Monday, July 25, 2011


Time moves forwards. Time gives us memories- irreversible and unforgettable memories. Time is ever-moving...unstoppable.
Time is rude. It is emotionless. Time is colorless. Time has no identity of its own. What we do at a particular point of time is what we
associate with that part of time. It is we who feel in colors. It is our actions that become memories for the time to come. Time doesn't wait for us
but its makes us wait and wait long. Time tests our patience, stretches us, makes us cry. But in your loneliness, it is time only which tells you to keep calm; tells you that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Time is mystery. St. Augustine said, "I know what time is until you ask me for a definition about it, and then I can’t give it to you."
In search for a moment of time where everything is static, I have realized that time is is so dynamic that it will not let anything under its regime to be static.
But it is time only which will tell us what actually it is.

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