Friday, July 18, 2008


life-i just lived it.
life-i am living it.
it's so beautiful.
life motivates and guides
life challenges
life-parents,life-teachers,life-friends,life-school,life-annual exams ka tension,life-board exams ka pressure,life-college,life-pehla crush,life-birthday bumps,लाइफ-दोस्तों का प्यार ,लाइफ-क्रिकेट,लाइफ-practical exams में output नही आने का darr , लाइफ-लव,लाइफ-ambitions,लाइफ-deeds,लाइफ-LOC,लाइफ-I,You,We,लाइफ-books,books and books,लाइफ-helping others,लाइफ-poen,लाइफ-chaos,लाइफ-uncertaininty,लाइफ-surprises,लाइफ-failures,लाइफ-success,achievements,लाइफ-questions,questions and questions,life goes on and on and on,........

"kyon dare zindagi mein kya hoga.......
kuch na hoga to tajurba to hoga"

life gives you so much,it's you to come up and grab it with both hands....लाइफ teaches you how to react to situations,how to adjust,how to move ahead.लाइफ is so unselfish........लाइफ never stops.......

thank you लाइफ फॉर what you have been फॉर me..........I wouldnot have imagined my लाइफ without you "लाइफ"........

and हे guys saw फ़िल्म"walk to remember"........tell you what most romantic फ़िल्म i have seen इन my लाइफ.........and I wept when फ़िल्म was it..........

don't forget to live लाइफ's all yours
God bless.

Dedicated to sachin, enlightened after you sermon

what i have achieved after so long years
still don't know rule to survive
what i have given to this world
the tears of joy or a reason to smile.

seeing the sunrise i think about myself.
what i do if i go the wrong way
does my life will bring the cheer to anyone
or it will hang in balance and sway.

round the clock i wish to achieve lofty goals,
what i will never close to those?
am i on mercy of god to go for trying ?
will i succed or will be a spent force?

so many years had passed by.,
every second takes its toll
why i am doing it and who am i?
my mind goes for a unknown stroll

i talked to myself about my dreams
the inner soul listened to my woes
his smile made me cry,
i promised myself to be on toes...............

Written By Rohit!
Copyrights reserved to writer!

Monday, July 14, 2008

time to pack up 4 nerist......

i don't have even a single % of leaving delhi.. the sexy atmosphere and beauty around attracts to it. in this last i am getting unhapy with the feeling of leaving delhi as its hard to face saran sir,s.m... again. one year left, that needs to be compensated in any way.. anyway life is all abt compromise and dedication.

wish u guys hapy ending of training....
see u at nerist...

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