Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hiiiiii friends........

Friends are you missing someone…
Many of us talk about missing someone; it could be a friend, a loved one or any close one. Missing someone…what does that mean?? We usually say…“I MISS YOU”…is that saying these three words is so simple that when someone is not around we just say or feel that we are missing that person…but do we always mean that?? Do we all know the meaning of these three beautiful words??
Why we miss someone?? You may have many people around but just absence of one let you feel down…is that really possible…?? We hardly think about these questions. What I think…to miss someone is a very special feeling, that tells you how special that someone is in your life that you feel the absence even if the whole world is with you!! When you want to be with someone but he/she is not want to take a decision but you can’t, you want to enjoy a moment but you don’t feel like enjoying, you want to cry but you can’t…at that moment you feel that something is missing in your life, you feel that due to some reasons you are unable to enjoy the taste of some beautiful moments of your life…and then you realize not “something” but you are missing someone “very special”…in your life…
Missing not always means the absent part but if you take it in a more brighter way, even in his/her absence you always feel the presence of that special in your memories…you miss each and every activity of that person… but its true to say that missing someone gets easier everyday…do you know how?? Even though it is one day further from the last time you saw each other, it is one day closer to the next time you will…!! So friends don’t worry & be happy…!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Aaj bahot kuch maine jaana…
Aaj bahot kuch maine jaana,
Apno mein gairo ko pehchana.
Aanjani thi kal tak sach se,
Viswas kiya tha badh kar khud se.
Aaj sab kuch jaan liya hai,
Sach ko maine maan liya hai.
Jaane kaun si khata ki maine
Ki aesi saza di muzko usne.

Parwah nahi hai meri usko,
Par koi gila nahi hai muzko.
Viswas kiya na usne muzpar,
Naraz hua bina jaane sach ko.
Lad padun bas ji karta hai,
Par jo apna nahi usse kya shikwa hai.
Aaj phir ye dil roya hai,
Par dil ki kya koi khata hai.

Dil ne bas use apna mana hai,
Dukh to par gair ne diya hai.
Dil ko main samjha doongi,
Rota hai hasna sikha doongi.
Maine to bas itna jaana hai,
Dosti mein koi khata nahi hoti hai.
Phir kaun si khata ki saza muze mili hai,
Phir kaun si khata maine ki hai.

Aaj bahot kuch maine jaana,
Aaj sab kuch maine maana…

bye bye locians

If ther's one thing that i remember most profoundly about 5-1, its that chilling night in PD's room, when instead of being bogged by MATLAB practicals, we decide to create a thing anew. These "we" were PD , ari and me.And the thing anew is "LOC".
From that day onwards,we locians has moved hand in hand, though i am not sure if all. But considering the fact that, cons are part and parcel and the most natural thing that could ever be; I agree LOC has a been a memorable journey.
Why i decided to drop myself midway is an entire saga.That ofcourse was borne out of numerous incidents and factualities,which i always wanted to ignore but couldn't at last.
I need to be hugely sorry to most of the people whose joining of LOC to some extent, i am pretty sure, was motivated by my presence into it. But then, I always maintained, I am not trustworthy...surely,i am kidding here.
Organising debate had been a lovely part of association.Though sadly enough,the aftermath was never hunky dory.I still maintain, a couple of people has to dampen themselves to create a picture worth rejoicing. And then that would be the day, i would be happy or let's say sad enough that i was once a part of LOC.
I am sure all those people who thought of leaving LOC, after i did so, would reconsider their decision and be happy about that no.14.
to be your queries, if any , i would answer.

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author him/her self and are subjected to agreement or disagreement.
And a request to all members, Please write for this Blog Space, Share your views !!


And now, the tide turns to the hedron, gokul. Hi dude! I am not sure if i am correct but what you said that day has been a bit formal, which ofcourse wasn't expected of you,that because we are so close. Anyway, I wish i continue with what you said that day ,"initiation of friendship" every time , god allows me too.And thanks for all the complements. And one thing more, next time you people have a case study, if you think its apt call me. I have understood you a lot and would like the world to know real deka.

Hi meenakshi! i don't know why, but owing to the "law of primacy", i am really losing track of what has been said that day.And, i know you people would forgive me, if i get wrong anywhere. Anyway, when did we came that close only god knows. But whatever you spoke was yeah certainly true. I accept, to me friendship is such a valued possession.The said precisely is the reason why i am discrete in committing. For sure, if i decide, the one need to be worth. And, i am quite sure, this goes on to my discredit. But i have made handful of friends here and there and hopefully won't have to long for them ever. And yeah! i am warning you people about me a good man theory. beware..

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