Sunday, December 14, 2014

What's your True Character?

They say your true character is formed and revealed when you in trouble, but what if you never find yourself in trouble. Is it a classic case of playing it ('LIFE') safe. And that brings me to my question - I have never been in real trouble, how to build my character and reveal the real me?

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author, and are subjected to agreement or disagreement. And a request to all members, Please share your views !!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

'Bengaluru', 'Business Sutra' , 'Fitness', 'Audio Books', 'Opera'

So what is common between the words mentioned above? I will tell you. ME.

Having been in Mysuru for almost half a decade, a place which is just
100 miles from the fastest growing city in the country - Bengaluru, I
feel different. Bengaluru is a class apart when you compare it with
Mysuru, or for that matter most of the cities of this growing nation.
There is something in this air, its aura, its people, its approach.
It's dynamic; it's like a river which knows nothing but to flow, time
and again flowing beyond its boundaries.

I just completed 6 months in this IT-capital and the most frequently
asked question to me has been, 'How's Bengaluru treating you?'

'How's Bengaluru treating me?'  I wonder. Work at Xerox has put me on
the next orbit of learning and development.  My own exposure to
entrepreneurship has taken a back seat at this moment because this
city has given me a new perspective. And then it's my weekend
experiences with my brother in law. He is quite a guy. One of the most
extraordinary entrepreneurs I have had in my family. In fact, he is
the only one. All these years I have heard stories about him, trying
out luck in different fields- agriculture, fisheries, poultry,
multiplex, real estate and even politics. Last few months I have the
opportunity to work closely with him. Not work as work, more accurate
definition would be 'observing' him closely. He is a personification
of the classic book on personal financial success - 'Rich Dad, Poor

The best thing which has happened to me in Bengaluru is that I walk to
my office and back. So the famous traffic issue is out of my equation
in this vast city. This gives me a fantastic prospect of spending time
in the gym and the swimming pool. It feels good. I feel light, fit and
ready for more.

So all in all I have some decent time to spend on myself and I have
filled it with my latest found fascination of 'audio books'. Some of
my ideas are inspired by the need for squeezing time out of busy
lives, multitasking during exercising. It serves me well in multiple

1.       I am able to keep track of the time I spend in the gym,

2.       I am able to keep track of the books I have been reading, For
eg. The whole audio book by Walter Issacson - Steve Jobs was of 24
hours. So it was easy for me to set a target to complete the book in a
month with a moderate amount of time spent in gyms, jogging in parks.

3.       I have multiple reasons of motivating myself to exercise. My
love for the books is a primary one.

And finally, my new found love in the music field - Opera. From the
days of 'Bajao-Bismillah-Bajao' in college with Arun-Basu-PD, I have
been fond of classical instrumentals coupled with dim lighting and ....
Searching for new adventures in the same field has brought me closer
to one of the world's best genre of music. The soothing spell which
Opera casts on you is distinctive and it is helping me focus more on
what I am doing at this moment.

Of course, these are a few things which have been part of my diary in
the past 8-10 months. A rekindled LOC is a cherry on the cake. Rai
hits the bulls eye when he says that one of the most remarkable
positives which has come out from this ideal group (LOC founded some 6
years back) has been that it has inspired us to write. Some of us do
it better than the others; some of us find it more challenging than
the other, but it helped us nonetheless. That was the core and the
most beautiful idea of this group. Let's share friends, it's
remarkable, it's enlightening. It's beautiful.

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author him/her self and are subjected to agreement or disagreement. And a request to all members, Please share your views !!

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