Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hi All....tried singing on stage after a long time....

yesterday i went for auditions in a singing competition in infy...nice experience..singing for 1 min 30 secs...dont even know what i sang...obviously i didn't get selected...better luck next time...
I was shocked by rohit's blog....but ya..thats rohit in love...yaar this love is a disease that takes out all the hidden emotions from inside a person,can turn the personlity upside down...please think a hndred times before falling in love(anyway you will never fill like thinking about it when you'll like a person but still try)...
I bought a new mp3 player and suppressing all the emotional outbursts by listening's good..i feel like i am so much privileged,so lucky,getting everything i need without asking anybody and so unlucky that i even don't know why i am living for.....

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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Bihari Way

(Shared Note of an Anonymous blogger)

LE BALAIYA, ee ka hua?
Kahe albalaye huye hain? Etna narbhasane se kuchchho nahin hoga.
O-mi-gosh, what's this? Why are you so flustered? Such nervousness won't help matters.

The inveterate linguist may scream at such an apparent contamination of Hindi language but the average Bihari simply loves to throw all narrow parameters of grammar to the winds. For them, the funnier they are, the better their adaptability is into their inimitable lingua franca. Over the years, Biharis have invented a language, which has an unmistakable stamp of their own.

In recent times, its popularity has traveled far and wide beyond the borders of the State many screen heroes, including Amitabh Bachchan, have mouthed Bihari clichés with characteristic élan - a far cry from the days when it was thought to be an infra dig of sorts for anybody other than country bumpkins and unscrupulous politicians to perpetrate such "verbal atrocities".

All that, however, is passé now. Bihari Boli is sweeter than honey now not only in Bollywood but also on the campuses of prestigious universities and IITs across the country. Words like harbaraye, garbaraye, bargalaye, thartharaye and dhanmanaye which would have sounded Greek to outsiders earlier are being used with gay abandon by the hep youngsters there.

Sobriquets laced with double entendres like "garda", “bawaal” and “dhuan” denoting the varying degree of a girl's beauty can be heard not only in Patna University colleges but also faraway Fergusson College in Pune. Moreover, a-go, dugo, teengo and chaartho type of numerology that was a matter of disdain not long ago is being accepted even by the stiff upper-lips without any qualms. So, notes sarka do (pass on the notes),"batti buta do (put out the lights)", Principal ko harka do (bamboozle the principal), burbak kahin ka (you stupid fellow!), hum to biga gaye (I was thrown out) and Hum to huan thebe kiye the (I was very much there) are some of the expressions which have conveniently made their way into the otherwise prim-and-propah St Stephens, New Delhi. Similarly, coinages like dhakiyaye (shoved), mukiyaye (punched), and latiyaye (kicked)are the current rage. Hiyan (here),huan (there), kahe (why), enne (this way) and onne (that way) are some of other typical words, which are spoken rather nonchalantly by so-called educated lot.

One, therefore, does not get surprised if one hears tanikke for little, nimman for good, anhar for darkness and ejot for lights. For them, colloquial language need not be tied to any narrow rules. E topicwa par maatha khapane se kuchchho nahi hoga (nothing is to come out of this topic), as one wit commented. Among many characteristics of this language are its terms of endearment. Seldom does one hear people on the streets calling each other by their real names. Raju automatically becomes Rajua, Pappu turns into Pappua, Rajesh into Rajeshwa and Shatrughna at best Satrohna.

This potpourri of all Bihari dialects has also coined new terms for human anatomy which would baffle an FRCP if he were to land here straight from Edinburgh. Here gor means legs, moori is substitute to head, ongree is equivalent to finger, thor denotes lips and kapar is synonymous with forehead. This language also has more onomatopoeic words than probably any other.

Words like tapak se, gapak se, and japak se can be understood by listening to their phonetical sounds. No longer is Bihari language associated with a few howlers like eskool (school), teeshan (station)and singal (signal) only. There are certain words which carry the precise meaning but which cannot be properly substituted by any word in other languages. Machchar bhamhor liya is probably is one such example. Bhamhorna is a super word, which means the collective assault of mosquitoes to "bhamhor" you. But then, one might argue, where else do you find so many mosquitoes to bhamhor you. Similarly, routine sariyana (to arrange one books and notebooks in the schoolbag according to the class schedule), Dupatta lasiyana (when a girl's dupatta sweeps the floor as she walks unknowingly)give the exact word for which other languages will take a sentence to convey the meaning. Right from Laloo Prasad Yadav, who emerges as the best speaker of his ghar ki boli to the inimitable Shekhar Suman, everybody loves to flaunt his native command of the language. Earlier, Biharis were notorious for atrocious gender sense and shoddy pronunciation.

