and

It says, first step is that you understand and BE BIG, which should lead you to understand the fact that unless you let others around you to be big as well, the idea cannot grow. So next step is to let others around you to Be Big. And third and final step would be when "WE" together be big.

See ya soon....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

sar jhuka ke jamin par rakhne se, ab khuda paon khinch leta hai...

roj uthte dhuyein ki kalikh se,
us taraf aasman ka ek tukda,
sara din ab syah rehta hai...
uske niche na koi sajda kare,
sar jhuka ke jamin par rakhne se
ab khuda paon khinch leta hai...

kude karkat ki dherion mein abhi
tandhi laashon ke sar sulagte hain
tango bhaon ki haddiyon ke liye,
ladte rehte hain bhukhe chopaye,
aur jisne bhi pehle daant mare hain
haddi boti ka haq usi ka hai,
majhabo waale poochte hain ab
kisne pehle kudal mari thi
koi kehta ki ek masjid thi,
koi kehta hai ek madir tha
sar jhuka ke jamin par rakhne se
sar jhuka ke jamin par rakhne se
ab khuda paon khinch leta hai...

ab khuda paon khinch leta hai...

usko bhi ab yakeen nahi aata
usko bhi ab yakeen nahi aata
is jameen par usi ka ek ghar tha

From "Saat Khoon Maaf"

Sunday, March 6, 2011

saurav wants to spice up your mobile!

Saurav Kumar wants to 'Spice up your mobile'
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Friday, February 25, 2011

A lie again

Lies are always more interesting than truth....nicer to hear...but a pain too, it has got such a huge burden....Yet i lied again..told somebody that i am happy without her..but trust me!! it was enormously tough but it's an amazing feeling to spare somebody a pain in the belief that she has hurt you....i told her i am really happy with her decision..told her i so wanted her to take it but trust me!! deep inside i want her to think again...once again...

But it feels so good to know that she is happy there, all smiles...and yeah! i am the reason for it..that is wat i wanted to do in my life...bring smiles to people's lives...i am bringing it!! Bravo me!!

Now who said lying is bad??

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My experiences with India

India, as a concept, has always made me confused. After being with it for all my life, I ask myself, “Do I know it? What it is being an Indian? How India has made me grow as an individual? What are the problems with it? Why, in spite of so much of diversity, communalism, regionalism, nepotism, corruption, India is still holding itself together”. On my rail yatra to Bangalore from Guwahati, I saw the changing face of my country. I observed it. I analyzed it. I realized it. I had the companionship of two girls. They took the train with me. As majority of the girls are, they were talkative. On the first day, I ignored them. Rather say, I did not care about them. But overhearing them made me realize that if I don’t listen to them, I will miss out a chance to know India. These girls have done their graduation from Guwahati University. One is working in Bangalore and the other was going with her to find one. I also had the company of a family. I listened to them while they talked. Uncle asked them why you are going to Bangalore, so far away from your home, for doing job. You have done your studies. Its time you get married, have children and look after them. Girls looked at each other and then they said and I quote,” Uncle if we do so, the degrees that we have taken will go waste. We want to stand on our feet. We want to contribute to the society.”Uncle said, “Beta, by looking after your family, you will contribute to the society. If you will make your children a good human being, that will be the greatest contribution you can make.”The other girl who was patiently listening argued, “Uncle, who said that by doing job, I won’t be looking after my family or my children will not become a good human being. We know that it will be tough for us, but if we find an understanding life partner, things will fall in place. Uncle, we have studied so much. We want to do justice with our qualifications. Only the chosen one get to study. Not many girls in India are as lucky as we are. We have been blessed with a family where we were not treated less than a boy.” I listened carefully. I realized I have come across several such stories happening around me. They flashed in my mind. I lost myself in them. I kept on pondering how and when things will change. With the train vibrating at a frequency comfortable enough, my eyes got closed. I slept but India was awakening.

