Thursday, November 11, 2010

ye november ka jaadu hai mitwa........

someone just touched the soul like the november breeze touched the phool....
someone ignited the passion and i forgot all my tension...
someone came in the dream and gave me a dream.....
before i could realize what happened to me....someone just touched the soul....

Monday, November 8, 2010


16th Oct: (Nabami)

Hi guys, it’s me. Ya, after a long night yesterday, finally its me again. Yeah. That’s what matters to someone close to me, my parents…for them it’s just me which matters.
I decided to spend the final day of puja with them, their simple questioning, gentle whereabouts, simple thoughts and overtly emotions are funny to think, yet they are yours in more ways than you know.
Morning hours are always busy if you have a handful of time and loads of kinships who care for you. From morning to dusk, it was all hi-hellos, everybody congratulating on my recent jobs and their piece of advices about private companies and the pay involved, I could just ponder how everybody can come to the same conclusion without even happening to see it once or be a part of it somehow. Whatever, I felt happy and feel belonged, maybe there’s somebody that cares and wish me success. You can call it faith or a false solace, but it’s lively I saw you. Loads of sweets, prasads, gifts, clothes and the heavy meal resulted in dizziness, time to sleep then.
Its evening and we are all set for The Divine Intervention. Everybody wore everybody’s, I mean gifts. I had my mom’s gifted Mangavar’s creamy Sherwali, sis wore her dad-gifted salwar piece, ma and baba wore my gifted Mysore silk saree and Peter England’s. It filled all nice and beauty. We started our journey. As customary routine, my sis passed along chewing half-fried chanachur and panipuris all the way, my dad took the lead showing us the way and kept the guardianship going, mom as usual was the pace-maker (as the pace of a group is the pace of the slowest runner in the ally) cozied by sis, and me, well I took a rather beauty turn, I was all photography, of course my new found love- my DSLR. Hard to put in words, yet it was exhilarating. Thanks to a Hydrabadi biriyani, Chicken muglai and savory sushi added to the beautiful evening hours. We came back in 2300 hours, had snacks and sweet-dreams.

Next day: Dashami fever-

Well, by saying Dashami ‘fever’, I meant it literally. I had my temperature rising to 99F and feeling cold and a bit sick, I started packing my things the very next day. Dumped my latest collections of dvds, packed gifts, my home-left stuff and of course, my beauty, my Dell 1545.Packing set and done, went to the internet to check up on the flight’s status, met some old friends on the way. Spent the evening explaining my girlfriend things that cannot be explained – like why I came for seven days and not fourteen days till the lakshmi puja a few days ahead, promised to be back on valentines’ again and yeah, her ring on her fingers, it was mine. It looked so cute on her hands. Bye-bye love.
So here’s where my short vacation ends. Hope you guys felt the same way I felt while writing this. And yet, tomorrow is another day, the day I will be gone and day I will have to wait another six months to get. And it’s my probation period in Infy, so I guess it’s just the beginning.
Happy Dusshera!!!
Signing off,

P.s: Will be posting the pics on Picasa. End of “Love in the air”

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