Thursday, March 13, 2008

we are different............

LOC…we are different and are trying to do something different…we together are trying to know the world in different respects of life. We 15 are not the world but we are a part of this world. Something we always wanted to know but never got a chance to know…trying to know ourselves more…I think to know yourself better, you should see yourself from your friend’s perception because they will always show you what you are and what you need to improve in yourself…we started with small meetings and now the stage is waiting for us to do something which never happened around us…starting with the meetings…

(Meetings without tea impossible)

First meeting in which we discussed on “men-women relationship”….continued with another point of discussion…”can a boy and a girl be best friends”…then “religion”…this topic is something which needs to have a good knowledge before we discuss on it but we tried our best to get something out of this meeting…where we came to know that ‘religion’ not only means worshiping GOD every morning but it means a lot more than this…it means…to be good human being. That meeting ended with our 1st GD on ‘cricket’.
In one of the meeting we discussed on the topic “love, infatuation and crush”…again different views helped in clearing the smoke of confusion from our mind…we can say…
”Love is the maturation of friendship.
You must be friends before you are lovers.”

In any relationship the most important thing is that you need to know each other and there should be trust but sometimes it happens what goes around you, you never wanted it to be like that. In simple words sometimes life travels on the vehicle on which you never wanted to get in…and you come to know after you get down on a melancholy road that is when you lost everything…at that time your friend will be the one to change your life from hell to heaven…by forgiving you for everything…that why its true to say that…
” The Gift of True Friendship
Is that it takes us by
The Hands & Reminds Us,
We are not alone

So it’s a request to all my friends never feel bad in saying sorry to your closed ones even if you know you are right and always forgive your friends for their mistakes because you are the only one who can make your friends life best…
Now a little bit about ‘love’, we usually search for someone whom we will love in our life but I read somewhere…”don’t live your life with someone whom you love but live with someone who loves you…” I think that will make ones life happiest as the person who loves you will trouble you the most but when you drop a tear they will fight the world to stop your tears…
Then in one of the meetings we discussed on our weaknesses and strengths…so at the end of every meeting we came to know much more than before about ourselves.
In the first meeting PD said this is a ship on which we are traveling…so my friends join your hands together we have just started and we have to travel a large distance because from here I cant see the end of the ocean…and frankly speaking I don’t want to see the ending so that we go on traveling.

View from Itafort

Next we decided to have our meeting at Itafort…we enjoyed the whole journey to Itafort and had good inspiring words by Saurav for doing something different…showing ourselves different. From before only I was excited about the ‘Grand debate competition’ but his words inspired me more. Thank you Saurav for making us realize what we can do. I am eagerly waiting for the coming Saturday that is 15th of March when some of our respected teachers and dear friends will be standing on the same stage in front of each other.
So, everyone is invited for the same to watch something which will be first time for most of the people in NERIST. Hoping for a great success of the event and I will be back with new stuffs till that take care and enjoy…and…and…don’t forget to be with us on this Saturday.

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author him/her self and are subjected to agreement or disagreement.
And a request to all members, Please write for this Blog Space, Share your views !!

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Saurav said...

Meenakshi just showed what a BLOG really is, wonderful recap of what ever is going on in L.O.C.

And I will recommend this blog to be read by all who want to read just one blog to know all about L.O.C.

Together we can and we will make a difference !!

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