Saturday, November 7, 2009


Dear folks,

The LOC has come up with a new idea to stay in touch and do 'something different'. The idea is simply about a contribution or a senual 'pay off' back to our institution, NERIST. The document attached to the post describes it all and invites all discussion on the comments forum. If you can't see the document(because of slow net speed), click the download button and download the pdf version. Have an interesting read and the author expects a healthy discussion. Post your ideas in the comments area with your LOC-username(gmail), donot post as 'anonymous'.
Spread the message to as many EC2K3 members as possible.
'A big idea may start from scratches but requisites a big participation to make it "BIG"'.

Thanking you all.

Idea of the Year

This can simply take the crown of the idea of the year: 2009

Dear all,
I am sure that you all are enjoying being in the elite group which has been into some kind of service to the nation directly or indirectly. I say directly for those who are in job and indirectly for the ones who are getting monthly stipends for the noble jobs of being the torch bearers of further education in their respective fields.

The idea came from a very emotional Mukesh, EC 2k3 who has decided to get settled in North Eastern states of India and I feel proud to be a medium to be able propagate this across the all other enlightened minds.

The idea is to contribute a part of what we have earned back to the alma mater. We can always start small, and believe me once this channel is created it is definitely going to go a long way as there are a lot of alumni who are raring to contribute but could not just in absence of this channel.
The start will be from contributing to the printing charges including the papers for the project work in the forth coming semester for the batch of EC-2k4.

Suppose the contributors are Marbom, Nupur, Bhola,
PD, R. Rai, V. Tiwari, Sachin, Dev D., Alokojjwal D., Alok
Kr., Gokul, Bed P.P., Arijit, Soumitra Majumdar, Kamal
(Correct me if I am wrong) and I am sure the list
will increase in due course of time.

The process will constitute that once we all agree to
this we will talk to Mr. Swanirbhar M. through Mr.
Alokojjwal D. and Mr. Debabrata D. to open an account of
some sort which can be used for the required money

I am sure you all are doing great and its nice be in touch through such wonderful ideas.
Awaiting your responses,

Please forward the messages as and when required, and also mention your contact number.

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