Friday, August 1, 2008

The Meeting that We Had.

It all started with Mnx and perhaps we were left wanting for some more towards the end. It clearly displayed how much we at L.O.C. enjoy each others' company and when it comes to sharing of ideas, nothing beats our L.O.C. family.

With members pouring in from all across the country, there were heaps of experiences to be shared. We got the taste of reputed DRDO Delhi, Prasar Bharati Delhi & Patna, from the likes of IIT Guwahati and from all across from ONGC Shivsagar with freshness pouring in from BSNL Agartala. Leaving the technicalities for the formal seminar, we disscussed the humane aspect of the two months of experience. One important aspect of our realisation was pertaining to the standard of studies in NERIST, which we more often than not complain of. Atleast I can say that those seemingly monotonous classes of Sharan Sir was finally worthwhile during my term in Prasar bharati Patna.

We learnt about Bed sowing a crop, while hardly missing even a single session, Sachs & Goks living upto the expectations of all but some, BSNL Agartala party explored new dimensions of development in the town, Delhi duo had their day of ecstacy and dare I say Romance, ONGC trio had fun mixed with learning while Ari finding enough excuses to visit Dibrugarh to find peace of mind (my best wishes), while Nupz had it quiet and interestingly simple.

But the spark was missing, and so were our two strong pillars Gokul and Rohit Rai. While with neutral notions for the former, I was personally at a state of shock for the latter. i expected him to lead this session and similar to his well known skills, give a new dimension to our L.O.C. family.

"There is a time to let things happen and there is a time to make things happen."

And then at L.O.C. it's always a time for CHANGE, we will surely get along with the same passion and enthusiasm. And with all of us entering in a a completely new phase of life, it makes sense that we make most of whatever opportunities come across us.

Best wishes for the BOSCH and I am sure that EC-2k3 will come out shining brither than ever.

ENJOY with an eye upon your AIM.

gud to have a thorasa changed lifestyle

why i changed my lifestyle that i'll tell u later on....newys,its really nice to be back at nerist after long summer training....

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