Friday, February 19, 2010

Falling in love with the game again !!

The affair with my first love sparked once again on the valentine's day this year.

Cricket at its best. Number one team fighting against the number two. Passion and skills equally matched.

In my view, today's victory over the South Africa would be recorded as one of the greatest ever test victories of not only the Indian National Team but also in the cricketing history. Obviously the victory on the same venue against the Aussies was much above this one but , the fact remains the same that this would go very far in the minds of cricket freaks all across the country.
The importance increases all the more because of the impending danger of the extiction of the support for this form of the game. The crowd at the eden were the real winners, for their enthusiasm proved to be one of the decisive factors of the match.
One more important point that i think made this occasion special, and that being the need of such a performance from our national team to keep the interest of our generation into the game. With age and maturity we tend to loose focus over such seemingly trivial matters such as sports and our interest dies down. Being a big cricket fan myself, i was beginning to feel the pinch of keeping up the support to a cricketing nation whose wins seems to be luck by chance, but thats all history now.

For those who follow the game, the way South Africa executed their plans at Nagpur was mind blowing. Indians were completely taken aback. The crown of being the numero uno was at stake and yet they played into their hands like a novice. But the real character of the game became evident from the comeback at the Mecca of Indian cricket that is eden.

Congratulations to the Indian Cricket Team for such a wonderful feat, and to all cricket lovers across the globe for such an absorbing game.

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author him/her self and are subjected to agreement or disagreement.

And a request to all members, Please share your views !!


One splotch is all it takes
One insult, one lie
One mark on my wings
And I am unable to fly
One more dream shattered
One less I have to achieve
Trapped I am in this darkness
My wings are broken
Look at what you did with cruel ease
One tear stained broken down girl
I am desperate to breathe
This cage you have imprisoned me in, is suffocating
You have taken my spirit to live
Now only doom and despair surrounds me
There is no way out of this death surrounds me
It’s been that way for weeks yet no one came
My heart frozen blue with tears
In this mournful silence
I know I have to take the bow
With nothing left to plead
I go down on my bullied knees
And surrender unwillingly to fate
With my blood stained wings…….

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A different evening, status : peaceful

In the start, this is dedicated to all the jerks who consider me as a flirting machine. As the idea of this evening came up during the previous walk which i had. And where i had the feeling of rediscovering myself.

Spent an evening with children at Karunya Mane, a shelter cum orphanage at Mysore, courtesy SOFTEN (Social Forum To Enable Needy,INFOSYS).
I went to a nearby worship place last Sunday and i can relate to the calmness i had on both these occasions.
The children were so innocent, so sweet and the language was never a barrier between us as i was speculating. The place is being kept up by a foreigner and she is doing a good job.
As i signed on the register as a 'volunteer' behind 3 other Infosions, i had a very little idea of what to expect once inside. But they never seemed like strangers to me, or rather me to them. Believe me you don't need language translators to talk to them, to understand what they meant. So much of mathematics questions, with which it started but as i sat on floor with them they were all over me. I sketched some of the funniest drawings i ever did, some matched to the standards of being recognizable. The mountains and the rivers and the balls and the fishes the ducks and houses, i was a M.F.Hussain in making...

As a child how everything seems to be so simple, how a child acts to get attention or to get what they want. I have read about this so many times, was very small to observe my own, but to see it happening so closely was a marvellous feat.

Mind you, don't interpret from my blog posts that life here is a cake walk. Nope. Its nowhere even close to it. Its a tough nut to crack, but moments like this are very rejuvenating. Of course for others stay tuned to my posts here.
But to feel for some who are not as fortunate as ourselves, who have issues sorting out methods to manage a meal, i owe this to INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED for this opportunity to walk the talk i used to do.

Some names i remember were Lata, tanmoy, arvinda, ... And i am looking forward to meet them again.

Status : peaceful

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author him/her self and are subjected to agreement or disagreement.

And a request to all members, Please share your views !!

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