Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hi friends! i feel like writing again. tHings have taken momentous turn.I don't have an idea at times, what other people are doing. But atleast i am sure! saurav is back to flirting.Only, this time it's not PD. But it sounds great that the guy has come back to what he does best. wait! i don't mean that. i purely and strictly mean studying. he is forced into it is probably nobody's concern but his.
Sachin! i guess1 is the same jolly good young fellow who never forgets to complement you when you give him a call.he wins your heart and you cut down the line feeling great and happy. But then you realise out of sorts that someone has lied and lied tremendously well for you to believe.Whatever, i don't mind. Niether sachin nor his complements.
See! these assholes have yet again managed to steal limelight as they did on numerous occasions in college.
But bits and pieces put together, we will atleast carve some niche for us.
PD! i guess is really content and happy and i am sure becoming creatively better.The singer, musician and the painter in him is enough to make girls drool over him.But then he remain inclined to grreener pastures(read whatever you like).
Ari!i am sure as of now, people would have started missing your power packed speeches, your flattering presence. A leader to core, you are made to lead people. My friend, go to infosys, carve out a place for yourself and lead people(read saurav) to the path of righteousness.

Last 7 months

For people::
As i took that bus out of the Imphal valley, with my mom waving to me,bading me good bye with concealed tears in her eyes,I had nothing but mixed feelings.I was looking forward to the days that were to follow as i was all set to explore a new horizon, a new way of life.Never the less i was scared ,bound by apprehensions.I had no idea how tough things were going to be because if nothing, iwas atleast suppose to earn the honour to put on that uniform and even more the stripes on it. And yes i never thought it was coming easily, but then who was scared of the word tough.

*** Original version:
I was anxious ,distressed, scared.Afterall i had to leave home and gosh! i have to become a soldier..My god! i loved other people wearing that uniform but did i ever wanted it.Yeah! of course, i guess,but then if it comes up easily.I just knew how to sink and then struggle in water and go there, i was suppose to clear a swimming test.
Life would test me to summit and i really have to be tough for that. But then i am really scared of the word tough.

For people:
Reach academy and get set for discipline.And tell you what, it might appear that being disciplined is easy. But i would urge you to have a rethink. Instilling this has been a challenge for which we have to pay price in gross sweat but nothing else.Yeah! sometimes though, it demanded blood in addition to perspiration.But tell you what when it did we oozed blood with fire.
Limbs ached and hurt no end making it tough to stand let alone walking and running.But then we were taught just one thing that as long as you sham , a pain is a pain.But when you decide to make that pain a way of life, you learn how to bear it and then to overcome it.No medicine could ever cure a pain,Pain is the only way you cure pains.And that is how i learn how to "take pain" .

Original version::
Aah! i can't walk. Forget walking, i can't even stand properly.Need to report sick.
How long would we bear this..My limbs are breaking.I am shamming now.i couldn't endure it anymore.
But there are no options, seniors won't let us do it.
so run for whatever resaon.Run to make yourself fittter. Atleast, when we go back, we could have couple of more girl friends courtesy that.

Anyway as things got over, as it has to...

I am in gujarat and the palce is jamnagar.And trust me it's a beautiful place and more so for people who loves birds. and yes, for people who love stags.
Unluckily! for people who love girls, there's very little opportunity.
My bad luck!!

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Friday, February 12, 2010

A walk to remember.

Friday, 05 Feb, 2010.
It began with a phone call at 10pm, ended with another at 05:30am.
And what happened in between is something which was the real 'Walk to Remember'. A dream walking date, but first let me confirm i can say that.

'Yes !' she says in agreement. And then the remarkable smile, bits and pieces of this and life seems very simple and i feel ready to fight again.

Back to the walk....
It was a night of discoveries, when i not only came in terms with the large part of the unexplored campus of Infosys, Mysore but also quite an untouched part of myself. You all must be wondering.....What am i upto?

It's nothing less than special, but nothing more than that...

Stop wondering and start sharing !

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Monday, February 8, 2010


system simulation lab,
indian institute of technology,ghy
dated-8th feb.,2010

hi once again
alcheringa is finally was full three days of masti...only marred by thye last day chaos we had to go through...actually today was the due date for the assignment submission of statistical signal yesterday whole day went from the writing....and thanks to all this i missed the live performance by the Swiss is coming that it was a great perfromance....and i missed it....i missed it yaar....

rest is fine...classses have started full fledged.....semester is picking up its speed...

take care guys and girls....
will write soon again...
keep reading...keep writing...
keep blogging....
keep thinking...
keep doing....
and keep smiling....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

kal ho na ho

hi friends
kaise hain aap log?
me doing great here and enjoying some of the best days of my life....alcheringa is going on...and guess what we had the trio of shankar-ehasaan-loy performing live....we danced...we sang....we floated...we cherished....i lived those moments....they started with mangalam bhagwan vishnu..mangalan garuda dhwaja......and then shooted off to their best it kal ho na ho.....rock on.....wake up sid....dil chahta hai.......we also had the jugalbandi between the crowd and shankar.....and shankar was mighty impressed by our performance.....
rest is fine......
waiting for the miracle...
remain foolish..remain student...
take care....
au revoir..

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author him/her self and are subjected to agreement or disagreement.

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