Friday, January 1, 2010


Jan 01, 2010
1410 hours.

Hi guys,
Amm..So this is it…the most anticipated moments showing up the lights…the new year with all its new hopes, aspires, oppurtunites for me, for all of you has finally showed up. For you may be thinking of it as an end to a 53rd Thursday and the beginning of yet another 1st Friday but then, its remarkable nevertheless citing the “BALL” dropping at New Yorks’ Times Square, ‘Jai Ho’ tunes singing in the air above the Australian sky, magical fireworks around Sydney, London, NorthWest Ohio, performers’ rocking concerts around Mumbai, Bengaluru & Goas’ steaming parties……there is simply joy in the air.

Well, it sounds it counts.

Anyway guys, it’s the new year day and I have received wishes all over since midnight and its really wonderful and touching when you have so many strands standing with you, wishing you merry days around the year. I wished all too within my reaches and yeah, it’s a rejoicing, enticing make-a-wish celebration or conversation when you get through it. It’s beautiful. And for sure, it motivates someone and clears the heart for all.

Last word, I wish all of you readers a ‘Very Happy New Year’ times ahead and its time you step out and start wishing for all you really care about.
As I said, my role is just to get your motivation and I can just hope I did that because:
Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going”. - Jim Ryun

See you all.


This is probably after 8 months that i would be putting up anything on this blog page...This blog page has always been so special a friend...probably the second after my books....all the time i was their at the academy, i went through such range of emotions and EXPERIENCES THAT this was the page , i wanted to share the things first with..But Alas! then came the news:::"Gentlemen! you put on this uniform to loose all privileges.This uniform is everything but a ticket to glamour.henceforth, when you put on these stripes, you would be carrying the pride and honor of 1.2 million people. hereon, you can loose yourself but not the pride and honour that this uniform has been associated with"
And friends,, however much i want to share with you people the things i went through, I couldn't as we have everything but freedom of speech.

Nevertheless, this blog page WOULD ALWAYS BE A FRIEND.. for the fact that it still brings to me the feelings, the emotions , the renditions that my friends go through...Wishing everybody an awesome new year ahead...LOVE YOU ALL.

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author him/her self and are subjected to agreement or disagreement.

And a request to all members, Please share your views !!

Happy New Year Friends.........

Life is unpredictable...this is the first title I gave to my story at the screening round. And now I feel its true. I hope after my call all of you got the reason why I was not in contact with you all. But friends still 1 final medical left that will be held in Secundrabad I need to report on 9th Jan. Today I am leaving for Patna to meet Ma and brother. All total experience, from the screening part on 7th Nov to SSB in Varanasi was too good to medical at AFCME,Delhi. But medical was tough they don't consider anything yaar. They are so strict but anyways that is all their points to select a candidate. But all total a very nice experience. From 2 months I am just travelling kabhi Greater Noida, kabhi Varanasi, and Delhi cantt to baar baar....SSB was for 4 days, 1st day Psychological Test, 2nd day GTO(Group Task) , 3rd day Interview and 4th day Conference. Interview was around for 1 hour15 min. Thanx to Poly Paromita, Nupur, Sachin, Ved, Bipul and Gokul. Their names are there on my interview sheet, as whatever I was saying he was pointing down in a paper. I wanna write the experience in detail but then I need to do the packing and friends when I return back from home will try to put my experience in words.
Waiting for the final medical for Indain Air Force.
Thank u so much for all your prayers and wishes.
Happy New year!!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

really aalll is wellllll!!!!!!!!!

Hi  ....

Just returned from the first class of this started in a very unusual but not-so-unexpected way....sir came...gave us the syllabus sheet...and then in a very pleasant voice told us what we are not supposed to do in his class...mobiles phones must be switched off....if it rings we lose five attendances per ring.....and he said that he should be the last person to enter the class which means we are not supposed to be late......and he said nobody should copy the assignments....if two people’s assignment found same then both of them would get not more than zero......these are some of the famous lines being repeated by this prof for the last five batches....and seniors say he keeps his words....

Day before yesterday i came back from a much needed break...vacation was full of mixed emotions...actions ...reactions...situations....met so many the time passed pata nahi chala....i left for muzaffarpur on the 24th of November...and guess what i had the company of a woman with her child from my hometown itself....we didnot chat that much....she asked me where i live...i told professor’s colony, aghoria chawk...she said that the boys of that colony are very very notorious...ekdum badmash....i was blank...actaully she was not that wrong!!......i had another company...Mr. Chetan Bhagat with his two states..i completed the whole book....kitna sahi likha hai bande ne...

