Thursday, January 24, 2008

IS there a Question mark on L.O.C. !!

Nope. Nahi. Is the answer, so do not worry, keep reading as lots of hard**** stuffs coming your way...

Thats what I call the spirit of L.O.C.,
This conversation took place between two members, amidst Manish Sir was taking toll of Magazine boy...and some repelling charges were in the air..

Saurav: What were you about to tell me "in person", as per your late night comment(online)?
Rohit Rai: Please let me have the context...

Followed by he was handed over the LOC blog on my super cell,(I consider it so)..anyways..

Rohit Rai: At least we are out of that fantasy that we always called as friends. You know for better, the narrow mindedness of this people.You remember after

your birthday picnic.I told you, I reacted to that poem incident because these people would never take things positively, would never take things

sportingly. Why did you forget that?

Saurav: Who are we & who is this?
'They' are not the only one to be blamed, some of boys told them,"They cant support gals, even for right purpose, because boys will tease them in

boys hostel."

Rohit Rai:We & this that's for you to understand.We are the people you still consider friends and "this"-you feel could not take the right things in the spirit(both

boys and girls). i know that, that's why I don't blame Girls. In fact I dont blame anyone. Its only that I am hurt, it happened and extremely happy that it

happened sooner than later. But still I feel you should have been in Picnic. I still don't support you for that. And yes, you were probably not entirely right

that evening? Don't you think so.(In case, If I know the incident correctly)

Saurav: What is it to be "entirely correct"? Or for that reason, what is to be only "right"? Who will decide who was what? If my "WORDS" used are in question,

I feel sorry for those who took it otherwise, if my "TONE" was in question, then why couldn't they see my gesture when I promptly stood up, before

anyone else to leave the place? I feel Sorry for NUPUR, for such a sweetheart she is. I know she could not stand in front of me, but then what was

I speaking about at that place? I had nothing to do whether boys drank or not, I was trying to put a point which surfaced during boys meeting in

PD's room the other night.
Rohit Rai: The same thing dude. You had chosen the wrong listener. but that does not mean I put the blame on girls, neither on you. the only thing I feel bad for is

the way people reacted after the incident.
The whole thing was your gesture, if it certainly meant what that was, was certainly misunderstood. But I would not fall in the mess of determining

faults, because I do not consider it to be fault, this things happen. Its only the after plot that I am not really happy.

We will talk over this later, before that you read my blog as well. I would publish it this afternoon.....

I feel let down by none other than who i called "FRIENDS"

Is it rift? Is it grievance? Or is it something very different.

If it is anything, it was ego working at its peak. People had been saying LOC has got nothing to do with it, But factually speaking I could only keep wondering if we could keep ourselves at bay from our prima facie.

However others be excited and be sincere towards it ,I wouldn’t shy to admit the fact that LOC doesn’t even come close to the feeling of being EC 2k3.

Today, I really want to go back a couple of months and relate a incident. Once when saurav asked me about me being over reacting to the poem incident, I told him in very straight words that though you could take it the way it meant to be but not everyone is ready to do that.
And this was the mistake, saurav, you possibly committed. In my entirety, I could back you up for what you said, not really falling into the mess of deciding who is at fault and who walks away clean, but I could not forgive you for forgetting what I said that day.
I talked of not forgiving you because it was you who started this, I couldn’t forgive you maybe for being rude. But that by no means pertains you are at fault, it’s only humane that one make mistakes.
But there are mistakes which don’t really are mistakes, they are blunders which the harshest of corrugations wouldn’t erase. And the damsel’s decision to avoid rather boycott the picnic ,I am petrified, falls into this category whose repercussions ,a couple of people would feel throughout life. I say a couple of people because there are some who never was EC 2k3ian and would never be and some other has left no stone unturned to it not be EC 2k3,and obviously everyone knows who I mean that by.
I wouldn’t mince words. It took me and a couple of people bloody whole lot of work to bring the branch together in 4th year after that shit of a rift in 3rd year. And after that,all for this.
Lot of people said lot of ill things about girls, but I always stood apart for I always felt however and whatever they are, they are lovely human beings and I would proclaim without being shy that I always considered me their friend but today I am truly doubtful if they ever considered me their friend. And if I have to speak up, frankly, I would say “no”. Today, I sincerely feel that all this time that they had been so nice to me, it was all a show off bound by formality and would have been happier had I wouldn’t have bothered them.
Personally, Today let me frankly reveal that out of nupur, meenakshi, poly and paro, I could have called only three as a friend and undoubtedly I would continue considering them that way whatever happens, irrespective of the feeling they have for me. And personally, I don’t have any reason to have grievance against them as they are still nice to me, though that I can’t, of course, assure it being genuine.
But as an EC 2k3ian, I am hurt.
Still, it remains a fact that personally I had got no bloody business to do with it .And it’s all the same with me whether anything happened or wouldn’t have. And, I am sure none would personally hold any grievance against anyone. So, to sum up, we would still live, LOC would still survive, though on the shatters of that fantasy what I always called EC 2k3.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

You really think you are ready to read what i want to write

On a second thought,or may be third i got to know,what kind of people,am surrounded with.

And i got to know more of myself."Its always nice to know more of yourself" this had been my 'dialogues' for quite sometime,but this time I was not so glad.

But 'the' one thing i want to tell the world,and remind myself simultaneously is that, "I CARE A DAMN".

If only I could fly

If only I could fly,life would have been a different place to live in.
It is a beautiful place to be in,as we saw in a drama in which only common sense was not common.
Its raining finally,at about 06pm,as if the allmighty decided enough is enough,and ec guys must have already wrapped up themselves after a jubbiliant day of having fun.

Giving a second thought is always important(if u cant give a 3rd or 4th).
And i had my date with my sweetheart.(i ll tell you sm othr time)

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