Saturday, September 3, 2011

Anna vs Mantry

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

After 1 year

In simple words, I am having a refreshing tour of NERIST from 27th Aug to 31st Aug’11 as I have got a continuous 5 days holiday including one CL. The tour started from ISBT, Guwahati in a Blue Hill (Night Rider) bus. Beside me, there was a reporter from doordarshan who was going to take an interview at Itanagar. The journey was good, watching the film “Aankhein”– a nice comedy by govinda and chunkey pandey, in the bus LCD TV.

Then again at the entry to Arunachal at Banderdewa, all boarders had to climb down for “pass checking”. A nice beauty of bounded mountains was refreshed while heading towards NERIST. The Bus stopped at NERIST stoppage and I was In-front of Nana’s restaurant.

At the NERIST gate, security guards were staring at me – most them are locals now. Saw many staffs busy in morning walk and some students in morning run inside the campus greenery.

I am staying at type-II Mary mam’s quarter. I think Mary mam is known to all. She is one of the most prominent nurses of NERIST medical.

In the evening, I had a visit to NERIST hostels. At first, I went to my room (Block-F#38). I saw one sikkimese and one from duliajan residing at the room. The fellow from duliajan is none but the cousin of Bed Prakash Pokhrel. I had a chat with them for minutes. Then went to meet the cooks and helpers (remembered: doubles in the chicken days).

After that I went towards Block-B, there I have seen a change: a huge tall light tower (a height of around 6  storeyed building) just like the railway light towers in-front of Block-B. But, the interesting part is: it’s not working.

One thing I found in the Hostel is the net-connectivity. It is in very good condition now. The internet is very fast now. Some says "1 GB can be downloaded within half an hour".

Then I went to Network counter for return journey booking. There I saw Swanirbhar Sir boarding in the Network AC bus heading towards Kolkata for PhD works - had a chat with him for a while.

On the following day:

Outside NERIST gate, I saw many shops were renovated.
Whatever it is, but how can one forget dadu. Had 2 cups of tea (remembered: half chai) and two pakora plates.

Next day (working Day):

Had a visit to Dept.: Very first meeting was with George (still rotating the Key in fingers) – had a nice conversation with him on the dept. condition. Then, went to TV lab, it is same as 2004, nothing changed-no extra equipments. Pan-dukan at C & M lab is same as earlier. Had a nice conversation with the assistant of Pillai. Then, on the way to dept. office, had a nice conversation on Anna Hazare with Thencheri (Instumentation Lab – da…..u). Dept. office staffs are changed and also the HOD. Subedar Sir is the new HOD. Had a nice conversation with Hussain Sir. He said about the recent problems faced by NERIST. Seat capacities are increased from 30 to 40 per dept. but, no such development is in progress. Then I found our beloved Madhusudan Sir, and had a beautiful chat for more than his precious 15 min. Next had a visit to the workshop – our small projects of 2nd year is still on the walls (I could find mine (accompanied by Sudip das)). Then had a small conversation with Dinamani Sir as he had a class. Then a very useful chat with PKD Sir. PKD Sir will be out of NERIST for QIP-PhD from next year.

In this whole visit, I should not forget some juniors whom I met and they gave me a warm welcome at NERIST.

The poorest part is empty playground and fields of NERIST. Most of the students are busy in playing only computer games rather than outdoor games.

I feel I have not bored you people with this story. I should acknowledge the inspiration made by Sachin Kashyap for uploading my trip to NERIST.

I have more 30 hours in Arunachal. Let’s see how I can enjoy this remaining 30 hours trip at Arunachal Pradesh.

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