Thursday, August 6, 2009

a poSt From an 'old' Friend with a n'eW' look...

The essence of perfection is a novelty present within a human being.
The desire for success is a glamour which makes the essence.
The ability to see through simple equations make the simple desire alive.
The simple “ I CAN DO IT ” makes you doit, actuates your ability to do these things.
And it all happens if you give a simple try.

Hi guys,
Howz everybody?
Things must be a little busier than it used to be, but things are smoothing out quickly with time. I am learning things and as some of you know me, I will complete the mid sem syllabus by next week at max. I hope, playing laxed otherwise 1 week is all it will take me.
Anyway, leave me. Recently, flickered contacts…pd(joining Prasar Bharati-2/3 august), Ved(waiting BARC), Alok(waiting Bhopal admission),Saurav(well,I don’t know why our Google Uncle is so ungoogle like). I congratulate all of you guys working on fields apart and maintain records, connections which as is prevalent “THE EC2K3” like.
Guys, I am trying to create a blog of my own…mainly to facilitate the flow of information among base years. I also plan for recent updates on communication, job information among other things.
Can anyone help me with inserting links within the posting area?
I tried several times but it does not appear to work. Please report on comment.
The blog is just a day old, m working on it.
Check this out:
See you.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lets do something like what we used to do in nerist i.e. discussing about some topic everytime we met.Now we can't meet but we can express our view about some topic through blog..i can suggest one such topic...There is a quotation in the blog given by Jonathan Swift,i didn't understand much of it's meaning..i just request all the other bloggers to post their views on this quote......

If anybody has better things to discuss about then please give your topic and opinion..hope we people will make it work..
hi guys.. hope everyone reading this is happy n all of us are separate,in different parts of india..after some days i have to write '' in different parts of the world"..hope this day will come's quote---every thing has its good and bad sides..just need to see the brighter one....
Everybody knows this,but may be sometimes people forget obvious things,so they must be reminded of the obvious good things in them....hav fun guys...dont forget giving your current place and occupation whenever blog....m in nerist studying for degree..

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Hi friends...whats up? I am in Delhi. Basu se baat hui. He is fine and having a good time with his two roommates. He is doing MBA coaching at TIMES. Sachin is also having a good but hectic routine. Gokul and group ki khabar milti rehti hai. Gokul keep on calling. Poly mausi ban gai. Ved is having a good time at home. I am also fine...aaj GAIL ka exam tha. It was ok. First time at any centre all faces were new. I was alone standing at one corner waiting to get the gate open. All others were having a group...gossiping and all. Sach mein yaar life badi lonely ho jati hai. Its a time when you need suggestions, support...ek saath....and at this point of time we are standing at different points. Anyways aur batao ki haal chal hai. Life mein kya chal raha hai....keep blogging friends.....miss you all. My new number...9711095134 tk cr!!

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