Wednesday, February 11, 2009

somebody else contributed to our blog!!!

Barsha went through our blog page! and decided to sent this article of hers that has content similar to one of ours.

Place of action – Mangalore Pub.

Action – showcase of utter brutality against women.

As rightly quoted in the bible – “A woman was neither born from the feet of the man nor from the head of the man, she was but born from the ribs of the man so as to render her equal against the man.” However, the recent incident which occurred at the Mangalore pub brings out the fact that a woman in India still doesn’t has the rights to exercise the freedom she owes as a human being.

The very much condemned act was carried out by a local group named “Sri Ram Sena” which invariably means “The Army of Lord Rama.” The head of the controversial group is Pramod Mutalik who says that its not acceptable for women to got to bars in India & what his men did was right. The world as they say is indeed full of irony. The group calls themselves army of Lord Rama. Lord Rama is the idol for the perfect son, brother, husband, father & a king. Lord Rama was the one who was a firm believer of the fact that violence is best avoided against any form of life. It was Lord Rama who offered his prayers to the sea god for 15 long days to show him & his army the path to Lanka. Only when his perseverance couldn’t take it longer he took his bow, but when the sea god appeared & asked for forgiveness it was but obvious granted to him by Lord Rama. Lord Rama knew his wife being pious as the Ganges waters in spite her being in a foreign land for time so long. But he being a responsible king asked her to leave the kingdom but he never did render any atrocities on her based on the rumours. These are just few of the attributes of Lord Rama. If we closely observe which one of the member has shown atleast one of these above mentioned attributes. Indeed ironical isn’t it as they are so called followers of Lord Rama.

Now coming to the point where they say that woman wearing western clothes is incorrect as they lead to unnecessary skin exposure. But as I guess they forgot that our national costume “Sari” is the one of the most sensual garments in the world as it exposes 8 wide inches of skin around the waist, also adding the exposure by the blouse of the sari. If we trace back our histories, our goddesses and the apsaras were the ones who had such provocative dressing. If they forget that the Kamasutra is the product of India. Or have they forgotten that the ladies & the belles of many villages & tribes wear skirts or costumes reaching just their knees. So aren’t all these should also bear their brunt or is it because it bears the Indian Culture Stamp, it is all but correct.

The most hot topic or the event which the sena is getting ready for is the Valentine’s Day. These people are much more excited than any one. Love is the most beautiful and pure thing as many of us believe. We believe that there is nothing in the world as strong as the power of love. St. Valentine’s death anniversary is the day the world celebrates as Valentine’s Day i.e. 14th February. St. Valentine was the one who believed that persons in love should be united and he continued doing his service regarding this. I, personally believe the concept of Valentine’s day is quite mislead. It’s a day to express the feeling of love to the person who matters the most to you. The question that often arises in my mind is that is love confined to the principle of what the world calls as “Lovers.” Isn’t the love b/w a parent-child, siblings, friends, relatives also love or is it just that an expressionw e need to show socially….???

Me and my granddad used to wish each other valentine every year. I still do even when hes not with me anymore.

Now a question to the Sena members would they have beaten me and my granddad mercilessly, pulled my hair, clothes & tainted my image in front of thousands of people & the media. Its true that valentine’s day has been commercialized but that ways which festival hasn’t been? No examples reqd here. We all know the answers.

If we now start talking about drinking women, they made a statement “its incorrect for a women to drink in bars.” So, if we take a different view of this statement it can mean that a women should not drink I bars or pubs but can drink somewhere else. The Sena members are themselves not sure what is the actual purpose they are vouching for. Fine they may make a change in their statement mentioning that a woman shouldn’t drink at all. but can they stop all women in this 100 billion population drinking. They may go to a pub or two but can they go to every house and stop it. Have they forgotten that in India in many places, every major festival involves drinks which are made locally & is consumed by every male & female in the place esp during weddings. Why don’t they stop that too, by beatin everyone possible. Need to question the government that the Fundamental right no1 which is “RIGHT TO EQUALITY” something just to adorn the pages of the Constitutional Book. Sena members call themselves the picture of righteousness against the consortium of pubgoing, loose & forward women. But what about the pub going, loose & forward men. For them are they correct??? Should they not be beating down people who drink like monsters and create scenes, abuse women. But, I guess they are too busy too taint women than to see what else is wrong. It’s a free country and we have the full rights to do what is correct. We the women of today maybe drinking, maybe forward, flirtatious but we do know to stay in the limits coz if we know to have fun, we also know how to shoulder responsibilities. They need to understand that if there is a Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor likes, then there are also likes of Sonia Gandhi who not being the PM exercises the decisions made by our honourable PM.

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