Friday, December 10, 2010

Save tigers again!!!

Hi...again I am back on 'Save Tigers'...
Today's slogans..'Save Tigers','Save Environment'...etc etc...How??
--Advertisements?Climate Summits?protocols?
Media war?Celebrity talks in closed studio in AC?Political war between developing and developed countries?
Crores wasted (natural resources along with money) in each of the so called 'Climate Talks'?
What the diplomats would do talking to each other if the citizens of each nation does not feel the
importance of every bit of every resources we are using?
People are there who just laugh on the whole concept of climate change..some just cant believe the fact that they need to save water,electricity,food...they get these things in abundance and they waste..and these people are the so called 'educated' people...they have studied about earth and environment for about 10 yrs in school, they have studied about renewable-nonrenewable resources,about endangered animals,about extinct animals, about pollution,about climate change etc in science and each of us have read Mr Gandhi-'Earth has enough
to satisfy every man's need but not every man's greed' .....but we forget yaar..we always forget..
We always forget that the earth is not going to expand...
we are proud to remember that we are the best creation of God,with a lots of brain power
but we forget that 'with great power comes great responsibility'...we forget that this earth is for us to live not to destroy out of ignorance and greed....we forget that though we assume God in form of human being,God is the builder of the whole earth..starting from a microorganism.
Now..the conclusion from the lecturebaji is - everyone of us should do their bit to save a bit of resource..first we should try to influence ourselves and only then we can influence people around us.
Again lets come to 'Save Tiger'(Dont mind..this is a magical creature for me)...
how to save tiger?-By saving their habitat..
how to save their habitat?-by preserving forests..
how to preserve forests?-simple yaar,by not cutting them..
But..wait a second...we need to clear out forests yaar..or else where will the ever increasing population go?
how can we urbanise?how can we bult industries to generate commodities for meeting the ever increasing demand?
how can we earn money to buy a home,a car..sorry two/three cars,live in perfect luxury?If we don't cut forests then how can we get minerals for our products?for meeting the ever increasing demand of electricity?
There must be a way to find the balance.....people are trying hard for this...but I don't know how and what should I do...
I just know that I can save a little bit of water,electricity and food,plant some trees,use a bit less
polythene bags,try to encourage others for doing the same and blog about it..

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author him/her self and are subjected to agreement or disagreement.And a request to all members, Please share your views !!

Monday, December 6, 2010

One Year and counting...

Today I can proudly say that I have survived 365 days at Infosys
Technologies Limited. On a second thought, it has been a dream journey
so far. With so many lovely people around, who made it so easy for me,
I have no words to thank you. Infosys Training, hailed as one of the
most hectic/tough/blah..blah..blah.. Sorry I never felt so.
It (Training) was the cream of Infy life so far. Less tension, less
responsibilities, more friends, more time at my disposal.
Thank you each one of you for believing in me!
Thank you God!

Kumar Saurav
Associate Member,
PSD (Infosys Leadership Institute )
350, Hebbal Electronics City, Hottagalli, Mysore -570 018.Karnataka.

Contact no:-
+91 8105278015 (P)
0821 2404 101 *78057 (O)

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