Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hello Friends !!

Hello friends,
I know it has been real long time since we have been actively into this mode of writing our heart out in our blogs. All are busy with the herculian task of making a meaning out of career in particaular and life as a whole. May god bless you all.
Life in Infosys Tech. Limited has really been a dreamlike adventure (so far so good) and I just wish to hold on to this for the time being. Sitting here, among one of the best kept business group of the world with world class facilities on offer, I refrain myself from looking back to whatever made it possible for me to land up here.
One very important thing which forced me to come down again to write is that I want to thank each one of you for helping me from recovering through the worst of my life days, and strengthening me to cope up with life again, fight again.
Thank you so much
Sachin : - for being there as a guiding force for not only me, but for a very large group.
Rohit Ranjan : - exceptional talents both as professional student/ sportsperson as well as a human being, you were among the very few with whom I started my NERIST life, Thanks for being there with me against all odds.

Rohit Rai : - from you I learnt to be creative, to be innovative, and be different. It will always be fun to interact with you on any damn topic, thanks mate.

Prasenjit Deb : - I shared my first encounter to the public/ resposibilty world with you and believe me that week we had with the magazine are still rated as the best of mine efforts ever, kowing you was a treat to self.

Gokul Deka : - Exceptional talent again as professional student as well as a person, the ease with which you opened up, and the way you presented yourself was a must watch for me. Thanks mate and God Bless you!

Debabrata Debnath : - Among the person whom I knew the least, but I must admit that I was a die hard fan of your style of doing things, not to mention that your literary skills were out of this world.

Bed Prakash Pokhrel : - We had our moments of triumph together, thank you so much dear for being there trying to undersatnd me. Bed you are simply out of this world, in terms of your personality and simplicity. Keep it up mate !
Basumitra Chakraborty : - This guy had what it takes to be a star. I am definite about this, he is bits and pieces of everything I have just now expressed for all above. But above everything, he a gem of a friend. Along with Arun, he was there as a pillar with me throughout my days at NERIST. I will never forget the journey to Agartala, thank you so much for the opportunity. The presentation made to Jogita Madam was a real high point in my NERIST life.

Arijit Choudhury : - Mr. G.S. exceptional leadership qualities, which I use to admire all my NERIST life and believe me, he is still my icon of the term leader. I loved the firmness in him, and his willingness to take the initiative. Way to go Man!

Alokojjwal Das : - Good things happen to good people, and I am sure the way he showed disciplinary skills in his work and his way to lead during the Winter tour, he has miles to go..
Thank you so much Alok for being there.

Alok Kumar : - Genius at work, wonderful person, just that I didn't had much chance to interact with you in the long run, but whatever time we shared at the LOC was very enlighting. Thank you so much mate!

Poly Karmakar : - It was a pleasure to be able to interact with you on the various issues during the course of time. As noticed by Raju Sir I will not forget those moments of trying to understand the beauty and complexities of human life on the same go. Having being able to go through Uncle's novel ( obviously through Arun was great). And I am not a psychologist into the making, it was just that the fragrance of the people around was extremely wonderful and we all needed to realise that there is always a silver lining of every problem and everytime the road may seem to end but there is always another path.
Paromita Ghosh : - The winter tour proved to be decicive in adding a very special friend to my list. As things turned out to be, I had the oppartunity to learn and UNLEARN so many of my parts of nature. Thanks for being there. It was from you that I learnt " YE ishq nahi assan, Itna samajh le tu, Ek aag ka daruya hai aur DOOB ke jaana hai..."

Nupur Morayya : - I know I never been able to justify for whatever I did, for whatever I was misunderstood, but it was a pleasure to be able to meet you. EC-4, we had practicals in the very first years of NERIST and it was then the years of making of all of us that you proved to be very decicive in shaping me. Thanks mate!
Meenakshi Singh : - I am sure you all are desparate to hear what I had in me from this friend of mine for a very long time. It was that there was nothing like right or wrong in life, what you feel is right may be wrong for the other person. And believe me with all so called maturity in my mind, I had to come across her to understand this. Thank you so much mate! May god bless you!
I am extremely sorry to all of you if any action of mine has hurt you in any way.
Waiting for other friends to join in the same campus, I wish you from the depth of my heart for your future and May the fire inside you keep burning and keep showing you the path ahead.
Kumar Saurav
Systems Engineer Trainee.
Infosys Technologies Ltd. Mysore.
Dir: +91-9901795070 Extn: 78343.
Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author him/her self and are subjected to agreement or disagreement.
And a request to all members, Please write for this Blog Space, Share your views !!

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