Friday, March 21, 2008

Celebrating 100 blogs !!

Three Cheers to those who spared time to write and share their views over a broader and wider arena, to those who meant business with L.O.C. and knew that it meant more than just being confined in the few hours of blunt and often rigorous chit chats over some decent numbers of cups of Tea.

Its time to move on and I realized important lessons of life in past days, I have only myself to thank, that I am here... Strong as ever and slightly improved person and of course L.O.C.

heres wishing all of you a very very Happy Holi, Happy Ester.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why the Debate?

How dare you question the unquestionable?

Who and What is L.O.C.?

With time, things have drastically changed. And with very few who realised the brighter side of what we were actually trying to do, its our time to address the rest about the answers to above questions. Some may argue that how is the soul of this unconventional and 'unauthorised' organization, got to do with this debate. And with with these pretexts, let us first congratulate these small bunch of students who withstood all odds and made this initialisation a reality. Congratulations to all the spectators including none other than Respected Director Sir, Deans and teachers whose presence gave us immence adreline to gracefully go through with the program and ever so dear friends who finally got convinced that here is a debate which is going to matter to them. Thank you one and all for the overwhelming support.

Now to the basic questions which somehow remained unanswered down the line. Let me put it straight way, the debate in its new form was an idea of L.O.C., but the topic as such had nothing to do with the fundamentals on which this 'tea-a-meet' is sailing.

I always found "Timeline" as the best way to arrange data and let me take you to a small time travel.

Not very long ago, when a trio came up with the idea of triggering a change, when proposed to all, 15 accepted to be a part of this Kinda Fun Club. Starting from the discussion about what actually we were upto with our 15 captain commanded ship, the journey had already begun. in a very little time the ice really started to melt and with all members well versed with each other; we started thinking out of box. Our motto was revolving around having fun mixed with learning the basics of personality development.

Spending valuable time in the meetings we realised that each of us had wonderful and unique talents in the some field or the other and that each of us had a lot to offer to each other in particular and the society in general. through the sips of tea we accepted greetings, welcomed comments/ criticism and strictly abstained from annoying anyone.

Thinking out of box meant getting one's attention beyond what is already being said and done. It meant taking up issues which are only complained about even if it can be resolved with minimum of fuss.

Solving one such issue resulted in present new form of debate. Or dare we say, issues were many, the only thing lacking was Communication. And since no one was putting the plug in the socket, we did!!

These are troubled times and we, the students are still stuck with some basic ideologies. Being students, we complainabout least being done to bridge the gap between the teachers and students. We complain about absence of enough guidelines for us to grow and develop our personality in the right direction. We at L.O.C. realised that students who are not satisfied or convinced by the "pro-de-tective" attitude of our immediate gaurdians; need some space out of the learning room, to talk to them.

We at L.O.C. realised that sparking a change must begin with ourselves(means with students). We believed that getting support from the likes of the very best in the business, most experienced; we can initiate this bridging and we are grateful to be backed up by them.

Let me state clearly, the topic was decided after consulting the honorable participants of the debate, and we at L.O.C. had nothing to do with the content. Throughout the whole event, our vision was concentrated on parting the gap, and this reflects as in the inaugural speech of the debate, L.O.C. emphasised that teachers are above god, beyond any question, any limit, any doubt whatsoever. We firmly believe in this and we don't see any reason why not to.

And we proud that they lent their best hand upon us and took the pain of spreading light among htose deprived. With their support and overjoyed for the tremendous turnout, specially \students, we provided oppurtunity to clear the doubts and misconceptions in their fast developing minds.

Answering the first question, why the debate, we would say, " Ask yourself!" Was it just a debate? For those who were present there; must have noted the intensity, the flow, the captivity{and was there no difference in the whole approach?} of this unforgettable presentation?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Time for change....are we able to change...???
Yes we are...and the auditorium proved that...
"DEBATE" something for which people hardly gather to watch, especially in NERIST, but this time our members were busy arranging chairs. As it was first time so we faced many difficulties but facing all those we learned more. Difficulties are something from which we learn and they are never going to stop us. It is well said by Ayn Rand: - "The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me.”
Everyone enjoyed a lot...we got a great response from the audience…they want more and waiting for the next…so friends don’t worry keep waiting with the same enthusiasm we will be right back very soon…all those response showed that we may not be there yet, but we are closer than we were yesterday.
It has been said by ~ Lewis Cass
"People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do."
So we are trying to do our best… we 15 walking hand in hand hoping to do best of the best…at last I will like to thank all teachers and all the members for their full support for the same…without whom it was not possible to achieve such a great success…

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author him/her self and are subjected to agreement or disagreement.
And a request to all members, Please write for this Blog Space, Share your views !!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

we are overwhelmed by the unprecedented response from the teachers and students

i feel really proud to be the part of a mission that is LOC....................
the response of the students was just out of this world.............
have u ever seen a jam packed auditorium that too in a debate and that too on NERIST....................
the grand success of the event has been a dream come true for all the LOCians..........................
three cheers for all u guys.............................
duniyawale kuch bhi kahe.............dare to dream..............dare to cut loose.......................................

kar chale LOC ab tumhare hawale saathiyoon................

yeh blog likhte samay mere aakhon mein aason bhar aaye................................
mere doston muzhe bhulna mat............
keeping aal the sentiments apart , it's my request ensure that no quiz is scheduled on the next monday...................

cheers and enjoy..............

Presenting to you the fairer part of the LOC

certainly the LOC have 4 girls----------each one different from the other...............................

  • Poly---------------Miss Grace
  • meenakshi----------Miss Chulbuli
  • Nupur----------------Miss Beautiful
  • Paro-------------Miss Smarty.

Hey Saurav let's have an opinion poll on my opinion................

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