Thursday, March 13, 2008


After joining LOC, for the first time, I am writing down something. We really had an interactive talk in Itanagar and I got enthusiasm to express my views.

11th march….exams over…everyone relaxed...At last our plan of going to Itafort was a success. Though it was not so worth visiting as we expected, still we had a purpose of going(LOC)…that’s why we enjoyed…in every meeting it happens that only few speak and others always remain silent. Saurav really inspired us, to do various deeds…I realized when PD asked that among all of us how many of we have done something for LOC. For me, I have done nothing till now…i havn’t written a single blog…I can really feel that attending meeting is not enough.

Another question was asked to us….what is there inside we people, that makes us to keep silent.Nobody answered.I think many feel inferior to others in speaking, hesitations to express. But I know, unless and until we won’t do, we are unable to come over it. We need to work upon it, we need to put in efforts.

Everyone has his or her own view point about some topic…But the thing is that some expresses and some do not.As a part of LOC we should boost each other to share the ideas and opinions among us.

15th march, coming Saturday…it is the day when LOC is going to do something on a grand level.We are really excited and still many works to be done…Hope everything goes well and we come up with success and fulfillment.

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