Saturday, March 15, 2008


hey saurav!

i really appreciate the initiatives and efforts that you and ur group has taken.and i do hope that it will grow and shine in future.
in appreciation for ur work i have written something for u.
i hope u will like it.....

हौसला दिल में लिए,
कोशिश है कुछ पाने की,
हर दिल में हर जर्रे मेंअब,
कुछ यादें फिर बरसाने की।

हर लम्हा मचला है ये दिल में
कुछ करने को कुछ पाने को,
हर सपने मेरे चल दिए
हर लम्हे अब महकाने
दिखते हैं हर एक लौ में अब,
कुछ रंग कुछ parchhayiyaan,
खाविश है हर एक लौ की अब

एक आग सी जल जाने को
हौसला दिल में लिए,
कोशिश है फिर कुछ पाने की,
भटकते हऐ सपनो को अब,
एक राह फिर दिखलाने की

i will love to be the audience..........

sachindra Pandey

Boys hostel F # 44


iccotdis said...


Its Sidhartha from final Year EC. Awesome stuff, guys. A very unique initiative, and the audience support you got was a testimonial to that.
Keep it up and we are hoping to see more from you guys.

LOC rocks

Akinogal said...

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sachu said...

hats off to the final years.........
thanku bhaiya for those encouraging words..........
thanku for coming to the debate..........for such a lively u all final years........


Saurav said...

We promise for more of such stuff in near future...

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