Let me tell you wat happened with me before 24th November and the day first semester started...semester was very busy...second time living in the hostel..first time bhaiya was there...this time madhu bhaiya was the way he is my wallmate and a good soul....always there to help me out...a great counsellor i must say...sem was full of assignments...lab works...exams.. quizzes...and there was mi august actually a mail came that selection for the inter IIt team is going to be held....i went...i was selected in the final thirty.....then the practice started....we played a few matches also...i was in the final 22...the team management told that the practice will go on till 10th November....the final two weeks of the sem was too hectic...and with cricket i was not going to help i didn’t go for next 15 days...i think i cud have made it into the final 16....i was not there...and with that  cricket was over and out.....waise the IITG team got the bronze in cricket in the inter IIT.....this for the first time that our team has secured any position...

End sem went ok...not great...after the end sem also we had to submit few assignments....i submitted and rocketed off to the much awaited break of my life...............

One thing i have should live away from home before the job life enhances your decision making makes you self makes you interact with more you a lot of time to think about yourself..about others....makes you complete....i am enjoying my hostel-life....just missing home  right now....

And watched three was for the first time i was in the multiplex...perfect movie before the start of the semester...i liked the song...gimme some sunshine gimme some rain...gimme another chance.....i wanna grow up once again....kareena looks great after such a long gap....i liked the message of the film.....dont study for degrees...success.....padho taki kabil ban sako.....success jhak mar ke tumhare piche dauregi.....dont mug up the things...understand them....then sirf chamtkar hi honge!!aur padhai karoge to dhan jaroor milega......


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Aall is Well..........

Hi everyone....howz llife.....hope "Aall is well"......yaar seriously watch the movie "3 idiots" agar ab tak nahi dekha....its 222222 good. PD, Nupz, Poly,Paromita,Ved, Sachin yaar I mean you all will love it. Kash hum sab saath mein dekhte. Anyways now something about Delhi. Thand se halat kharab hai. But its fun. This city life is cool yaar. Whatever you do just enjoy because its your style. I know you all are angry with me for not picking up the phones. Worry not yaar as I am in a medical problem doctors ke chakar jyada hi lag rahe hai and so a bit busy. But fikkar not now I am better . Some of you know about this and some of you dont. As soon as I get free surely sab se baat karungi. Will soon blog take care and stay cool.....and well you feel down...DIL par haanth rakho and say....Aall is Well!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Hello Friends -Part 3

Love you all, and miss you more than ever.

Life here is excellent but nothing compared to the fun we used to have during college.

Trying to make new friends and waiting for the right opportunity to explore Mysore.

We would love to know how each one of you is doing out there.
And 'Avtar' was excellent in the 3d multiplex, a must watch I would say.


Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author him/her self and are subjected to agreement or disagreement.
And a request to all members, Please write for this Blog Space, Share your views !!

Hello Friends -Part 2

You would be delighted to note that we have touched a 350 mark in terms of number of posts and obviously much more in terms of ideas and wishes pouring in from all corners.

Participants have not only been the members but they were from among our immediate environment. This proves that we have been a very effective ambassador of this spark called 'LOC'.

Just recently when I was going through the blog with one of the facilitator from the Infosys Leadership Institute, I realised one thing. In fine tune with the person concerned we should be very prove in terms of the 'quality' and 'content' of the posts in the blog and the comments as well.

But what struck of was the 'amount' and 'frequency' of participation. In terms of what I perceive, we have raised the bar to an extremely natured level. Which is wonderful in many ways, but..

Everytime I go online, let that frequency be once in a week, I am elated at the news of well being of dearest of my friends through blogs and I too want to express that feeling of warmth from my side, but..

For god's sake I am in no mood to articulate or structure whatever I have in mind to present it in a well groomed - readable way, say it, par the standard of previous blogs. So I just take a shortcut and logout.

I am sure I have been through this numerous times and so do you all. So let's try it in some different manner. Lets break the non existent rules.

Regards and lots of love,

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author him/her self and are subjected to agreement or disagreement.
And a request to all members, Please write for this Blog Space, Share your views !!

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