Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hi All,
Reporting at midnight. So officially the story starts here, 10th of October.
Recollecting recent past:

9th Oct, 1600 hrs:
Agartala, home.
I saw her after so many days. She’s nice and beautiful as always. A cheerful smile and a blown kiss fades everything else, makes life interesting, feels like its ‘time to live’ and ‘enjoy’ for the next few days. I met Symphony after we bade ‘Happy valentine’. It was romantic.
The next three hours is a beautiful journey. From exchanging smiles to smoothing touches, from panoply of kurtis, sandalwood, sandstone necklaces, lakme lipsticks to a gel filled lampstand aka ‘Candle-light dinner’ filled the emptiness in my ‘Corporate life of late’. Raised to my occasion was Canon 500D, my new found love. Got the moments captured, reviewed, criticized, edited and ready for posting and transfer scheduled tomorrow. Today was a moment after many days it felt. It was love all around.

9th Oct, 600 hrs:
Kolkata Airport, Away from home.
Arrived domestic terminal. Looking all around. Early morning but the streets look geared up for the day.
‘Hey Chai’…..’dudh cha dio’.
90 earlier minutes was the end of all. I left Bhubaneshwar late night yesterday to reach by today’s early dawn, thanks to my oversized American Tourister, the kids besides my compartment, the night walker familyman, the journey tension..all of who supported the cause…’wake up early boss’. I am in need of some sleep. Managed a shared prepaid and laid down for 15minutes.
Early Kolkata looks serene or maybe the whole world looks so, never happened to wake up this early to catch up this far. Anyway, recollected my PNR, enuired the status – scheduled, flaunted my pass, walked pas the gates of security, looked for room and space to rest a few more minutes.
I heard a voice…there he was. My half-opened eyes could recognise him. I met Sonal. Blink of an eye and found my name calling again, this time its Basu. Heads up and ‘high-spirited’ Neristians rock and roll continued sometime more until it was boarding time for Sonal. Bade Bye and it was time for another cute Airport guy to come and meet us, Yes!!!...Rishi. Called him up, as cheerful as he is, came that guy along with a list of codes and traffic control therapy (that’s part of his training). It’s nice to meet him and correlate evrything we shared and past through and new experiences without which we can’t go by. ‘See you man, Njoy !!!’.
Me and Basu took adjacent seats and it was time for another comesum. We met Atanu, exchanged Hi’s and blah blah….Happy Durga Puja. We landed Agartala airport at 1130hrs, its time to go home now.
We departed.
Mama, I’m coming home.

M gonna sleep now. Already 100 hrs.
Catch my next updates in 72 hours.
Dev for SHUBHA SARODIYA to all.

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