The LOC is proud enough to have Paro, Meenakshi, Nupur and Poly as their members. These girls represent the changing times. May India be blessed with many more of them.

Someone touched my feet. I woke up to see the other face of India. There she was wrapped in clothes enough to hide her modesty, a girl…a very poor girl….a malnourished girl….a starving girl…with no emotions on her face…begging for anything….I thought it was a bad dream…I wished it was a dream…why I wanted it to be a dream? Was I trying to hide my face from reality? I was in pain…I gave her five rupees…Uncle said to me,”You didn’t do the right thing by giving her money. Uski aadat kharab ho jayegi.” To it, I reacted very badly. I said,”Uncle, jab bhook lagti hain na, dimaag kaam karna band kar deta hai. Ye jo sab badi badi baat karte hain na, ye tabhi tak jab tak pet mein khana hai. At this moment, I can’t help her. What can I do for her? You tell me, what wrong did I do by giving her money?” Uncle was silent. After few moments, I recovered from the sudden bout of depression and I said sorry to him. Not for the things I said to him but the way I said to him.

Those words of that girl reverberated in my mind, “Uncle, not everyone is lucky. We are the chosen one………… ”

Yes, we are the chosen one. Our family has given us the opportunity to grow as an individual. We cannot let it go waste. We will stand up. We are the change. We are LOC. Let us contribute to the progress of the country in our own way. Wherever we are and whatever we are doing, let us pledge that we won’t rest on our laurels. Let the mind be rebellious because we have miles to go and promises to keep.

Indian Institute of Sciences:

I went to Bangalore to attend the National Conference on Communication. I reached Bangalore a day before the conference was to start. Bhaiya and Angshuman came over at the railway station to receive me. I bid adieu to the ladies.

We took an auto and headed towards the Tata institute (many auto walas still don’t know about IISc. For them, it is still Tata institute…). The serenity and the peaceful environment of the most prestigious institute of the country bowled me over. The campus has so many trees. Living so close to the nature indeed helps in igniting the minds. Science has developed and progressed not by going against the nature but by closely and meticulously understanding the nature. Nature has so much to offer. It’s for us how we grab it.

The first day at the conference was a great experience. I got to see the stalwarts in the field of communication and signal processing. Professors from the IITs, NITs, other engineering colleges, foreign universities had come to give talks, presentations and for tutorials. Subedar Sir has also come to present one of his papers. One of the faculties from IIT Guwahati got the best paper award in Signal Processing.

I had my presentation on the second day. Bhaiya and Angshuman also came to listen to my presentation. I was the first speaker in my panel. Presentation was fine. Questions were asked and to the best of my knowledge, I tried to answer them. I was satisfied with my performance.

On the third day, Saurav, Mnx, Paro and Nivedita came to the campus. We talked, we laughed. Saurav shared his experiences at Infosys. He is in a company of good people and learning a lot. Flying Officer Mnx had so much to share about her experiences in the Indian Air Force. I must tell you she has grown into a tough lady, thanks to her training at the IAF. Paro was there with her inputs here and there. We were more busy pulling Mnx’s legs J…I talked for the first time with Nivedita. She is working in SBI, Bangalore. She appears to be feeble but is actually a strong lady.

We enjoyed, we roamed inside the campus, took snaps here and there, had lunch, took one or two punches of tea, had a special till death or something like that…I forgot…Saurav, please tell me the name of the icecream we had……

And then they left to their respective destinations …as I returned I found my legs going heavy as if they didn’t want to come back…they wanted their company….

India as it looks from heavens……….

I had a return flight from Bangalore to Guwahati via Kolkata and Agartala. It was for the first time that I was going to defy the gravity thanks to the Bernoulli’s Principle and the Wright brothers. Looking at the gigantic and sexy machine, I had goose bumps in my belly. She accelerated, gained great speed and when she took off, it was like she was not moving at all!

