Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hi friends so enjoying the vacation…so here something to read…hope you people like it…this is dedicated to someone very special to me…who is very close to my heart…Ok! Ok! Hold on I will tell you the name but after he read this…
Kuch lamhein chut gae…
Kuch lamhein chut gae,
Kuch lamhon ko pa lia.
Kuck yaadein hai ab tak,
Kuch yaadon ko bhula dia.
Kuch sapne palko pe apne,
Maine bhi saja diya.
Kuch chaha tha dil ne har pal,
Aaj maine usko pa liya.
Koi door achanak chala gaya.
Koi door hokar bhi…
Dil ke itne karib aa gaya.
Bikhar gai thi jaise moti,
Bas usne fir se piro diya…
Ehsaas dilaya wo hai har pal,
Aur maine haath thaam liya.

Na hota wo to kya hota,
Soach kar dar jaati hun main.
Anjana tha wo kal tak,
Aaj khudse bardh kar lagta hai.
Dhadakta tha ye dil kal tak,
Aaj jina bhi seekh liya.
Rota tha ye dil kal tak,
Aaj hasna bhi seekh liya.
Seekha gaya kuch paath wo aese,
Ki jeevan sudhar gaya ho jaise.
Aaj jana kisi ko pana kya hota hai,
Aaj jana kisi ko apna banana kya hota hai.
Aaj jhum raha hai dil pa kar usko,
Bas baar baar yehi dohra raha hai…

Har pal yaadon mein hai wo,
Har pal baton mein hai woh...
Har pal jaise saath hai woh,
Har pal mere paas hai woh…

Bas baar baar yehi dohra raha hai…
Bas baar baar yehi dohra raha hai dil!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


hi everybody....
i got my L.O.C. license..just now....i mean...i's my first blog.
and dis one's 4 saurav....did u decide any debate-topic 4 dis summer....anythng d HOT summer...lemme know....
I'LL B RIGHT BACK....sorry,i watch a lot of mtv these days...

sachin needs our help

Good morning,

its a fact that he has a soft corner for someone, and now that is forcing him to visit the place where she lives. So, if we can somehow help him for the same, it wuld be a different job that we are looking for.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

With me thats Subhajit, very instrumental in the processing of Videos of LOC Debate,
And the TRIO needs no Intro...
With very few of LOCians Blogging, its very difficult to get a rythm...Come on guys, I know, its a bit lazy thing to do, But Start Doing Things Out of Box...
And for the benefit of those who visit this... Give some topics to discuss...

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