Saturday, January 12, 2008


I am not calling for a negative approach and I very well understand that down the line we have to commit mistakes like these to come up to the surface of real world, up to the surface of real truths. Alas, My question remained the same, Was the meeting no. 3 worth calling for?
What were we up to? Without a topic, this L.O.C. as I saw it was not meant to be a place for gossiping, it was not a place meant to come and look for ideas, everyone looking at others to start over....
This is a sincere request to all the members(that includes me), that please do not waste precious hours(I know Paro will understand the point).

Organising MAKAR SANKRANTI was one positive outcome, Talking about Dev's Problem was another, but all in all we "gave" 3 and half hours just to discuss what, the timings?? and funding??
Training was too technical a topic to be talked at L.O.C., although it helped me noting something positive out of this No-captain-ship-heading-nowhere .

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