Friday, September 5, 2008

Minutes of the Meeting conducted on September 04, 2008


While in the meeting, we were reminded of the famous lines of great Tagore;” where the head is held high and the mind is without fear…”

This was a meeting with Dr. (Ms.) S. Sinha (In charge T&P NERIST) for discussing the placement scenario at NERIST organized by L.O.C. on behalf of student community, and the talk was phenomenal in each and every sense of word. Following are the minutes of the meeting.
1. The meeting started with a welcome note from Mr. Rohit Rai, on behalf of organizers L.O.C.
( Lawn de’ Organizing Committee) who precisely tried to put the idea behind the formation of this group, and stressed upon the fact that this is more of an idea than an organization, with throwing light on the essence of such creative ideas.
2. The proposed topic of the day was started by Mr. Kr. Saurav on behalf of the students. He stated the purpose of the meeting, highlighted the issues at disposal, and the emphasized upon the need of directives from Madam.

Following major Issues were discussed: -
1. Having a separate staff for full time devotion to the T&P cell: - To this issue Madam clearly stated that such a decision was out of her jurisdiction. But she expressed that such a decision will surely help.
2. Lack of cohesive unit: - Grave concern was shown for the lack of cohesiveness among all the 22 people working for the improvement of T&P scenario in NERIST. And it was concluded to have more dedication from the students’ side as has been in the past.
3. Role of students in T&P: - We discussed about having a structure where one student from each branch will constantly collect information about various companies of their interest viz. Address, phone No., Email ID and give it to T&P cell through proper channel and at the same time get regular directives from Madam and pass it on to fellow branch mates.
4. Comparison of the whole scenario with that of AEC, JEC etc.: - Madam stressed on the fact that the placement scenario in JEC in particular is worse than that of NERIST and students should not worry as enough efforts are being from T&P NERIST. The point that students are ready to visit Guwahati/ Silchar somehow negates the disadvantage that we have from the geographical point of view.
5. Lack of Cooperation from JEC, AEC, NIT Silchar: - We agreed that this was an obvious case of the insecurity feeling that these institutes have for the technical abilities of their students compared to us.
6. Role of NEPIF: - North Eastern Professional Institute Forum is an organization which is instrumental in the assisting with the placements in institutes all over the North east region, and NERIST is in full resonance with such initiatives.

New Ideas for NERIST: -
1. The proposed website: - Our SUN representatives took this opportunity to inform all those present, that a separate website will be soon launched solely for the purpose of placements for NERIST students and a database containing all required information will be stored in it. They will soon notify this from the platform of SUN.
2. Conducting regular Aptitude Tests for students: - The Idea of the day came from Mr. Gokul Deka, who proposed a new era of preparing competitive environment in NERIST. The idea was unanimously agreed to be taken for execution just after the Mid semester exams. For this, Madam proposed that students who are already placed must come forward.

Suggestions from MADAM for students: -
1. Need of improving Expressions: - Madam expressed extreme dejection to the present condition of NERIST students who according to her were invariably competitive technically, but fall well below when it comes to expressing ideas. She stressed upon the need of realization among students that communication skill is very important for placement in particular and professional life in general.
2. Creating a Positive Image of the institute: - She also advised us to realize the sense of responsibility while we are representing our institute outside and the need to incorporate values such as loyalty towards our alma mater.
3. Lack of students’ initiative: - Appreciating the inspirational students’ support in past she pointed towards the need to continue the trend for the success story of T&P.

Vote of thanks: -
The meeting concluded with the vote of thanks from Mr. Sachin Kashyap on behalf of L.O.C. who mentioned the boost students got from the wonderful support Madam showed by sharing time with all of us at such a short notice. He also thanked T&P secretaries S.U.N. who showed interest in the meeting and all the fellow students who gracefully represented their branches.

At students level we are hopeful of creating a positive environment, and parting the communication gap across different sections of the institute.

