Saturday, November 17, 2007

Comments pouring in_PRANTAR(ME-2k3) Speaks

its gud 2 hear sum1 finally taking the undeniable initiative to start something like only regret is that it didn't come any sooner keep up the good work guys!!!

with best compliments....Prantar


Introducing two much awaited members.... who missed (literally missed very much) the first meeting:

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome---Miss Nupur & Miss Meenakshi.

And this was the day when sanity prevailed over the group and Arijit quite boldly defended his Friend against BED(not Bed Prakash) Topic cum Theory...

I alongwith Sachin missed the cream of it as the puja at the side of Dikrong was to be attended, which as I proposed is a nice place to hold meetings...Quite nice..

And here comes the Man himself:- ROHIT RAI

PD has already outlined the story of the outset of L.O.C. And the person who of course features most prominently is me. I mean, if being called gigolo and glutton is any issue to readers. But in a kind, I am happy he has done that. And of course I am thankful to Saurav for putting up such a brilliant introduction of me, the only problem there being a misconception of his of me being interested in boys. This when I am entirely and completely into girls (if your dirty mind has started overworking here please do keep it straight).

Well it’s kind of too much about me. It’s a different case altogether here that there’s rarely anything more interesting than me.

Anyway moving to the L.O.C., I would like to congratulate each one out here to have successfully completed our first interaction. And I was only too happy to be the first one to have the privilege of addressing you all. But then, I am only too confident that you would all agree that PD gave a brilliant beginning to the whole event by introducing it to all of you. If his quotes from Vivekanananda’s is any indication, which he incidentally borrowed from Arijit, he is a great plagiarist (entirely pun intended).But the orator’s concertion that “L.O.C. is a ship and everyone is a captain on it” which meant in his own words that”everyone’s free to steer it to a collective goal”. The goal remains undefined, not because we can’t do that but that because there isn’t any specific meaning attached to it. It’s about everything you can think of, it’s about everything you can dream of, and it’s about everything that is realizable. Come on guys, I don’t really mean sex always. In fact, I meant everything other than sleaze and sensousness. As a matter of fact, L.O.C. is equally about losing control than it being about being in control.

If I keep writing hereon, I know a couple of people would be ready to destroy their monitors, so that they won’t have to read me again. And if I am not wrong, someone could have even planned to murder me .so, it’s a public appeal to be restraint enough to bear me, because this is not the last time from me.

TIME FOR Debabrata to speak put his mind !!

L.O.C. is all you ever needed !!

Who says the fairy lectures so adoring?
Who says the damn exams bloody scoring?
I live in NERIST and i say,
Life in NERIST is so fucking boring!!

Time to checkup,time to change;
Time to feel and do the strange.
Yeah guys!!IT'S L.O.C. TIME!!
Shape your thoughts,have dreams arrange.

Say your concepts,share your goal,
Have some fun,rock and roll;
Hand in hand,say with me:
We are cool,in body and soul.

Let us make it clear and loud

Let us bring joy,cheers to crowd;
With our L.O.C.,with our prayers,
Let us make the whole world proud.

(Dont tell me that I didnot cautioned you,this guy has got tremendous talents, and the poem shall serve as a very spectacular introduction to those who are new for the concep of L.O.C.)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

All the members will be soon provided with the Identity Cards.

Scene: two days before DSP practical exam…

Mr. Rai proposed the idea of group study with PD. Studies to duur ki baat thi…, PD ended up taking a no. from Mr. Rai (of a girl) whom he is still flirting with. It was then around 12:15 am, when Mr. Rai decided to leave. So Ari & PD escorted him to his block. (Mind you, Mr. Rai is a tall person, yet zigar bahut chota! ) There they woke Bed (dreaming of Meenakshi Sharma), where they started talking about girls, boys and overall sex issues. Mr. Rai was offered the idea to give a lecture on the same as he was experienced enough in the field. His friends often call him ZIGOLO. And guess what? The idea of such a community clicked everyone’s mind. And that’s how actually L.O.C. came into picture. The name was, however, proposed later on…
(Apart from the three members discussed above, thanks to Horlicks too which they had during their discussion).

The Name:

Mr. Rai, Ari and PD after having their delicious meal at NERIST canteen (paneer butter masala, chicken curry, etc.) were heading towards their hostel. Somewhere on the way, Mr. Rai was able to smell good curries (actually a treat by one of our seniors). So his stomach, though full enough, acted like… leave the stomach, summary of the part is that, he wanted to have more. While on the way towards H- Block, near the mini Howrah Bridge (seems to be), they wanted to include the word Lawn…newaz. It was just then that, Are said, “Well, howz L.O.C.?” And gradually, the abbreviation was named- Lawn de’ Organizing Committee.

What is L.O.C.?

L.O.C. is not an abbreviation of the term ‘Line of Control’ but it has got a deeper sense related with the above mentioned term.

L.O.C. in our case stands for ‘Lawn de’ Organizing Committee’ which has got ‘no lines of control’ and no bindings. It was initially figured aimlessly by some of our members(as been already discussed above), just to have fun and only fun…It is a ‘free exit type’ of body where any signatory member is allowed to quit from the body at any moment when he/she wills to do so. However the entry procedure of new members is yet to be decided by the committee in its next session.
It is because of these specialties that L.O.C. is now free to decide whatever it likes starting from organizing discussions on the so called worthless topics such as sex, man-woman relationships etc., lectures by guests, adventurous activities, picnics and any damn idea which comes into ones mind every now and then. Apart from these, L.O.C. aims something really serious. Its entire endeavor will be inclined towards the development of one’s own personality with future perspective. L.O.C. also aims to enhance and furnish the affinity among its members by dint of extensive interactions

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Introducing our Esteemed Team

Mr. Rohit Rai:

Shortly the man will speak for himself,

very important member of the Team and responds well to any and every situation....

