Thursday, March 13, 2008

hate me,if you could

Did, u say you know me?
Think, just think once more.
You say I am nice.
Consider, not once, but twice.
For that’s not true.

I am evil headed,
Unbothered for else,
Mean and cold hearted.
My smile is a hoax,
A disguise,
Am warm hearted?
No, a deceptive boaster.
I am a cheat, I am a liar,
Please! Hate me.

Don’t hate me,
For you can’t love me.
Hate me,
For I couldn’t love you.
Hate me,
For my greed,
Hate me,
For my insecurity,
Hate me,
For I am hateable.
Please! Hate me.

I am coward,
And on run of commitment,
Masked by scar,
Camouflaged under mystery,
Not for the fear of unknown,
But uncared concealment.
Please! Hate me.

Hate me!
For you love me
Hate me!
For you can’t love me.
Please! Hate me.

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