Saturday, May 9, 2009

From the movie..'The Reader'

I'm not frightened.
I'm not frightened of anything.
The more I suffer,
the more I love.
Danger will only increase my love,
it will sharpen it,
it will give it spice.
I'll be the only angel you need.
You'll leave life even more beautiful than you entered.
Heaven will take you back and look at you and say,
'Only one thing can make a soul complete,
and that thing is lOVE'.

it's just another morning and m waitin for breakfast

It was around 0030hrs when arijit came to my room for water.

I thought two pegs were enough..and so i decided to have my dinner within a few minutes..n then if i was nt wrong, dere waz someone knocking my doors..da guy asked if i was came arijit for water..
Ari said, 'It's already three. I have to go for project tomorrow at 0900 hrs' we decided to finish wid the then then, we already created a new (the second stanza) of our long unfinished work..we added something to our rHYTHM..thing is, when there's music around you and you have the one play u want to, you just don't quit..neither did we..we continued till the last drop of our ac black..however by then, we no longer needed the artificial light..the curtains were moved, the windows were opened..
The dinner plate was still there, untoughed, which i thought was..there were ants all around and the smell was terrific..i still looked for the chicken pieces, four of them to be exact, two big and two tiny ones..they looked better than the rice atleast..i was sure, the ants hate swimming..along with dat, we had potatoes too..ari was laughing at the way i was having the potatoes..i was hungry afterall..we had actually decided to go for a walk after having our food..however, the rain god didn't permit..and we met rajkumar outside his room..he has his practical xm today..
Right now, there is a guy behind me snoring at his best..we had earlier decided to have breakfast and then go to bed (please do take in a positive sense)..
for now, it's 'just another morning and m waitin for breakfast'..and all i know is that, these days won't return again in my life..

Friday, May 8, 2009

its the nature of human beings.

Being one of the three musketeer of Sachin's play, I just want to ask some questions and also want to share some views. Being a human being, by default, we inherited to be unsatisfied, unhappy, un..........But again, human learned how to hide it within themselves.The responsibilities, tensions,failures made us to fall back, even we tried to be optimistic every time.
We learned to be happy for friends,relatives. We just wanted an excuse for being happy.Winning a cricket match, winning a bet,descent gpa............we always waited for these moments for getting happiness and wanted to express and show on our face.Even now, deep in our heart, we are happy for what we got, sometimes it reveals with some tinges. But situations turn us into dilemma, where we lose hope and could not led us into the right path. Now, what one need to do?
wait for the time (difficult) to pass by
concentrate oneself to some other things(diverting)
other options

Talking particularly, now I learned, why one should have an aim in life. Atleast, you would be concentrated to that goal and this focussing would help you to regain your confidence.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hi r u people doing?everyone is happy...right?'s big yaar and it gives you surprises become happy by thinking that something good is going to happen,you are very sure of it....and then,suddenly you come to know that just opposite has happened....just by a phonecall,you come to know that an important part of your life has just ended without giving any prior information........but still you are happy because whatever happens, is good in one way or other.........just enjoy life...its fun and make others enjoy too.....thats my funda....bye..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lets be happy!!!

Few days back i was talking to rohit rai about the happiest guys in our branch...we concluded rohit himself is the one..he is content with what he is ,with what he has and with what he will best wishes are always with u..may he reaches the zenith of success...
What about the rest? Have we questioned ourselves the reason of not being happy...or we have made a kind of mindset that,no job-no happiness,no-gate/cat score-no happiness,no girlfriend/boyfriend-no happiness..blah-blah-blah?????
till now i am jobless..i have not yet qualified any competitive parents wanted me to be placed in infy or in OIL or to qualify NMAT..there is still a question mark ahead...tensions,uncertainities...are waiting..
So should i stop being happy for these reasons?? Then sorry...because happiness doesnt always imply them...let me share my experiences...this season i heard the cuckoo singing for the first time,i was thrilled...after prolonged efforts i convinced the authority to open the terrace door and everyone thanked me, i was happy, i was the best senior for block G, i was and still am parents sent me bunch of chocolates with the parcel, i was out of the world...pd wished me for the first time on V-day at dot 12 am, i felt splendid...the leaves in the campus are turning fresh green, i feel very soothing walking alone the familiar streets..i enjoy that solitude...i completed the dip assgnmnt with inceassant labour of two days..i was very satisfied...i overheard my wallmate praising me...i was overwhlmd... i recieved an unexpected call from a long-time-no-see friend..i was enchanted...and the list goes on...these things are very insignificant...but they are the best and the happiest moments of my life and they wont stop happening to me...
This is life only...its us who regulate it..the main gear is in our hand...we need to feel the nature,the colors,the cool breeze,the deep fragrance rising from the wet earth.... the people, their affection,their smiles, their works, their problems...we need to be grateful for what we are and what we have...happiness is inherent.. lets welcome pain with deep compassion..they will teach us to live life, they will teach us to survive purposefully...lets not feel sad for our parting from this place..rather we are taking the memories of the best 6 years in our lives with us as our lifetime asset...lets not lament on what we have lost because every loss is assosciated with a reward..that hidden pearl is in our palm only..only we need to identify it...
So guys...job, career, gpa...sometimes these stuffs are to be kept aside...just look around and feel and sense and think of the best things happend to u..u'l feel complete.. on the seventh heaven..u will be HAPPY..that HAPPINESS is me.
Do take care..looking forward to the next LOC meeting.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Gokul—the hedron ..thinker...scientist....professor...having a great sense of humour.....always adorns a mischievious smile on his face....questions he used to ask in the class amazed me at what level he thinks....i still remember how he fell in love with quatum mechanics...when we used to solve the network problems our steps way of solutions used to be entirely different but answers always matched....that’s how we used to conclude that both of us are correct...gokul has been a great guide...regular attending the classes was as useful as having discussions with gokul after the class...that did help me in clearing my concepts.....gokul’s one of the sweethearts.....

Bed----the most brilliant guy of Ec2k3...sharpest of all...all the five gpas he has scored thanx to the regular classes he attended and the wholenights.....the most photogenic face.....resembles tom cruise.....a very sentimental guy.....but very clear in his heart....he always used to tell me that he doesnot aim anything....tell you all onething the day he decides his lakshya only sky is the limit for thing i forget to tell you about this guy.....he is portable hard disk of songs...kya collection hai yaar iska....just amazing!!!aur haan bed ke notes one of the best in class...his handwriting isvery good....kabhi kabhi kya hota tha ki gokul so jaata tha aur main ladkiyon ko dekhne lagta tha....par bed always concentrated hard and wrote everything sir used to you bed....if ever my actions my words have hurt you then i’m not sorry at all....
Some of the very fond memories at nerist with them will remain etched in my one secret i’m going to tell you all....most of the times our discussions were dominated either by the subjects or girls................two girls whom we talked about the most was meenakshi and poly......
Infact we still talk about them only........

and the last muskeeter...sachin...i'm still in search of myself....i have been a hippocrate all my life...i forget to be my natural self.....i always wanted to impress people around me.....aur haan meenakshi tumne thik bola tha main pagal hoon...i myself don't know what i'm going to do the next moment.......par thanx to loc, freinds and gokul,bed i'm now enjoying being sachin....

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