Mr. Prasenjit Deb or better known as Mr. PD:

This man can do tricks and wonders as they say, and another one of his masterpiece is in front of you..

its called L.O.C.

Will shortly uncover the logo of this committee, and ideas for him flow like the Bramhaputra, deep and covers area larger than eyes can see..

Mr. Arijit Choudhary:

As he was reading out the material meant for getting published as blog here, he was very "stylish" and he definitly knows how to present himself in front of others...

i was so mesmerised that forgot to take his picture...

Mr. Basumitra Chakraborty:

time for some seriousness in the committee? then you have come at the wrong platform, because may be, the guy has guts to speak in front of the chiefs and heads of the institutions, the deans and directors...but among his friends he cracks jokes like anything...

Jem of a member, and one of the star of the show...

Mr. Rohit Ranjan:

One thing I must tell you that searching picture of this guy was one of the hardest thing, also of Sachin's..( i hope thats not becuse he is so shy...)

And becasue this man is blessed with the virtue of being so elegantly simple, he is adored by many...(that includes me)...

( personally i was surprised to find out that he signed the "contract" of L.O.C. , this one

decison I am sure he will be proud for rest of his life)

Mr. Sachin Kashyap:

The master class, as he proves time and again in each field he enters...people are left with very few options,

he came ..He observed...And one day soon, all will be listening when he will choose to speak up.... ( all of us are waiting for him to do so )

Mr. Debrata Debnath: (thats DD in Green, believe me..)

He spoke of differences between man and woman, and I thought we were studying some subject whose classes i have been regularly missing( because he was so fluent), and then came the revealation of the tution stuff, and along with the elaborate description of the anatomy of bodies of both came the page nos. of the concerned book. That was great for a start, after all "Technical" students will be "Technical".

The kind of personallity this man possess, it will be beneficial for the committee.

Ithink you are not satisfied by his deceptive looks.( thats DD in RED)

Mr. Alok Kumar

He came not by himself but then its said, the food gets to the person for whom it was meant to be...

Welcome to the team and Enjoy the stay...

Miss Paramita Ghosh:

Let me tell you my part of the story, i am impressed by this girl very much, and as i stress everytime I get oppurtunity, I learn a lot from her. "Genuineness" is the keyword and yes she is 'Bindass' ,often more than boys too...
I have a collection of her pics, but none of them were in bright green, and I think GREEN is GOOD.

Looking forward for a lot from this leader of the bunch...

Something she wanted to tell us (boys- "tonic" boys actually), about the base semesters, she told...

And boys noted thier mistakes..

Miss Poly Karmakar:

Alas! She came, proving everyone (almost) wrong, and when she talks, boys do listen...may be beacuse they get a chance to look at her ( may be thats why she is so precise and less spoken )..

And was (may be) part of the mistake which led to L.O.C.,

I am adviced not to write about it, but lets see...

Mr. Bed Prakash Pokhrel:

Mr. Photogenic...leading the march which he talked about in his comment..

and recently found a really useful bowler in the making.( I am also advised not to write about cricket).

Mr. Gokul Deka:

As I am adviced not to write about the incident, I cant write anything alse because my thinking has stucked just at that point...

But he talked his heart out in the first meeting itself, setting a milestone for others, how to do it in L.O.C.

Mr. Kumar Saurav:

And then last but not (I hope not) the least,

its me your blogger for the day Saurav in playful mood.

I came I enjoyed the stuff, I got the impression that we have done something incredibly good, not only for each one of us, but for student community in general, and this is going to go far far with us....

i hope you were not bored down tooooo much by the description, and ask for help fro, all corners..

In the Comments send me your Email IDs, so that I can give you authority to post your BLOGS on this very page..

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Members of L.O.C. sharing some light moments....

Keep in touch for more pictures....

Then we also had the very less speaking, but mind you Mr. General Secretary, Arijit himself who earns the credit of proposing the topic for the nest day (actually it was the hangover of the movie :- "when harry meet sally")

And Mr. Alok, representing the wise ones among the students by finding new dimensions of life while having sip of Tea with friends.

Not to mention that this guy has got enough guts to do any damn thing on his day, and as he dared he could be hailed as one of the founders of the committee L.O.C.,
Ladies and Ladies here we present Mr. Bed Prakash.

I have pictures of some of the stars of the show.

Let me introduce to you to our fir

st Lecturer of the day: Mr ROHIT RAI.

He talked about history, about Adam n Eve (personally I dont know why) but one thing is sure when he speak, you have to listen.... Captivating audiences comes automatically with him and he will make sure that you dont feel bore with his continuous mentioning of terms like---sex, butt, boobs...but boys beware because he is interseted in them too (my personal warning).

Then we have Mr. Gokul Deka, I will tell you his story in detail after his consent on the issue, but it was very instrumental in the birth of L.O.C.

Keep it Up !!

Then its me, your correspondant for the moment...SAURAV.

Thanks for the best wishes, but I will appreciate if you could help me out and post your comments too.


A beautiful day was in the making when some students of Electronics branch met over sips of tea (the drink of gods) in NERIST. It was a perfect recipe for ideas to flow unperturbed and when it did, L.O.C. was born....

"Lawn de Organising Committee"

Backed up by genuine efforts from interested members the first meeting finally got underway as per schedule.

As expected students poured in from all sides, let me tell you some of them were too shy to speak even after the first meeting, but some of them when spoke, it seemed as life is afterall not so complex.
13 students was a "LUCKY" number, according to many, and after how things went on I also started believing in that fact.

I will further add on the minutes of the meeting and the initial quotes, to enlighten you over this organisation.


and if you are wondering what are we up to let me tell you the TOPIC for the next day:

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