Now, the same traits have become the tour-de-force of their conversation. The time has certainly come to raise ekadhgo (one or two) toast to the longevity of the Bihari language.

"Teengo" cheers to that!

Monday, September 13, 2010

I din't know where to pour my heart so here

Somebody says,"some people leave it not knowing how close to winning they were"..i kept this in heart...and i tried for every single day...from 25th october...i cried..then when she said,"i don't like you crying"..i cried in loneliness but never let her know.....she said,"if you love me, don't call me"...i waited for two days and then she called and now i could not stop calling's 17th day and things have gone worst from i am not crying but..but how would i stop this water coming out from my eyes....i have gone to every nook and corner, tried every desperate attempt...just hoped somebody could make her believe that i loved her..somebody could just tell her..that this guy would never be able to live without her...somebody could fill that love back in her heart....And now that i am losing every single day..i hope somebody could hold me and say,"don't lose her,not now...don't give up now..not atleast now...she might be just thinking about you"....i just wish i don't turn out to be loser..i get battered , shattered but don't lose it here...because if i lose it here...i have lost it for ever.......but the question is how? the question is how....please god, friends....whoever...can you just help me fulfill one wish!! i promise i would live without asking for another!!
I could not eat food, i don't feel like drinking. I have got exams everyday, could not study anything...lied to her that i am studying hard because she said she would come back..i know she would never,but how could i let it go..I don't know after how many days did i go to mess....but as soon as i took my plate and food...saw it and tears started flooding my eyes...i ate a spoon and have to get up and run out because could not show these teary eyes to anyone..after all i am fauzi, not supposed to be crying!! i could have written this on facebook but i could not because she would get could not i hate her? what has she done to me? but i would love her..let's see if she would ever love me again....what do i asked in life? just that she'd be with me!! but i guess, it was too much for her!!
how could i even ask her to come?? how? when everytime i ask her to!! she would say,"don't i have any right to be happy" should i tell her, that i really want her to be happy but just could not let her go...i just want to come out of all this mess...absolutely...entirely...may be i get posted to andaman..may be somalia..may be anywhere where i do not have a phone to get in touch with her....i try deleting her no. but how would i ever forget her numbers...i have forgotten mine but could not do with hers...what was so bad in me that she hates me..that is just the answer i seek..if she could just tell me, why she hates me? ..i thought she cared for me..she really loved was just a month back and we were planning to get married..and today i am left hope that...she falls in love with me again..these tears could move her..only if she knew...that coming to somebody's life could save someone's life!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


The festival season is back.. today Id and Ganesha chaturhi is making buzz.. a few days later, Durga puja and Diwali would be there.. these festivals have been the unique feature of our country.. these are the times when people from different religions intermingle with each other and thus reduces the tensions of communal and regional differences.. these festivals also boosts our economy as shares start escalating owing to large scale investments by the people. markets flock with colourful items and thus attracts humans of all ages...
India being a secular country has some of the world's vast potential in terms of cultures, languages, people...As for example lets the case of a small state arunachal pradesh.. though this state has a population of just 15 lakhs (although it has an area equivalent to bihar), it has around 52 tribes all having different languages and different cultures..and its interesting to note that they communicate in hindi only because of this huge language divide..
This is not the case of only arunachal, the whole india is having uniqueness in each and every field.... Recently India was ranked 7th in terms of favorite locations for holidays.. Do u know why? thats because of the decent hospitality and a bunch of cultures accumulated at a single place.. no country can provide this much amount of diversity..
But we need to preserve this diversity.. this is being diluted owing to large scale westernization and privatization.. Human values are being mortgaged to maximize profits and earn money..large scale scandals and corruption is demoralizing the health of common man..Also there are some of the worst internal problems .. Naxalite neing one of them.. rising prices are making the life of common man hellish..
The moral of the story is that our country is great.. and there are shortcomings in each and every country.. but we indians are robust and capable enough to overcome these... Lets hope for the best and do our best to counter all these..

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