Monday, December 4, 2017

what has happened to the air quality of the capital, Delhi

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author and are subjected to agreement or disagreement. And a request to all members, Please share your views !!

  What a debate , " Is that Srilankan Cricket Players really feeling difficulty breathing Delhi Air "...we can see our captain scoring triple ton in the same condition whereas the Lankan fast bowlers taking Oxygen in the dressing room, if we take the words of their coach.Then some couple of years back , we were hearing that a Icelandic company is transporting fresh air from Greenland to Chinese capitol , Beijing.The condition of the air worsens in the winter due to the precipitation on the dust particles and we scientific community have termed some new terms like 2.5PPM and something like that.

But one thing is their and all of us will have to agree , air pollution is a secret threat like other diseases say BP , diabetics etc .you can no longer take your lungs for guaranteed. Fortunately  , the place where i stays is more or less pollution free. But what about those in places like Delhi.

1. The biggest threat to the humanity is no more nukes , communism but definitely carbon in the atmosphere . i have started becoming anti- carbon a year back , when because of my increasing weight i have to take decision not to drive the car to my office some 4 km away from my home. In the process , i will save some money also , because car was consuming some half a liter of petrol every day , the dual advantage , i started to cycle and was doing it religiously , even in a rainy day , i will go cycling . It helped be a lot in becoming active and stay within the weight limit.And indirectly , i was consuming less petrol , less carbon , i started loving it and searched other ways of reducing the footprint.

2. Next , i targeted the reduction of my electricity usage , father used to tell , while going out of the room , switch off the fan and light but i hardly remember obeying it . But once , decided , i again practiced  it day and night without fail in the office . My office room used to stay at 18 deg summer or winter , then i talked with my boss and agreed him to keep the temperature at 25 deg by changing the temperature setting of AC.I even got a LED light myself in the office and light it up in the night and kept the old tube lights off.

3.Then i watched some videos on Minimalism , i liked them a lot , i stared to use the products with less of plastic and tetra coating protection and to till date searching out the best combinations. In Moran , Assam where i stay , recently for 2 months polytheene is totally banned and i am seeing people adjusting to it , they will always keep a bag with them for shopping.

4.Then , I thought of can't we revert back the Carbon,, and yes there is a way , if one have a sunlight falling area , they can purchase SOLAR PANELS and put it up , one 1KW Panel produce 3 kw of electricity on an average and it helps reduce carbon in long run.Then ,we can purchase those devices which runs on solar and consume less and less electricity. I have junked my old fridge and now using a more energy efficient one.

just to check the amount of your carbon footprint , i have googled out a formula.

1. 1 liter of fuel = 500 gr of carbon dioxide
2. 1 unit of electricity = 450 gr of carbon dioxide

do deduct your generation by the same amount and your will find out your footprint .

Friends , please practice it and it possible discuses it with your spouses , family and friends . Sprayed the knowledge of footprint and contribute against the global warming.It brings joy and peace.

Jai Hind.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Hello everyone...after a long time I wrote something thought of sharing it with you all.....
Saurav and Minakshi Wish you both a happily married life..... this is for you both....


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