Wednesday, March 9, 2011

sar jhuka ke jamin par rakhne se, ab khuda paon khinch leta hai...

roj uthte dhuyein ki kalikh se,
us taraf aasman ka ek tukda,
sara din ab syah rehta hai...
uske niche na koi sajda kare,
sar jhuka ke jamin par rakhne se
ab khuda paon khinch leta hai...

kude karkat ki dherion mein abhi
tandhi laashon ke sar sulagte hain
tango bhaon ki haddiyon ke liye,
ladte rehte hain bhukhe chopaye,
aur jisne bhi pehle daant mare hain
haddi boti ka haq usi ka hai,
majhabo waale poochte hain ab
kisne pehle kudal mari thi
koi kehta ki ek masjid thi,
koi kehta hai ek madir tha
sar jhuka ke jamin par rakhne se
sar jhuka ke jamin par rakhne se
ab khuda paon khinch leta hai...

ab khuda paon khinch leta hai...

usko bhi ab yakeen nahi aata
usko bhi ab yakeen nahi aata
is jameen par usi ka ek ghar tha

From "Saat Khoon Maaf"

Sunday, March 6, 2011

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Saurav Kumar wants to 'Spice up your mobile'
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