Friday, May 1, 2009

Wealth Women and Wine


How to sum up our stay here?

It’s a new dawn in NERIST. With the arrival of net, you would now find people communicating through G talks, messengers and spykes. Tide has taken another bow and time has gone a full circle. It was 2004 mid, when mobile phones were introduced in this state. With that a booming business of PCO’s went bust and now with this possibly lot of entrepreneurs who live their so called life by selling top ups around NERIST would take a hit. But then good luck prevails and we realize that the customer base has dwindled but not ceased. As such, with minor variations, they could continue to earn bucks and ravel under ecstasy though in shadows of a beautiful past.

There’s a strong coincidence here with syncs with our lives. Tide has taken a bow and time has finally gone a full circle for us as well. We too look forward to an optimistic future. The stuff dreams are made of.

**************************************************************************************Let’s relieve sachin here. For the time being, He will keep cribbing in pain and agony. He will repent, he will despair his failure, the way he kept doing for the last month or so. And then, quite like ‘hopping politicians’ of this country laid the blame on electronics and communication engineering. I understand sometimes grapes are sour, but not always. Dude! I understand you have been out rightly rejected, as you said. But then, you cannot loose your morals, your etiquettes, your respect for the branch, you cannot be less than grateful towards it. Just being proud doesn’t really serves the purpose.

Buck up dude! Every time I open this page, your cribbing, sobbing face flashes across the page. What impression are you actually trying to get across the admirers of LOC? That we are group of losers led by the enigmatic and charming ‘The sachin kasyap’!

Sachin! Love’s not about achieving something; love never was about getting someone. Love is about respecting in whatever form one is. Love is about living with whatever way one chooses you to be. There ain’t any conditions in love. Love’s a feeling of contentment and culmination. Love in itself is a beginning and end. Love is all.
This may sound bitter but the fact remains, you had never been in search of love, you have been just trying to find a mean to get to it. There’s still time! Celebrate love, live love and, if possible, die love.
And for god sake! Don’t ever wish that your mouth would have had a backspace key.
You are the only guy who put across your feelings, this is the stuff true gentlemen are made of. Be proud; be happy that you did everything you could have.

And please stop feeling sorry!

Because “It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all”
I am sorry sachin!!!! Really sorry!!!!! I don’t really mean to hurt you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now stop getting red (pun intended) and go on with the story

But how has it all happened? Had someone thought how it all changed? From kiddos, to young men, from novices to intelligent thinkers and commentators, from mama’s good boy to bad, very bad boys; it has been a time we would all love to fall back and see. It’s still too early for afore mentioned big words (read thinkers and commentators) but may be ‘theory of relativity’ comes to my rescue here.

6 years has been a long time, has been a really long time. Quite like a life time.

We started young, with least idea about reality, with etiquettes and principles out in right places. The biggest worry then, for many, was if their room mate’s scoring higher than them. Back then, getting a bigger piece of chicken was a major reason for happiness. Cricket was the only reason, we fought. Cricket was the only reason of our envy and admiration.

2nd year was, most probably, the coolest, of all the years here, arguably. Of course, this was brought about by easier courses and greater opportunities to score. And then, this was probably what mad e ecian happy most. As suspected, happiness used to be writ large over the faces. Quite unlikely though, this year was one of those when we studied most. Primarily for two reasons, one, to salvage some pride after gruesome first year. And secondly, to retain pride after an awesome first year, which usually was the case.
Regular evening strolls and babe watching became our prime time pass with ever increasing vocabulary of phrases with words like ‘hot!!’, ‘what curves’, ’awesome’, ‘lucky guy’ etc. getting to us.

3rd year was probably the turning point of our lives. We, tired of a kiddo’s life at college, decided to be a man. And, as well said, we decided to follow the fact that there are only three original possessions and attributes of a man- Wealth, Wine and Women. “Sleep (sorry! No girls here), Drink beer and ring papa (for money)” became our abiding dictum of life. “Now, the point is! Wealth and wine is fine, but what about Women?” For that people started chasing sayanthika. Guess what! I give you full liberty to read people as PD and Rohit ranjan. More broadly said, we started letting our evil intentions work. And of course! We achieved 100 percent failure rate. Ask PD and ROhit Ranjan again. May be, you can also ask Kumar Saurav this time.

By the fourth year, Guys doubtful of their manliness/ manliless, finally decided to do away with the idea of women component. God gorgeous! Great that senses prevailed. After all it’s better to be a master of one trade than jack of all trades. Papa’s money was anyway too less to make us rich, we aspired to have 2 good factors in our life. But the joke we started, destiny took care of it. Destiny made sure we realize our limitations (read aukaat) and settle to one, which was the only viability then-the wine (read apong).
And some were absolute zeroes and they continue to be even today. Examples like me could be quoted if my negligible success with women could be done away with. But there were some absolute failures too like bhola, tiwari, rajkumar, etc.

