Thursday, April 1, 2010 Counting a billion: India begins new census

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Counting a billion: India begins new census
India launches on Thursday the task of counting its teeming billion-plus population, with 2.5 million people set to fan out over the country to begin work for the 2011 census.

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Great INDIA !!

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I love mosquitoes

The annual inspection of our base just got over and I am pretty sure the Flag officer Commanding-in-Chief would go happy enough. And why not!! I paid with my sweat and blood (yet again) for this. We have divisions and I was standing in parade ground, waiting for the C-in-C to grace us and out of somewhere this lovely (note) mosquito found her beau. And it’s not me, it was my blood. I have heard from girls’ time and again that they find me handsome, may be nice too. But probably this female mosquito found my blood more adorable, more sweet and seducing enough to lay her love bite on it.
And what a time did she chose, The national anthem was playing and the tricolour was going up the mast. I had two options then: One, to hit hard on her and make her love immortal but killing somebody in love is not something i could do. As such the other one and infact the only one, and that meant not moving the time i could hear that familiar music played by the band that translates into ”jana gana mana......”.And trust me, I did precisely the same. I paid my tribute to the motherland in blood...

But more importantly was left wondering how mosquitoes could feast on any kind of blood, Irrespective and unbothered about the blood group I possessed. If mosquitoes can do this, it can be translated onto human beings. And if our scientists can do this someday, scarcity pertaining to certain blood groups would well remain solved.

And now, my blood runs in the fraternity of mosquitoes. So, I am looking forward to launching a campaign against killing of mosquitoes.

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