Saturday, January 9, 2010

Few thoughts............

Kalpakkam, 2200 hrs

Wish you all a happy and prosperous new year………..Aal izz well.

The foremost thing that you notice about a Nuclear establishment is the security it is reinforced with (it seems almost half of the country’s CISF is deployed here). It does take time but eventually you do overcome the preceding thoughts and realize that it’s not only during war one needs to be careful about radiations but in places near nuclear plants also you must take all the precautions for radiation protection. It may be that not half the CISF is deployed here but every person working here seems to be military trained by the way they religiously follow the rules.

Everyone here seems to have an attitude of his own, whose is greater than whose is really hard to identify. I am still in process of identifying the cause of it, is it because of southern climate or nuclear radiation, but no success yet. Anybody from care taker to Training Superintendent can kick your ass and you have no right to complain about it. Although Bus drivers seem a little ahead of all of them, they just won’t stop when you want them to , they won’t start until they feel like, no matter what you tell them they will have only one answer “Ille!”(I don’t know if it means f*** you). They won’t let you in if they don’t feel like, they won’t let you out if you are a second late on the gate sometimes I feel had they been allowed they would have put a board on their buses “Dogs and Trainees not allowed” that too in Tamil so that dogs couldn’t read it and feel offended.

Sometimes you regret for your mistakes done by you knowingly or unknowingly and seek penance for it, believe me if you are a North Indian being served South Indian food daily you are repenting for your past sins. You are made to eat all that non-edible food and first time in your life you realize why people (North Indians) tremble when they talk of South Indian food.

Tamilians are one of their kind, they don’t love the word fun at all (or maybe they have their own version of the word meaning “fun”). But actually they are fond of some things like:

1. Keeping unpronounceable name of their places and themselves (try pronouncing Arulmigu, Karpagambal ) and with an extra “th” whenever “t” is required namitha, jayalalitha etc.
2. Wearing gajras.
3. Walking down in lungi’s and even better if barefoot(hope congress’s austerity drive was inspired here)
4. Waking up at 5 in morning and sleeping at 9:00 PM
5. And RAJNIKANTH, mind the extra “h”

People here just love rules and even love more following them, so next time you are thinking of getting into argument with a Tamilian better carry a rule book, it doesn’t matter if you have written it yourself (although you would have a tough time explaining him which rule allowed you to write a rule book). But along with all these things they are really decent and intellectual people with a heart which beats for love and emotions.

Among all this mayhem I had the sweetest thing in form of friends with me who did make everything so calm and easy. You really don’t expect such nice people in the corporate world after what you have seen it from outside. I know that every person is different in this world but guys around me seem to be specialist of their respective fields. We have the guy who just love helping people and one who know how to extract help from others, and we have one who can make joke of anything and one who can make anything a joke. We have one who can’t stop chattering about girls and one who can’t utter a word in presence of a girl. I can go on writing about the qualities guys here are possessed with but it seems sufficient for giving an idea of the genre we have and as far I am concerned.

All the facts and comments written above are for the sole purpose of creating humor and I deeply regret if any one finds them offensive.

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