Thursday, January 10, 2008

Please answer...

I don't really have an itsy biotsy idea when did i turned myself radical.I could only hate hypocrisy around me.People believes in setting a trail blaze that emblazones their positiveness however negativity oozes from them.Just being at the dread of being labelled names that go against the fucked up hypocritic principles of our so called but never been great nation India,people forego speaking truth.Though we in our conscience be the most perverted in the world ,we still tend to show that we belong to that set standard cultural mispractices.Why do we frown,why do we instigate violence at nudity.We are proud to pass remarks at ladies but not concede that we are sexually amorous.What khuswant singh wrote was every inch true ..why then was he labelled a dirty man.What's so holy in being pious that we keep pretending of it even if we had the world dirtiest mind.could anyone answer me this.
why are you afraid of being yourself? why are you afraid of truth? answer

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