Friday, August 28, 2009

Bombay calling!!

Life would take such a turn, i never thought of it. I would be staying in Bombay....i would be endeavouring to cope up with the tough life of Bombay...i would be running to catch the bus....i would be fighting hard to find a little space in the local train....and above all i would be having all these adventures.....
When i came here this june i knew i would be staying here for 15 to 20 days. Then everyone around helped me to realize that this could be a chance to upgrade realize the real definition of the keyword 'STRUGGLE' i decided to stay longer...but i could not stay idle. So i enrolled myself in has been already 1 month that i am doing classes...i think i am being benefited. Well the reality will be revealed in exam only.
Bombay is beyond description. People here bear an aggressive attitude. Their focus is to get the best for themselves. For that they dont compromise. They are marathas always brimmed with the fighting spirit. In fact they need to fight. They have no option. The city bus doesnt wait for more than 3 to 4 seconds...same with the local have to have to have that zeal..u have to be effective...or you stay aside. The shopkeepers..the mandi people dont give you a damn..they dont hesitate to humiliate you if you are wasting their time...or if you are not as agile as them. But they are good people. If you ask them for any help they are ever ready...i had an experience..i got into a wrong was in opposite direction..i had only 5 rupees with card..nothing...but the man sitting next to me not only explained to me the desired location but also helped me with 5 rupees...and i safely reached home...i dont remember his face..he was a simple guy from an ordinary middle class family... i pray for his happiness and well being....
Last day i came to navi mumbai from cst alone in a local train for the first father asked me whether i was scared or not. I replied i already forgot this feeling of getting scared or nervous... because when you are in a metro you have to keep them aloof from yourself...or you stay at home...
I am basically from a very small town where life is too slow. Then i stayed in a smaller town where i shaped my life...where i made my identity....when i reached here i was no one..i made my cv..i posted them to all the job all the possible teleconm was an awful stage...its like i was asking made me to feel so helpless...
I am not yet employed. But i recoverd from that stage. On the contrary i feel when i will be placed, that moment will be so glorious, that moment will remind me of the hard moments and i will feel happier and happier. I am thankful to my situation that i am here. I would have got a chance through campussing...i would have settled down somewhere comfortably...but then i would have never anticipated this beautiful meaning of LIFE...
This is not any part of consoling myself..sometimes i do feel bad from the perspective of my parents...they do get worried...for them the other option is the best...but as far as i am concerned i am loving fact i am learning...and i am sure in the long run this is going to help me..
I know hardly few will have patience to read it...but guys one thing pliz remember try to love whatever you are doing...if there is any glitch in your path then love more...these glitches are the best me.
Take care everyone.
Stay in touch.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


ys, i'm really missin our weekly meetings..
newaz, sab kaise ho? m fine..i joined all india radio on 4th aug., and hopefully i'll bring some changes to the system too..i have already made my mind and have started with the same bahane i'll try my best to keep the spirit of our LOC alive within me..i'll keep this blogspace updated with the achievements..
yaha ghar par hoon and naukri kar raha hoon..other than these, yaha kuch bhi thik nahi hai..worst of all, i have no friends..isliye tumlogo ka aur zyada yaad aata hai..
lastly, please help us know about u too..bye for now..miss u all!!

herz my new no..09615006280

EverythinG you need to know about Swine-flu

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Monday, August 24, 2009

hi doston,

Missing you all and our lawn meetings.
But I know, we will always move ahead and make our surrounding to move forward.

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