Tuesday, March 11, 2008

come on yaar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to fly, to scale those heights, to excel in whatever I do, to do something for my parents, country and society. I know I will be able to face tomorrow with faith and hope, if I tackle today with enthusiasm, interest and enjoyment. I know I'm the master of my own destiny. Whatever I desire, I will get. I take baby steps over a concentrated period of time and hey, I find my mission accomplished. I know I'm unique with special talents and gifts. I give my own definition of success. I know I will rise to the pinnacle of summit by developing and utilizing my talents with zeal, dedication, enthusiasm and sincerity.

I have the courage to dream, to take risks, to look beyond the horizon. Because then only, I will be able to make harbor in the tempest.

I acknowledge my emotions and monitor my thoughts. If I don't, the emotions will hold me back and negative thoughts will give negative results. I don't let the situation dictate the terms, I become the dictator. I wish to enjoy. I want to have a great time. I want to be rich, powerful, popular and famous. I desire to be liked and loved. I nourish and allow my thoughts to grow, no matter how farfetched they may seem in the beginning. I give wings to my ideas and let them fly high. I know success depends on attitude rather than aptitude.

Come on, Neristians. Let this 'I' be you all. Let the world know you. Together, we can and we will make a difference. Don't settle for less than what you deserve. With adulthood on its onslaught, questions tend to rise at the speed of light. Life is all about finding answers to those questions. Some answers are found very easily and some seem taking a life time. Continue to search not for the answers, but for the questions……………………………..


Saurav said...
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bed prakash said...

give me a new problem,you will find myself everytime searching for the solution..........dats what this difference means to me.....well i need backup for that.

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