Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New year wishes !!

Things have changed and last night when Rohit Rai asked me to recall the events of our era at NERIST that had drastically changed the scenario here, i was reminded that yet another year is just on verge of end.
Rightly said that time and tide waits for none and if their is a God it is time.

This should be a good opportunity for us at L.O.C. to express our experiences of 2008 and talk about resolutions in 2009.

Talking about mine, the year 2008 had been one of the kind which my emotional part would like to forget. But like many previous years, it also proved to be a wonderful learning experience, only at much higher amplitude. Not many things are crossing my mind but i would like to mention some moments which altered the usual course of my lifestyle,

:hectic 52 and 61 semesters reminded of early NERIST days,
:much dreaded electromagnetic theory paper proved to be a cake walk, with new records set on part of scores like 99.5 by Bed in mid sem.
:mass confusion among the two batches 2k2 and 2k3 relating to organizing the technical event SHRISTI 08 led to voting in SUN and controversy ending in a big flop decision but a decent SHRISTI.
:an exciting exit of block A in semis round of NERIST cricket tournament, and cricket proving its worth in the closest and arguably most exciting ever match in NERIST history, the champianship decider going to the bowl out and Block H held their nerves over an equally skilled Block F to take the crown.
:a sad year on account of the losses that it incurred, my sincere

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