Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hi all,

It’s mid night again. It’s 21st of October. 11 days past my last tit-bit of blog posted last week. Let’s get into the act then.

The Past Few Days (Astami, Nabami, Dashami, Ekadashi) :
It’s painful the way saptami got washed away. More when you expect more from ‘The Mother’ who gave me my home 10 months back, only for her 10 days stay here and every day is a bliss, a new hope to love, affection and the blessings of us own. It’s very rare I have them around me and now I understand what’s love, why we need love, how is love. Great to be home during puja anyways. Still lightened showers, drizzles around the palm tree and fog around the far hilly grazed corner across the lamppost won’t stop. End of saptami here.

The last four days since my arrival had been a hurry. We had a homely puja, Ramakrishana Pathachakra (for those who understand). It kept me busy for sometime arranging dishes, basketful shopping, caterars’ arrangement and all. Still the essence of being in home and able to enjoy it is irrevocable. Puja was yesterday. Houseful of relatives, affectionates, friends, elderlies and bypassers crowded and kept the ambience swinging. ‘Kirtan and Path’ followed the actual Puja which was followed by Anjali, asirbad and Bhog,’kichori-prasad’. The aura and the sweet smell filled the atmosphere and I promise you will never get it anywhere else, It’s only your home you can feel it. The puja’s over.

15th Oct: (Friday :Astami)
Our small little gang went wild. It’s sort of a reunion of old hardy bunches. The lightened exteriors, the brightened city, flowering garlands on places over the city, soothing ‘aariti’ and rabindra sangeet was on the onset. Don’t know how to express that in words, better to keep and miss them for another 360 days to come. So all set to gloom, Me, my sis, my sweetheart and the best pals’ newfangled outfits…all the freshness and enthusiasm set to go, to the Mother Divine. Anyway, it was fun. From stupendous pandals and excellent lighting outdoors, the fireworks to the chantings, the smiling devotees to the cheerful children, everything was enjoyed, relished and soaked in a faith within ourselves. And all we prayed is to make us a better human and the world a better place. Love thy all and sly no further. Spend the day hand-on-hand relishing panipoori, amra, chanachur,rolls, biriyanis blab la bla despite a 1.5 hour long wait on the queues to catch the biggest and largest of all pandals in Agartala; a missing ring which turned things around me (plz ignore)* ; my pals falling sick of drowsiness and tension*. Yet it was the first puja day for me. All the 2000 kms or more travelled in two days to catch the moment, and this is it. I’m loving it. Not to mention the pics captured, the fun we had and meeting friends all the way was inevident and full. Well datsit, end of the day. Only nabami left.
*(All the stories are headlined – not elaborated as it’s sort of personal)
N.B: Catch nabami on Part three.

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