Fifth year has just one resonance and that is MA-5101 the Mecca of all subjects, the mother of all bamboos. Unarguably, the toughest year here, there were some sounds heard about people deciding to study. And for sure to God’s pleasure, we did saw people studying until the first week. By second week, everybody realized the futility of studying, a task invented to bother and bug innocent soul like ours. This was an eventful year as it taught us to be strong, to realize that failures are important. We made sure that we put all the effort to make sure that our scores don’t reach above 60 even in toughest times. The gladiators even slept through the week before the examination to make sure, they score really low. We made sure, that we see failures. And the greatest thing was not this. It was our inspiration from these failures that motivated us to score low, to keep failing throughout our stay at NERIST. In case, Even if that was meant to happen occasionally.
And during these testing times, we stood strong, motivated proud of our achievements. Hail us!

And now amidst all this, we are almost ending our stay Together.

Everything that I wrote may be true, may be not (I am programmed to write only fiction), but the fact remains, we had fun together. We spent some awesome time with each other.
The countdown has begun and it wouldn’t be long before we would be leaving this place. If somebody feels, there is something that he should have done, he longed to do at college this would probably be the last time. Be a yes man! Go ahead and do it.

And finally!! I am really sorry to all those people I ever hurt knowingly and unknowingly.

In the process of saying Good bye, au Revoir, DasVidaniya.
(With a hope, that I didn’t bug you much over all these 6 years)
Rohit Rai…let Dynamicity prevail…

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author him/her self and could not be subjected to any kind of disagreement.

there's hardly ne time left...

n perhaps that's why i'm waiting for the sunrise...i remember the days of july 2003 and da ones that followed..there was hardly ne pc in our hostels..n the one dat waz dere few doors beside mine, used a p3 processor..the very first movie that i saw dere waz 'forest gump'..
n 2day(may 2009), m blogging this lying on my bed..these six years did make a difference in our lives................................................................................................................................................................

Thursday, April 30, 2009

aaj main khush hoon...........

Hi everybody
Seems everyone’s busy with the projects, practical exams, quizzes..... You will read this days after i have posted this..... the whole point is what went wrong....why there occurred a glitch in the story jiske ke karan ki story climax par reach karne se pehle hi khatam ho gayi....kyon kyon aur aakhir kyun???
Letting your love go is painful but then if you truly love let your love decide .......par still yaar it hurts..shayad bhagwan ko manzoor nahi.......shayad usko manzoor nahi....
Let me define is a care-controlled-mos which works in the active region and never is a function whose Fourier transform doesn’t exist because it is not integrable...its integration is is a signal which when passed through an AWGN channel doesn’t get corrupted but actually strengthens.........see love is defying all the basic principles of electronics and communication engineering....and probably that’s why i failed......yes now I’m relaxed ...actually iwas not sad because i failed ....i was sad because i didn’t find any reason why i failed.....but now see it’s electronics which came to my rescue....proud to be a failure...proud to be a communication engineer....but alas i didn’t know how to communicate!!!!!!!!
Its time for the last very few loc meetings.......
But, its our luck that made us so busy to think a bit for making these very few loc meetings a grand one.....

Sunday, April 26, 2009

what not to do in the last semester.......

I don’t know whether I’ll ever be able to recover from this....don’t know how things will work out for me...don’t know where will i be 3 months hence....don’t know what i don’t much chaos, so much uncertainty in never ever before raised so many questions....never ever i ran out of options.....people used to give example of how much lucky i am.....but seems luck has also ditched me.....yes i am feeling very low, down and out......i want to cry.....yes i am hurt ..i’m feeling like a loser...but i don’t know why??
Enough of emotions.....before i start crying i must stop.....
I’m thinking of writing a book.....”the three P’s of my life.. what not to do in the last semester”....friends i suffer from short term memory loss.....whenever i’ll write the book i’ll need your help for the correct stats and dates....
How the seven semesters passed??? Pata hi nahi chala....but the adventures(read misadventures) of the last semester will remain etched in my memory......GATE, first proposal(!!!), convocation, Shristi, returning the quiz paper blank, losing both cricket matches, not able to play the last match(thanks to the blank quiz....and saurav i’m extremely sorry for that)....oh god ...i did everything to screw myself up......
But then this is life.....just a sinusoid function...crests and troughs make the function teaches you new things in each and every always gives you options.....our perception, the preconceived notions make them invisible.....
I’m shy....i agree...i speak less...i agree....but why....this time i know why??i always thought if i say something that hurts someone then i’ll never be able to forgive myself.....whenever i want to tell someone something my mind part thinks for me and the other one for the someone....then i get confused....
I want to write more......but having fuzzy quiz, project report submissions, project....and i don’t want to screw myself further....
i still wish if my mouth had a backspace key....
Au revoir!
Saba khair
Jai ho!!!!!!!!!!!

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