(Lawn de’ Organizing Committee)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

campus buzzz!!!!

Everybody out here in NERIST is concerned with two things only one thing and that is campus.We are not having enough placements in our college. What are the hardships we are facing? That is the serious question to be thought and the solutions underlying are to be discovered and for that we have to have connection with the authorities. And for that we have got a chance to talk to our T&P head of institute and we expect some positive outcomes...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What i think?

It has become a general trend that a final year std. always keeps compliaining abt the campus scenario. This is not because they are not liking to improve the situation but the reason being they have to go a tough procedure which institute follows. And in the process they are exhausted and leave they idea. What i do believe is that we should a final year std from each branch who would assist the authorities and the SUN representatives as well. Only two std of SUN are not sufficient. Moreover we are more concerned abt the matter compared with them. We talked abt this in our last LOC meet.
Ok guys, exams approching. keep yourself focused on studies..
best of luck for coming MID........


Name: Bed Prakash Pokhrel
Nickname: Prakash, Aakash
Hobby: I like to play cricket, watching movies, listening songs and like to enjoy every moments with friends.
The best part of cricket, is the team man spirit and the commitment towards it, which according to me, is in my instinct.
Movies and songs give us a nice interpretation of the life that we are living and has got an immense meaning in it.
Friends are the best companion to whom, you can rely on, and the moments together always result in enjoyment.
What comes in your mind ?
NERIST: It gave me the identity of being called as a NERISTian. For me, its an opportunity to learn each and every aspect of life, so that I can stand and compete with the outside world. It’s a place for me where I found that what I am and really got a chance to know myself. It’s a place for me, where I enjoyed my life to the fullest.
EC-2K3: It signifies to a group of people, no matter, how diversified they are, have a common identity, bonded together for the cause of a common spirit of togetherness. In spite of all outward differences, strifes, struggles and variations that exist, there is love, union and understanding among us.
The talent and the hunger they have within them is remarkable.
LOC: Its an idea initiated to bring transformation in our lives, thinking and all the unique qualities which the human being can imagine. It’s a place where we can nourish ourselves, think differently and learn how to work as a team. It’s a platform where we 15 members have learnt to make a change, and how to implement it to bring a change in others.
Your identity: My identity is my name, which itself reflects what I am. My heart is as pure as the teachings of Vedas, and I am spreading this purity using ‘Prakash’. I want knowledge should be spread to everywhere and should reach to each and everyone.
Your learning/ contributions to LOC: I have learned to think differently and trying to apply this to make things done in real life. I learned how to work as a team and learned that to organize something, even if the division of work has been made, we should try to help other members in his work. I learned, if we people want to do something, it’s the willpower within us, which will make a way for us. Moreover, I learned to analyze things, and if possible put my interpretation in front of others, which will help me to know, where I am going wrong.
As I am also a captain of the ship, so plays an immense role while ship was initiating its journey. It was needed to give initial direction to the ship, and I was also there while we were planning for that. Whenever, we members thought of an idea , I also gave my opinion and came in front whenever needed. When I am committed to something, I am always there to make a way for it.
Rate yourself
Committed towards life : 5.0
Committed towards friends: 4.7
Committed towards LOC: 4.5
Idea of LOC: The idea is to make a change, and how we are going to bring it, it totally depends on the members. My idea of LOC, is a group consisting of 15 members, with each trying to know themselves and implement it to work as a team, for the cause of improving their personality so that they can withstand the pressure when they will move to professional competitive world. We are here to bring some constructive change, which in a way or other, is going to be beneficial for us as well as to the mankind. There is no harm in having meeting once in a week, but even during the gap, if we can be in touch, its better for our existence. At the end of every meeting, we need to make a questionnaire and try to find out the flaws and also suggestions, so that we can implement it in the next meeting. Human being s always have a tendency to feel bore if given same type of task again and again, so why not we bring change in some of our thinking.

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