Monday, January 7, 2008


This should have published long ago, but Alas !!
Anyways there is never better time to tell the truth than now !!
Here's Paro opening her account in L.O.C.

'People find it far easier to forgive others for being wrong than for
being right'—WHY?
Bcoz everybody is afraid of being proved wrong..every1 of us have our
secret desires which we can't express –WHY? Bcoz we fear about
'What others will tell?'
Each of us have made a boundary around ourself by a line of control.We
can't cross that line till we discard our fear, seek the truth of life
and discover our 'true identity'------------------'True
identity'?...........What does that mean? What are we, the human
beings, doing on this beautiful Earth? We take birth, grow up,
study, earn money, marry, reproduce and die and in this course we
destroy and pollute the society in all manners we can. Can't we
improve ourself somehow?????
Yes, I think we can and many great people have shown us the way to
this path…..Now, we are not going to listen to them. We are going to
know ourself and make our own theory because a great mind have told
'Know others and you will be wise but know yourself and you will be
enlightened'………….Try to know the truth about yourself from others and
try to tell the truth about yourself and others without any fear
…..that's LOC for me……..Hi, i am Paromita Ghosh.

You must have got confused by all these serious talks and
thinking 'Ye kiske pale pargaye yaar!' don't worry, this is only the
beginning. I m going to give you more headache. .

Par janese pahle, let me tell something about my fellow LOCians……………

ALOK K: When I saw him first, I took him to be a very serious
guy knowing nothing else than studies. But as time went on I came to
know some aspects of the true 'Alok', a perfect gentleman with a great
sense of humour. Hope LOC will reveal more truth about him.

ARIJIT C: He is less speaking and quite good looking guy but when
he speaks, everyone listen. He believes in speaking less and observing
more so he has developed his 'Corner of the eye' to a remarkable
extent.I think he'll look good in black which he rarely wears.

BASUMITRA C: He is the only person who got three surnames in one name.
He is the most handsome and sweet guy in LOC with a great smile. He is
famous for his discrete tailking style and his attitude.

BED P P: The most photogenic guy among us and a very dedicated
person to friendship.I only want to say that 'Thanx a lot for writing
my assignment,that was really unexpected and you look better when you
are not clean shaved'.

DEBABRATA D:We never knew that he writes such good poems.Thanks to LOC
to find out such hidden talents. We promise you to reveal more truth
about DD in our coming sessions.

GOKUL D: As his name (Go koool) doesn't suggests, he is a very serious
guy….serious about everything—from study to enjoyment. He is a 'fair,
tall and handsome' guy but perhaps he doesn't know the fact.

K SAURAV: He is a very very nice guy with impressive attitude.Each
talk session with him will give you something to think about.He is the
most complex guy that I have ever seen & the 1st one to give me my
favourite song before I asked for it.

MEENAKSHI S: She my such good friend that I quarrel with her most and
miss her most.She is a very energetic girl but a little bit confused
about herself.She sings and dances very well.

NUPUR M:The most beautiful girl among us speaks less and smiles
more.She is very very photogenic and loves camera like any thing.

Enough 4 2dy.Due to loadshedding, I can't continue
more .please don't mind yaar…………. ……….

STAY TUNED FOR more, after tour stuffs coming your way

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Anonymous said...

Ow up what you do. Do you find people around you stupid enough to believe in your load shedding thing...

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