Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I was probably one of those who kept you updated as the industrial tour of our branch progressed though I myself lay in extreme doubt on it being called industrial tour but then I rather we are not bothered until we get all the fare and that Rs.1000 that paid our rents.

I don’t know if I even want to blog now because I had no idea how many of LOCians has bothered to surf net looking into these things. None need to worry though because I at least would keep writing until you get bored and that because I would never get bored.

“Come on dude! For once you stop praising yourself and do a little bit of work”


We 17 left this place chasing dreams, most of us fantasizing the ultimate fun that we all expected to have. Our first stop of course was Hyderabad, the city I loved most for the unknown reasons that I failed to understand. We had real fun roaming around places. Ramoji was incredibly awesome. But I doubt if that was the best among all

Until you take that one very special person out of that group. Now you all don’t really have to poke your noses around. Because the best part of this tour was not monuments, was not parks, was not malls, it’s not even those chicks of Bangalore; “Oh goodness! Those chicks- barely clad, long legs, ouch! Those beautiful &aesthetic couple of things, gorgeous faces, and yeah…” ; the best part was building of rapports, fiends turning friends. Here’s the story about guys who made this tour worth talking about.

Somehow there always was a calling that we all weren’t there to stay together all the time and It all materialized the very first day courtesy Hyderabad transport and PD’s cigarette and once it started we never found a couple of couples with the rest of the group. The big question was always- “are they love buds?” . I do understand PD had head over heels fallen for a dusky, eloquent, and eligible, a handsome (I mean it for PD) Male with whom he shared his bed throughout. He even decided to part ways from the rest to be with him. But as cruel the destiny can be, the other guy did reciprocated his feelings but rarely showed any interest in him. He was all through flirting with a couple of chicks, sleeping around (pun intended, I don’t of course write these for dirty minded, so I don’t really mean what you are thinking now)with them, He even tried to get somewhere but …and to utter surprise of everyone, he went around asking if he was flirting with girls as if he expected everyone in this world to lie to please him. But I tell you for sure He was not flirting infact he even could be in love with them. Though ,that stays entirely to him to decide between them and PD.

Now our very own destiny’s child gokul deka. I found him at almost all moments very sad. Of course that pain in the heart still remains. Very understandable as he had loved that girl for 15 out of 20 years of his life . To overcome, he expected for once that one of all of those would take interest in him for a couple of moments but that never happened. And understandably arijit did the best thing for him by giving him the charge of managing accounts. He then was the happiest person in the troupe. And left this classic dialogue for all to speak of- “Ho har sham ,rat aur subah lajwab ,jab mil baithe hum tin yaar, main ,arijit aur hamara hishaab”. Well said gokul.

Bed,Abhi &PD had plans to lose everything they had in this tour, but all they could do was loosing their money. But the worst happened with abhi when he proudly suffered the results of misdeeds committed by his friends when the girls labeled him “spoiled” and that when everyone knows he is the most shy of all the fellows with that everlasting shayeri of his…

Ek Raat aisi gujre,

Ho jindagi roshan teri zulfon ki chhaon mein,

Simat aye tu chand ki tarah meri panahon mein,

Khwab bunte chale hum ankhon ankhon mein. Appreciable?

But least we could do was talk about the sincerity of arijit, alokojjwal , kamal,Dd,Alok,Bed who really played a part in this tour. We could only be thankful to them.

And last but not the least “The Damsels”. I would disappoint you all here because I do not have permission to write about them and I really do not want to create another row.

Oh! So you all want me to write about me. C’mon dudes! Don’t expect me doing that. Not because I don’t want to but it’s just because I can’t. It’s tough getting a ocean in a pot.that's enough of crap.i am cutting it..

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