Sunday, September 6, 2009

MY blog lastly..

sorry yar for not blogging for the last one year... myself at nit bhopal and doing m-tech in digital communications.. its been two month struggle to get a seat ultimately. two months of all india tour and that too in hot summer.but now i am happy. a bit relaxed and could think in a better way..and this place looks better.. people are good and helpful.. and the climate is of cource far better which i had never imagined.. mountains in and around.. rains frequently..there is one 35 km large lake called badi jheal here..
as far as classes are concerned they run from 8.40 am to 12.00 and then from 1.30 to 4.00.. this is actually official but there are lots of gaps in the middle.i feel as if half pressure compared to nerist.. and the best part is food.. of cource i am loving roti.. my favourte.. i always used to get frustrated at nerist eating rice only.. overall i am happy..
lastly best of luck to all my friends who are preparing may be for cat,psu,gate,job..may god help them achieve their dreams..

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