I will remember it forever….

As the distance between the plane and land increased, the features ceased to be distinguished. Earth started to appear bluish. India looked beautiful. India looked the same everywhere. The green lands, the rivers, lakes, clouds, mountains created beautiful ambience and made my journey a memorable one….the song played back in my mind…

Kaun disha mein leke chala re batohiya…

Thahar…thahar ye suhani si dagar….zaara dekhen de ve…….

Dekhen de re…….

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

lets bring back the old time LOC...

Hi guys, there is such less blogs now a days here...what happened to you guys?sab thande pargaye ho yaar!!! lets do one thing...lets bring back the old times...lets take up a topic and discuss about it....
Today's topic-Dowry....questions in my mind----Should we,the educated,job holder ,23-29 age group people should take or give/take dowry? Ya,in some society this is prevalent but this is a social evil. So should we try to change it or just go with the flow?
How can we change it? only answer is by refusing to marry if there is any dealing with dowry in any form..or is there some other way?
Who will refuse? the bride or the groom?or Who will refuse first?
Society should be changed...who will change it? somebody?
What if parents don't understand? what if relatives don't understand? ..lots of questions...
Lets try to answer....
looking forward to your entry guys.....
Please get up...

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author him/her self and are subjected to agreement or disagreement.And a request to all members, Please share your views !!


I express my deep gratitude to Sachin and Paromita for supporting the movement. These two guys took the initiative to spread the message of World Forgiveness Day in their respective campuses.

Thank you so much!

Do take care and stay happy.

with regards,

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hey guys...Divine Connection, a rock band from nagaland won the Mtv Rock On show...north-east jindabad!!

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author him/her self and are subjected to agreement or disagreement.And a request to all members, Please share your views !!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find me, unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

"Invictus" is a short Victorian poem by the English poet William Ernest Henley (1849–1903). At the age of 12, Henley fell victim to tuberculosis of the bone. A few years later, the disease progressed to his foot, and physicians announced that the only way to save his life was to amputate directly below the knee. It was amputated when he was 25. In 1875, he wrote the "Invictus" poem from a hospital bed. Despite his disability, he survived with one foot intact and led an active life until his death at the age of 53.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

hey guys...whassup!!!
Sab bariya na?
Had a nice time today guys so thought of sharing with you all. Today we went to meet sachin in IISc bangalore.We refers to me,meenakshi,sourav and nivedita. We met sachin,salil bhaiya n angshuman modak(2k4 batch EC). The group was a whole nerist group but with diverse personality. I could never think of nivedita mallick talking with sourav and sachin so nicely!! Salil bhaiya was with us for a very short time but till he was there we enjoyed his company so much!!
Angshuman was so excited to show us the whole campus...all these made me realise that whatever we were in college does not matter now..the only thing matters are we are from the same college. Whenever,wherever we see or meet people from our college it feels so nice,so close and if that person is from same branch then BANG!! We never ever remember what kind of relationship we had with this person in college...the only thing we care about that this guy is from the same batch as us and so we share kind of same nostalgic feelings..we are able to go through the beautiful journey through the memory lane not alone.
Had a pretty nice time today...and ya,one more thing- this tuesday i attended a classial concert that ose for 12 hrs..6 pm to 6 am. It was my first such a long classical event and i am glad to say that it was worth being awake all night..great experience!!
I hope everybody must have something new in life..have a great time ahead guys..c ya soon... :)

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author him/her self and are subjected to agreement or disagreement.And a request to all members, Please share your views !!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Do support me guys!!!

Hello everyone,

On 7th of Feb, 2011 we are observing World Forgiveness Day. This is an initiative taken by Wockhardt Foundation.
Mr.Huzaifa Khorakiwala, Inspiration Wockhardt Foundation movement says," This is a day to reflect. A day to heal our wounds. The wounds that cause us pain. The pain caused by our feelings of anger, hate and insult. It is the time to seek forgiveness from our family, friends, relatives and associates."

