Saturday, August 15, 2009

mY bloGs' with a diFF..sense.

Hi pals,

Life's serene out enjoying my new role in nerist...Its different,competitive but still somewhere its only a gateway for me,for me its just another phase that will pass,the horizon yet to surface somewhere else.
Anyway guys, am here to announce my new blog space.
its all about mY creations, mY inspirations,mY choices,mY writings,mY love.
So, check this:

mY technical counterpart is of course there for the needy and attentive.
Its this:


Hi friends,

I hope everybody of you are in full spirits.
Actually I got an interview call letter from BCPL in my email account.
I think many of you may be selected for the same.
I just want you guys to check your email box quickly and confirm me in case you have yourself selected for it.
Please let me know in my orkut profile or mail me in this address:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The beauty beneath in a proffession

Hi LOCians,
We had many debates and discussions on the interactions between the teachers and the students. Now, I am standing on the other side of the river. I am trying my levelbest to make the topics understandable to the students. Anyway I am not finding it difficult as I already had a teaching experience of 4 years.
I am really satisfied with the choice of my profession as it gives immense pleasure when the students call me SIR. But, as Debabrata has told and also I had realised that some influence of NCC is still alive that the students are bit terrified of me because of strict discipline I had imposed on them. You know me I cannot forego my principles. Well now I feel that this came from the feeling of responsibilities of their future on me. Whatever I am doing, I am honestly thinking of their future, but it is upto them - how they accept it.
The main problem is that I have to read 3 hours to take a class of 1 hour. Well thats also fine at this stage of competitative world as I could'nt do that in my entire student life. Well as a whole I am really enjoying with the proffession and atleast got rid of job tension for the next 1 year.

OK this description only included me and my proffession story but I had blogged this to ensure you and may be emphasising you job tensed individuals for this noble proffession as a reasonable choice.

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