The main idea is to spread this special value worldwide. We can also tie Bands with the message " Happy World Forgiveness Day" FEB 7th on it. You can place the order for this by writing to us ASAP. The cost of per band is Re. 1/-. This money will go towards supporting the causes of Wockhardt Foundation.

Be part of this Initiative and help us "To work towards and fight for the upliftment of the poor, weak and needy."

Help us to Reach out to Millions of People and celebrate this day and make it A Grand Success.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hi guys...wanna share a piece of news that I read in today's 'Mid Day' newspaper. This is a Bangalore daily. Mr. Rohan Koli wrote about 91 year old Shankar Pawar, the winner of Mumbai Marathon senior Citizens' run.
He came from Satara and won the 4.3 km race but the organizers did not bother to announce his name in front of the large gathering. In fact when he reached the finish line there was no one there to record his timing or to enquire about his condition.
I don't know what actually I was feeling after reading this but one thing for sure..Hats off to Shankar pawar. But what about us? Have we forgot to recognize, respect?

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author him/her self and are subjected to agreement or disagreement.And a request to all members, Please share your views !!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

This week was nice. I witnessed the best music event of my life till now. It was a combination of cello, a dutch instrument very nicely Indianised and Sitar. Two great artists,Pt. Shubnendra Rao on sitar and Saskia Rao De Haas on cello did magic on stage. That was the first time for me to see some classical concert and to see both of these instruments be played in front of me by the maestros. That was a awesome experience guys..
Today i joined the group who organised this event in Infy, Spic Macay. This started in 70's and today it has its chapters in 250 cities in india(mainly in schools and colleges) and also abroad.
.16 persons from age 15 to 83 were in the meeting and all of them were so enthusiatic about what they are doing and what they are going to do. These guys organise shows with the most renounced artists of this time..Pt. Hariprasad chaurasia, Zakir hussain,Pt. Ravi shankar, Pt. shiv kumar sharma..etc etc..and know them personally...
That feeling was great actually..the feeling that I was talking to such personalities who have met these big guys, who can talk about music the whole day,persons who were above 80 with the spirit of 18,persons who were 15 with the enthusiasm and hard work of 25....
Had a nice experience..

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author him/her self and are subjected to agreement or disagreement.And a request to all members, Please share your views !!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011

India Innovation Growth Program 2011

Today, I am feeling very very nice to be in this honourable profession as I was invited to attend the "India innovation growth program" at Hotel Brahmaputra Ashok, organised by FICCI, Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt. of india. They have selected around 100 participants from the north-eastern region - ranging from the resarch scholars at IIT Guwahati to many Professors of Gauhati university, Tezpur university, Assam university and Dibrugarh university.

The program has highlighted "how one can commercialise one's innovative thoughts, how one can materialise one's innovative thought, etc.".
FICCI has given the platform for one's innovative thought to the real market. They will be giving the assistance for business agreements and also will give adequate feedback to improve or design one's innovative thought. FICCI will analyse one's report and forward it to Dept. of Science and Technology for any 'financial help if needed'.

Many individuals publish their research and findings on National and International Journals without protecting it. Here, protecting means FICCI has made a platform to get PATENTS to one's innovations or inventions based on some criteria fulfillment. It has advised to at least apply for protections before publishing. Because your idea can be used by someone else in the entire world for their benefit.
And the session included lot more for 3 hour followed by lunch.

There were many MP's roaming at Hotel Brahmaputra Ashok as they were monitoring the preparation made to welcome the top BJP leaders of India-Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Mr. L.K Advani, etc.

I was really honoured to be present over there among the many digniteries from many universities and also enjoyed the lunch at Hotel Brahmaputra Ashok.

But I was all alone to express my feelings. And missed my friends a lot. Thanks to the makers of LOC for which I could express my feelings and feeling a lot better.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

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